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The Education field provides a rewarding career for special education teachers, pre-primary teachers’, high school teachers and so on. Entering the academic field is a great way to bring out a positive impact on students of all ages. The occupation offers careers as an instructional coordinator, librarian, and coordinator besides teaching. Most of the hiring institutions, schools, and colleges require postsecondary education and strong general skills to excel in this career line.

Teaching jobs are ideal for people who are patient, encouraging, enthusiastic and creative. Teachers are expected to juggle between various competing priorities, stay calm while dealing with hard learners and manage efficiently the classroom by tutoring in an interactive and fun-filled manner.

As older teaching staff retire and district schools comply with state and national curriculum standards, there is always a consistent demand for more jobs in this sector for qualified educators. The demand for certified teachers mainly in the field of mathematics and science is especially high. Employment for teachers varies from state to state, and every state employs tens of thousands of teaching staff, assistants, certified instructors, and other education professionals.

The average salary of a teacher varies anywhere from $25,700 per year to $ 62,000 based on the teacher categories and teaching experience. Every state requires teachers to have a valid teaching certification apart from an education degree. Some posts also require a Master’s Qualification in order to compete among the peer group. The Education career page provides all vital and reliable information on a variety of education careers such as salary, education and employment growth. Also keep reading the website’s career guide to gain knowledge about job options, resume samples, job description, education requirements, and salary details.

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