City Editor Resume Samples

A City Editor is engaged in directing and supervising personnel engaged in selecting, gathering, and editing all local news and photographers, and updates for newspaper edition. The job duties associated with the post are listed on the City Editor Resume as – receiving information regarding developing news materials or events, originating story ideas and assigning coverage to members of reporting and photography staff, reviewing news copy and conferring with executive staff members, reviewing edited copy and sending it for printing, writing and directing headlines, hiring and terminating members of reporting staff, and performing other editorial duties as required.

Apart from proven work experience, the following skills are needed – strong writing/editing/proofreading skills, and an excellent portfolio; hands-on experience with MS Office and InDesign, Photoshop, or other publishing tools, proven familiarity with SEO and social media best practices; and an eye for detail along with critical thinking skills. A degree in journalism is commonplace among job applicants.


City Editor Resume example