Front Desk Executive Cover Letter Example

Front Desk Executive’s responsibilities vary based on the company, however, their primary duty is to work at the front desk, greet and welcome guests, and handle incoming and outgoing mail and packages. To ensure success in this field, the Front Desk Executive should have strong multitasking abilities, and manage all types of communications marvelously.

As you act as an attention grabber for the visitors and vendors in your company, even your cover letter that you write for this role should be an absolute attention grabber. It should contain your work history, skills, and qualification in congruence with the job description. A Front Desk Executive Cover Letter should reflect a perfect balance of your work style and professionalism throughout. Our Front Desk Executive Cover Letter Samples contain refreshing and catchy phrases instead of overused statements.

Front Desk Executive Cover Letter example

Front Desk Executives have many essential duties, from welcoming visitors to answering phone calls and ensuring a high level of customer experience. Common work activities include – interacting with vendors, ordering supplies, scheduling meetings, and managing communication processes. Skills such as likability, interpersonal skills, and friendliness will help to excel in this role.

What to Include in a Front Desk Executive Cover Letter?

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Maintaining the front desk tidy and organized, and maintaining all necessary materials.
  • Greeting and welcoming guests.
  • Answering questions and addressing complaints.
  • Receiving letters, and packages, and distributing them.
  • Preparing outgoing mail by drafting correspondence and securing a parcel.
  • Checking, and forwarding emails.
  • Monitoring office supplies and placing orders.
  • Keeping updated records and files.
  • Monitoring office expenses and costs.
  • Bookkeeping and issuing invoices.
  • Recording meeting minutes and dictations.
  • Conducting an inventory of office supplies and ordering them.

Education & Skills

Front Desk Executive Skills:

  • Strong working knowledge of fax machines.
  • Knowledge of office management and basic bookkeeping.
  • Proficiency in English.
  • Strong communication and people skills.
  • Customer service orientation.
  • Good ability to multitask and attention to detail.
  • Working knowledge of computer software such as word processors and presentation tools.

Front Desk Executive Education Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree in hospitality or hotel administration or a related field.
  • Front desk experience.

Front Desk Executive Cover Letter Example (Text Version)

Dear Mr./Ms.

In response to your job posting advertised in *** for the post of a new Front Desk Executive, I am writing this letter. As per my knowledge, your company has been a pioneer in quality service and is a leader in all support services, and this is one quality that I admire and wanted to work for. I am confident that my experience and my ability to work in a fast-paced and challenging environment like *** will make me a suitable fit for this role.

While I was working at *** for two years, I had the opportunity to develop my multitasking skills, communication abilities, and interpersonal skills. *** was a client-facing company, and so I had to interact with people coming from different backgrounds. This inculcated in me the strength and confidence to deal with various issues and maintain a cordial relationship with customers and management. Throughout my professional career, I had prioritized time management and I am disciplined and punctual when it comes to the completion of work within a given timeframe.

Some of my core areas of accountabilities include –

  • Providing front desk support and administrative assistance for fast-paced front desk areas.
  • Greeting customers, vendors, suppliers, and partners and providing exemplary support service.
  • Handling payments to vendors, and sending emails to all concerned parties immediately, I have experience in sending group texts and email.
  • Delivering overarching front desk support like answering and routing calls, solving issues, and checking visitors while maintaining a high level of professionalism.
  • Excellence in project coordination and reception management, while concentrating on front desk efficiency and productivity.
  • Balancing multiple tasks and providing top-level time management and interpersonal skills.
  • Proficiency in MS Word, and the ability to quickly grasp new technologies without much effort.

My proven commitment to delivering upper-end front desk support along with my ability to extend my service to your company will help me accomplish the job duties efficiently. My resume is enclosed for your kind consideration. I would consider it pride to work under your team and extend my expertise. Thank you for your time!

[Your Name]


The above Front Desk Executive Cover Letter highlights most of the updated procedures and techniques that a hiring manager normally seeks from an applicant. Also, find our Front Desk Executive Resume Samples here which will help you increase your overall chances of getting picked up for an interview if all the criteria match the hiring manager’s job requirements.



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