How to List GED on Resume : Tips & Sample Example

How to List GED on Resume : Tips & Sample Example

Not everyone finishes high school and goes on to join college to collect degrees. But they do take the General Educational Development (GED) test to get a GED diploma. If this sounds like you, then this article is to help you figure out how to include your GED in your resume when you are applying for jobs. Typically, students must score a minimum of 145 out of 200 on the four components of the GED test to earn a high school level equivalency certificate. If you have got your GED certificate and want to apply for a job, you can list it in the education section of your resume in place of a high school certificate. Read on to know more.

What is GED & Why you should include GED in your Resume?

GED is a series of tests for people who have not graduated from high school. The tests are aimed at measuring one’s proficiency in math, science, social studies, and reading at the high school level. A GED is considered to be a high school equivalency certificate. Typically, on completing the GED test, an individual receives a diploma or a certificate that is considered to be equal to a high school diploma. This certificate is either issued by GED or the state department of education.

Importance of GED on your Resume

Completing the GED affords you better job opportunities when compared to an individual with no high school diploma. Clearing the GED test and completing one year of vocational training makes you well qualified for jobs in the areas of your choice. Typically, one can expect to get jobs in the fields of maintenance, administrative department, construction, physical therapy assistance, and pharmaceutical technology among others. Secondly, a GED diploma betters your chances of furthering your education. You can even work towards getting a college degree with a GED certificate in hand, which in turn means better job opportunities and paychecks.

GED vs High School Diploma

One of the primary differences between a GED and a high school diploma is the time taken to complete the course and obtain the certificate. Traditionally, people take as much as four years to complete high school, although there are several who manage to do so in three years as well. A GED, on the other hand, is a seven-hour test in five subjects. The GED is also graded differently: in order to be awarded a GED, one must do better than 60% of the high school seniors who took the test.

The GED does not involve any formal education, but most take a prep course or spend considerable time preparing for it. Most employers in America accept a GED diploma as a high school diploma equivalent. This is true for the private sector, government jobs, military and even admissions to colleges and universities.

One must include the GED diploma in one’s resume; employers will want to know if you have the same credentials as a traditional graduate before wanting to hire you.

Tips to Include GED in Your Resume

  • If you are going with a traditional reverse chronological resume format then you could include your GED Diploma under the education section. However, sometimes this can put you at a disadvantage with certain employers who don’t accord as much importance to a GED certificate. What you could do in such a case is to create a functional resume where the emphasis is on your skill sets. The GED can come right at the end of the resume.
  • Begin your resume by focussing on skill sets and qualifications and certifications you might have added through the years. Don’t forget to focus on your soft skills as well. Terms such as problem-solving capabilities, attitude, and enthusiasm, team player, communication skills should be your best friends.
  • If you do want to list your education, then do so at the end so the focus does not rest on it. You could also include all the other education you have received by way of certifications, workshops, training courses, and seminars.
  • Do remember that you can leave out GED information from your resume if you have graduated from college or are attending college after you’ve received your GED diploma. In the event you have gaps in your education then you should list the GED. If a company specifies that you mention any GED diplomas then be sure to do so.

The Right Way to List GED on Your Resume

It is acceptable to list your GED in the education section of your resume. This is in place of the high school you graduated from. In the event that you are yet to obtain your GED certificate and are still working on it, then you could mention it as a work in progress. For example:

  • Education
    General Educational Development Diploma (in progress)

Sample Resume with GED (Text Version)

Contact information (include your phone number, email address and LinkedIn)

Professional Summary Summarise your professional background here as succinctly as possible. You could begin by introducing yourself as a Dependable/Creative/ Detail Oriented Professional (insert job title) with X (number of years) years of experience in the ABC industry (the industry you are working in). Write about your accomplishments and mention that you are looking to join ABC (company name here) to ensure the XYZ goal based on the job description.

(List your skills here in bullet points)

Professional Experience
(Designation or project undertaken for ABC company
Include bullet points here, highlighting your role at this job and achievements if any

Designation or project undertaken for XYZ company
Include bullet points here, highlighting your role at this job and achievements)


  • General Educational Development Diploma (Certifications or Training courses if any)

Resume With GED – Sample




Most employers do verify the legitimacy of one’s educational qualifications. If you have listed GED in your resume, it is likely that a potential employer will ask you for details about it, or request the original transcript to verify it for themselves.  Almost all employers today, run background checks on shortlisted candidates. The truth about your GED is bound to emerge sooner or later in this case. Not only do you risk losing the opportunity, but you also face a jail term for presenting a false diploma. And there you go..Now you’ve known how to list a GED on a resume.

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1). When do you not need to list GED?
A. You don’t need to list GED in your resume if you have graduated from college or are attending college after you’ve received your GED diploma.

2). Should you include GED in your resume?
A. Yes, you should list GED under the education section of your resume. Potential employers and hiring managers will want to know your educational qualifications when they are shortlisting job applications. You should also list GED if you have any gaps in your education or if you don’t have adequate work experience and need to include the Education section in your resume.

3). How do employers check for GED?
A. To verify the legitimacy of your GED, an employer might request you for a copy of the transcript. In the event that you have misplaced this transcript, you can get another one by contacting the agency that issued it and request a copy. Most employers run thorough background checks on candidates and even hire companies that specialize in background checks.

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