C++ Programmer Resume Samples

A C++ Programmer applies C++ programming language expertise and develops desktop and mobile software applications, and embedded systems. The job description and duties are listed on the C ++ Programmer Resume as – determining application requirements, deploying software, maintaining software systems, collaborating with the software development team on application design and development, developing software and overseeing the deployment of applications across platforms, performing diagnostic tests and debugging procedures; creating end-user application feedback channels, and keeping up to date with C ++ standards and advancements in application development.

Employers seek applicants with the following skills – current knowledge of C ++ standards and specifications, proficiency in C ++ compliant languages such as C, Java, and Python; extensive experience in deploying software across a variety of platforms and operating systems, knowledge of SWL, JavaScript and XML. A bachelor’s degree in computer science or information systems with a C ++ certification is preferred.

C++ Programmer Resume example