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How to write an IT Resume

If you want the hiring manager to say, “I want to interview this profile RIGHT NOW”, you need the right buzzwords to shoot up the manager’s interest quickly!

When you are ready to grow and accelerate your career, an excellently crafted IT resume can do wonders. If this is your first time drafting the IT professional Resume, you need to take a step back and surf through the manifolds of IT Resume samples online. Information Technology resume samples teach you formatting and clever tips to surpass the other candidates at the hiring desk.

The primal step to drafting a professional resume is by organizing the facts with your skills and expertise useful to the post offered. Ranging from your experience in coding to digital marketing and running ad campaigns successfully, there are many stunning tips to captivate the recruiter instantly!

Important advice for drafting a brilliant Resume is to write clearly by comparing it with IT resume samples. Oftentimes, recruiters come across CVs that are irrelevant in the first look, due to the disorganized way of formatting the facts. An ideal IT Resume must answer the needs of the hiring manager lucidly without confusion and simultaneously cite the relevant expertise you possess useful to the post offered.

IT Resume Headline Examples

The title or heading of an IT Resume consists of a compact phrase that shines the light on your specific skills important to the position. It includes your professional stardom to exceptional accolades that makes the recruiter value your forte according to IT resume samples.

It is mandatory to place the Resume Headline at the beginning of the Resume right under your name and designation beside the contact information. Provided you have stunning work experience, resume headlines can condense your skills expertly to impress the manager instantly. In short, add skill-weight to your resume headlines to make your resume stand out professionally to the recruiters by comparing with IT resume samples.

  • Successful IT Head with Ten Years of Competent Experience in E-Commerce Websites
  • Spearheaded the Viral Growth of Mention-Website-Name with Transformational Marketing
  • Honor roll student with Academic Experience in Success of University Websites mention name
  • Tri-Lingual Topper with Experience of Developing Revolutionary IT Equations
  • The mastermind behind the Invention of Innovative IT Equations based on Client Needs with mention company name
  • Professional IT Expert with Expertise in Digital Marketing Solutions for 5+ Years
  • The brainchild behind the Success of PovertyFund2017 for Mention-Company-Name
  • Award-Winning IT Brain with Professorial Tutoring Experience in Coding/ Marketing and Data
  • Goal-set IT Technical Head with 3+ Years Commanding Experience of Thriving in Pressure
  • Creative IT Strategist with a Keen Eye for Progress and 6+ Years Experience

IT Resume Career Objective Examples

The next most important part of an IT Resume is the objective you pitch to the hiring manager. Your career objective should list the skills you possess to grow or improve the recruiters’ interests technically as seen in IT resume samples today. The flawless art of writing a Resume Objective is by drafting a target-oriented sentence that outlines your acquired skills according to the needs of the hiring manager.

According to IT resume samples, Resume Objective must list the skills of the candidate, most useful for the growth of the firm you’re applying to. To start with, shortlist the best of your experiences from the work history sheet; then, edit it to fit it to apply to the company you’re seeking a role with. Make use of the sample professional IT resumes and examples below to make a fair draft-

    • Technically Accomplished IT Brainchild with 8 Years of Experience in Digital Marketing and SEO seeks an opportunity to offer the best of Skills for a local E-Commerce Website
    • To exercise creative IT methodologies mastered in Top-Class Academic Experiences such as Digital Forensics and IT Security for a Local Start-up
    • To obtain the IT Head Post to apply the best of skills for Success and Growth of local IT firms with Masters in IT Forensics and Marketing with 9+ Years of Monitoring and Managing Data, Sales, and Investigation
    • Expert with cutting-edge experience in Managing, Investigating and Improving the Networking, Engineering, and Operation of credible Digital firms looking for competitive positions and risky challenges in Mention-the-Company-Name
    • Deft at Organizing Client Needs and Meeting Targets with innovative IT Networking and Operations offering the best of skills for companies looking for Project Management to Development Expertise

IT Resume Summary Statement Examples

The summary statement in an IT resume shows a brief on what the hiring manager will see in your resume. As seen in IT resume samples, the aim of the summary statement in a CV is to attract the recruiter to your skills most useful to the company.  In short, you must prim and groom specific points in your resume to make a summary statement that answers the needs of the hiring manager specifically. In short, a summary statement is custom-made for every job!

By writing a bold and strong summary statement, your resume magnetizes the recruiter to scan the rest of your achievements right away. Take inspiration from the following Summary Statements from IT resume samples to easily understand the motive of Summary Statement in a good IT Resume.

    • Goal-driven, determined and creative IT Administrator with 12+ years of practical experience Managing and Developing E-commerce websites with competent expertise in Customer Support and Team Management looking to improve operations  for local firms
    • Skilled IT Technician with extensive academic tutoring experience and leadership skills looking for opportunities to apply advanced applications of IT Security and Forensics
    • Bi-Lingual IT Specialist with Practical Experience of managing multiple Teams and meeting Client Demands in IT Marketing, Security and Operations aspiring to join mention company name
    • Adept and Versatile IT Expert in Administrative to Management Skills and Leadership with a knack for applying innovative modern IT Solutions using 6+ Years of Practical Experience for Growing New Start-Ups
    • Deadline-oriented IT Specialist with a history of award-winning contributions in Viral Digital Marketing to IT Forensics, looking to revolutionize IT practices for the mushroom growth of new businesses

How to write Experience Section in IT Resume

The effect of the best IT resume on the recruiter’s desk depends on the backbone of your resume, the experience section. According to IT resume samples, this is where you establish how technically sound you are, in delivering targets by referring to past accomplishments.  Divide your experience section into bulleted points instead of elaborate paragraphs for easier scanning of the reader. Your recruiter will find the format easy to scroll through and find information instantly if you have vast accomplishments.

By listing the financial worth to details of your previous employers, you present a clear and well-defined IT resume. Your experience section must stand out amongst other resumes by highlighting multiple achievements in the past 10-15 years of job history. Information Technology has undergone drastic changes in the last decade and jobs completed before a decade are futile to the hiring desk, hence avoid them. If there are attractive accomplishments in the years before, enlist them without elaborating on the details as seen in IT resume samples.

Hiring managers are looking for creative IT specialists and one fine way to showcase your skills as befitting to the company is by including successful campaigns spearheaded by you for previous employers.  For example, your proficiency in developing web apps utilizing JAVA and J2EE or de-bugging bus quickly can add merits to your resume. Also remember to include your expertise in documentation, interfacing and operating functions to spice your resume in the eyes of the recruiter.

An ideal experience section lists every expertise you attained on behalf of your past professional IT experience, as seen in IT resume samples.

Action Verbs to use in IT Resume

  • Investigate
  • Demonstrate
  • Initiate
  • Track
  • Manage
  • Configure
  • Test
  • Deliver
  • Perform
  • Maintain
  • Support
  • Assemble
  • Design
  • Identify
  • Study
  • Resolve
  • Negotiate
  • Develop
  • Secure
  • Gather

How to present Skills Section in IT Resume

There are endless IT professionals today and what adds limelight to your resume is the technical prowess you uniquely possess when compared to other IT candidates. According to the best IT Resumes, Technical skills in IT resume samples involve the special skills you have gained over the years of practical experience as furnished in your experience.

Spanning from client and team interfacing to de-bugging applications, monitoring 3+ security portals at a time and investigation of malicious events or false positives using IPS, there are many technical phrases to make your resume look exceptionally qualified to your hiring manager.  Remember to eliminate short filler words in the skills section for a classic effect as seen in IT resume samples!

You can also include superior software skills of Microsoft Office, Tomcat, HTML, Adobe, JAVA, WordPress, SQL Server, and many more individual fortes to give a clear idea of your potential to the employer.

How to Write Achievements Section in IT Resume

Hiring managers scan through zillions of IT resumes before picking the right ones to call for an interview. If you want to crack the right pile on your recruiter’s desk, add technical accolades that helped your previous employer’s excel.

The best way to inflate the effect of your achievements in a resume is by quoting the relevant ones as an answer to the manager’s needs. According to IT resume samples, recruiters are looking for IT candidates with a proven record of creative achievements in the past that can benefit the company in the future.

If you have references in addition to your achievements, add it to the next page than cramming it into the achievements section.

How to write Education Section in IT Resume

Including your academic score is excellent in your IT Resume if you have meritorious achievements in your education according to IT resume samples. Recruiters want the best brains and the best way to analyze one’s IT skills is by checking your proficiency in academics.

A good IT Resume adds your GPA to Specializations and Degrees you have attained completed in Information Technology. Depending on how accomplished your education is, you can change the format of the resume. Going through multiple IT Resume Samples will teach you how to format the education section in a professional IT Resume.

IT Resume Writing Tips

Begin with comparing multiple IT Resume with your rough draft.

IT Career Prospects in the Industry

Renowned as the largest industry according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the IT industry offers up to 1.5 million jobs. In the past few decades, the IT industry has seen drastic growth, thanks to advancements in science and technology.  Since 2003, the IT industry is rapidly growing at a rate of 37% and is expected to grow at 6.1% until 2020 according to the success of IT resume samples.

BLS also shows the wages of IT specialists as $31,000 to $130,000 per annum.

As more and more companies are transforming into digital giants, IT resumes is expected to boom in the coming decades. Cloud computing is a category expected to witness mushroom growth in the coming ages.


Use the IT Curriculum Vitae samples and the above guidelines to create a rough IT resume. Choose your formatting to the tone and style of the resume before beginning the fair draft by comparing it with other IT resume samples. Two important choices for formatting a professional IT Resume are functional and chronological. Chronological formatting in a resume refers to the organization of experience and skills based on the timeline. The functional format in an IT Resume refers to the arrangement of personal skills and achievements ahead of professional responsibilities.

For a fresher IT resume, the functional format works best as it helps to erase gap years in a resume too. For experienced IT experts, the chronological format helps to justify your accomplishments according to IT resume samples.

Good Luck!

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