Ocean Import Agent Resume Samples

An Ocean Import Agent is responsible for receiving, reviewing, and processing import documentation that is involved in processing air and ocean import transactions. The job description entails ensuring all import-related tasks are in order, and that any issues are handled as and when they occur. Other accountabilities are listed on the Ocean Import Agent Resume as – obtaining shipment documents from supervisors and clients; tracking and tracing shipments as per the specified protocols, preparing and processing documentation such as house and master airway bills, performing data entry activities in an accurate and timely manner, communicating with customers, vendors and company officers; reviewing and processing import documents; validating information on carrier websites, managing carriers for arrival notices; and assisting in the processing of cargo to ensure timely delivery.

Those seeking this job role must mention on the resume the following skills and abilities – excellent coordination skills, multitasking skills, strong knowledge of the working industry, the ability to track and trace shipments, and the ability to handle vendor relations. A degree is often preferred though not mandatory. n

Ocean Import Agent Resume example