Architect Career Resources

Architect Career Resources

An Architect works for the construction industry to design new buildings, spaces, and structures and helps in restoring and conserving old buildings, and develops new ways to use the existing structure. Architects are responsible for the whole construction project right from its conception through completion. The Architecture field requires professionals with math skills, artistic abilities, computer skills, and spatial perception. In this article, we provide you detailed information about Architect Career Resources. From education required to employment outlook and training, aspirants can access a wealth of information.

Career Resources for Architect

An Architect works closely with other professionals including surveyors, engineers, and architectural technicians to ensure that the undertaken construction project meets the pre-set standards. They work alongside construction specialists on the site and monitor the project from foundation to end.

Be it working on a massive industry construction, or a small residential renovation task, Architects are expected to execute their duties with utmost dedication and quality. On a day-to-day basis, the routine work tasks of an Architect will include the following –

  • Preparing and presenting blueprints, rough sketch and design proposals as per client’s requirements
  • Drafting detailed drawings
  • Negotiating with contractors and other professionals
  • Participating in meetings with clients, specialists and other contractors
  • Coordinating with team members to ensure consistency in the project
  • Visiting the job site to check on progress
  • Handling issues that arise during the construction
  • Ensuring the project gets completed within the specified timeframe
  • Coordinating the work assigned to contractors

To know more about the duties and responsibilities associated with this job description, you can refer to our Resources for Architect Career, which gives all pertinent information to make a career in this line.

Architect Career Path

Architect Career Resources

Typically, architects work in the construction sector designing new structures, and buildings; restoring and preserving old buildings, and developing ways to use existing buildings. They participate in all the phases of construction tasks right from accepting proposals through its completion.

Architects are the backbone of an amazing building or structure. From the skyscrapers seen in the urban cities to the dams constructed in the interiors, architects take sole responsibility for its construction, designing, implementation, appearance, and utility. With capitalism and industrialization moving at such a rapid speed, the job market is going to witness a peak demand for qualified professionals to work in this sector.

Considered as the fifth most demanded job in the world, this chic profession looks for and needs elite class students. During the last few decades, architecture has undergone tremendous change and this has impacted the learning culture, thus enabling students from varied disciplines, streams, and social backgrounds to join Architecture Colleges. A Career in Architecture is not only rewarding but also interesting, attractive and gives scope for lots of potentialities in terms of job growth. Apart from the required criteria, some essential skills are considered necessary for an Architecture Career.

One of the main perks of pursuing a Career in Architecture is that the professional is not confined to any particular role or area of work, there are a variety of scopes and job paths that one can follow within this profession. Depending on the size and scope of the firm, an architect can wear multiple specialization hats and lead the whole team of members. And again, one can even consider to be an outside consultant, or take academic teaching roles in various Architecture Colleges. To assist you in your job search, we have created a pack of Architect Career resources that include resumes, cover letters; and a huge collection of application documents.

On successful completion of a degree in Architecture, freshly graduated architects may feel unsure about where to begin and what to pursue to make a Career in Architecture. Here we have listed some of the popular and helpful websites to build your career in Architecture. The following are some of the job titles or job options that are directly related to architecture degree

  • Architect
  • Architectural Technologist
  • Fire Risk Assessor
  • CAD technician
  • Urban Designer
  • Interior and Spatial Designer
  • Landscape Architect
  • Restoration Architect
  • Research Architect
  • Extreme Architect
  • Political Architect
  • Specialty Designer

As said previously, there are plenty of job opportunities outside the architecture sector, where your Architecture degree can be highly useful and fetch jobs, and such include –

  • Building surveyor
  • Estate manager
  • A commercial and residential surveyor
  • Estimator
  • Higher education lecturer
  • Landscape architect
  • The historic building inspector or conservation officer
  • Planning and development surveyor
  • Structural engineer
  • Production designer, theatre/television/film
  • VFX artist
  • Town Planner
  • BIM Manager
  • Specifications Writer
  • Interior Designer
  • Philanthropist
  • Conservationist
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Entrepreneur

These are some potential career paths within the sector that can help you reach your professional goals. And this is by no means a comprehensive list, as various other niches within the architecture industry are rewarding. You can choose your area of work that suits best your interest based on your skills, and talent. To help you with your job search, we have created a mega-pack of some free Architect career resources that connect you directly to various resources and a wealth of information.

Architect – Career Development Resources

Architech Career Development Resources

The architecture field has witnessed tremendous change due to the impact of civilization all over the globe. Even while the styles and technologies have evolved rapidly, the fundamentals are not at all that different as it was during the historical eras. However, due to the rapid evolution of technologies and integration of these into the work field, the professionals in this field are expected to adapt to the growing fast culture. And this will be possible only when there is continuous development. Moreover, with such evolution and development of available technologies, and integration of these into the Architecture industry, the professionals working in this sector are expected to stay in trend and current to march towards their professional development.

Technological advancement is migrating into the profession more and more every single day. The speed to market has taken new turns due to the industrialization of the construction sector. Many of the Architectural firms these days apply logistics to deliver their materials these days to the job site, and not to mention the science of prefabrication has increased the efficiency level as well. While this is the ideal for logistical and operational standpoint, it implies that the traditional aspects involved in the field like drawings are also going to fade off gradually, leaving the next generation of architects to switch over to a new type of deliverables.

With this heightened and advanced technology, the role of the professionals in this field comes into question. But one major plus is that the human component of Architecture is irreplaceable. But again the architects and practitioners in this field need to embrace the migration wholly and get adapted to the digital era. Professional development in this field will enhance adaptability, flexibility, and early adoption of new technologies and procedures.

To help you in enhancing your job growth, and professional development we have shortlisted some best sites that concentrate on Architect career development areas and courses available online that you can consider and learn –

  1. – The Alberta Association of Architects is a source for professional development for the architects. The members can use the online reporting tools and learn various activities.
  2. Architectmagazine – Want to design a wood building, or need to clarify some doubts? Or want some professional advice from the experts of the field, the Architect connects you with like-minded professionals of the industry.
  3. – This is a specially designed career development website that targets the students who are interested in Architect Career.
  4. – AAP connects you with your job search sites or internship programs and also assists you in sharing your options, opinions and helps you develop your skills, review your resume, practice interview skills, and more.

Courses for Architect

To become an Architect, a B.Arch (Bachelor of Architecture) undergraduate degree is required. This is a five-year full-time program comprising of both theoretical and practical skills needed by students to learn the process of planning, designing, and constructing structures of various kinds. Upon successful completion of this course, a qualified architect will be able to handle every stage of the construction projects.

But this isn’t the end of learning for any architect, this is just the beginning stage and to become successful in this line, Architects have to keep their learning mode on at all stages of their life. An Architect must stay updated and have a sound grasp on the subject matter and also on everything involved in this field.

Thanks to the increasing number of massive open online architecture courses – which has made learning easier and convenient than ever before. Plenty of Architect Career Resources List acts as a bridge and helps you to connect with free classes online from well-known and accredited universities across the globe. depending on the needs and requirements, you can pick the appropriate course.

Professionals who want to excel in this career can take up courses that concentrate on CAD designing, interior designing, computer graphics, etc., based on the sub-section they are interested in. And luckily the internet is flooded with thousands of online courses and certifications that are specific to your area of interest.

Additionally, even once you land up in your dream job, your knowledge and learning process doesn’t end up. Age is just a number especially when it comes to education. Therefore, if you are somehow who want to excel and shine in your domain, you have to refer the list of Architect Career Resources that would facilitate the process effortlessly.

These links below will take you directly to information about various federal programs, educational institute sites, and other online programs. You can also find out which University is veteran-friendly and which is good for novices as well –

  1. – Explore the nuances of the field by referring to the best school site. Explore this page on architecture career and know more about job options, education required and salaries.
  2. –  Occupational outlook handbook gives a list of the Architect Career. From what architects do, to how to become one? Everything is discussed on this page.
  3. – Need the Vision to make it big in the Architect line? The webpage will guide you on this matter.
  4. –  Want to study in Venice architecture? The top university is a dedicated site that gives complete information on where to study and which is the best place to study.
  5. –  Know what all subjects and courses can take you to make a career as an architect from this webpage.
  6. – Architect-subjects-to-take-high-school-175939 Are you a high school student, but still want to pursue an Architect Career? Browse this site to know how to achieve it?
  7. – Are you interested to be an Architect? Do you possess artistic skills? Do you think you can make a career in this line? Clarify all your doubts by browsing this website.
  8. –  From job options to where your architecture degree will be useful – site will give you a thorough and clear picture.
  9. –  Completed a degree in architecture, but still want to enhance or specialize in the subject? This site is the best place if you are hunting for an accredited program in Architecture.

Architect – Job Search Sources

Architect Job Search Resources

Not all are blessed to get their dream job as soon as they graduate. Many architecture students walk out of the University with a good job as soon as they have a degree in their hands, but on the other hand, many others stay unemployed even for years at a stretch. The task of job search will be an arduous and time-consuming one if you are not acquainted with the various modes and ways of searching. Employment newspaper and mouth-to-mouth advertisements are taken over by web advertising.

While looking for an Architect job, the Internet lists many tools to find various roles adapted to each profile and aspirations. Although you may have a good academic record and a robust resume and a good portfolio, it is equally important to implement an active search to get the right job. Even if you apply with many companies, the position must fit best your needs, and that is why it is highly important to update your documents.

Apart from having a strong social media presence and being active on LinkedIn, it is highly recommended to develop your network of contacts within the architecture sector and improve your professional profile. We would like to help you get the job you need, that is why we have taken time and effort and shortlisted the following Architect Career Resources List that is useful for an active job search as an Architect, all these links will connect you to job opportunities both in the U.S and abroad –

  1. – Browse thousands of Architect jobs, subscribe to e-mail alerts, and upload your resume. The Career Center provides plenty of videos on everything from writing cover letters to how to optimize your Resume.
  2. – jobs Head to this page for an eclectic range of Architect job opportunities. From recent listings to hottest site jobs, there’s something for everyone.
  3. –  Ever since its launch in 2009, the site has helped provide and place 54k people’s work. Upload your profile and access their job board, view job openings, and enroll in professional courses.
  4. – Looking for your first internship or first entry-level job? This place is the right place. With the help of some quirky icons, it is easy to identify opportunities based on season, sector, and deadline.
  5. – This popular job board showcases hundreds of Architect-related openings. Build your profile, upload your resume, and check the site’s salary poll.
  6. – The American Institute of Architecture Students produces digital resume book for students. This organization is known for providing tips to students on finding a mentor, negotiating salary; and prepares you for the interview.
  7. – One of the oldest and famous sites for referring to career outlook. Aspirants seeking to pursue a career as an Architect can delve into the contents and get a brief idea on various aspects such as – education required, license and certification needed, and the daily tasks of an architect.
  8. – Want to become an Architect? Career Addict is the best site to research on the profession, know the responsibilities, and find the qualifications and skills needed to become a successful Architect.
  9.  – Learn about the education, salary, needed skills, and more by referring to the Balance Careers site.
  10. – Studied Architecture, but still not interested in becoming an architect? Find out the seven other career paths you can consider with your Architecture degree from this site.
  11. –  Follow-up on Architect career from the best site – College, from education required to what architects do? Viewers can get a complete idea of the field and career.
  12. – Considering a career as an Architect? Want to know if this field will fit best for you? Then visit the site, and know if you can make it into this field or not!
  13. – The Site provides a clean and elaborate picture of the duties, skills, education, job outlook and salary potential that can be expected in the Architecture career.
  14. – Get a brief idea of the past, present, and future of the Architecture sector. A day in the life of an architect is detailed here.

Architecture Associations & Organizations

Architech Association & Organization Links

Networking and staying connected with one’s fellow engineers, and scientists are extremely viable for both personal and professional development. Associations and Organizations for Architects sponsor conferences, publish journals, act as an advisor, mediate matters and serve as editors. They set educational and professional standards, and also render job and professional development services to its members.

Hence it becomes highly essential for architects to belong to such professional organizations as a means to connect with developments and peers of the field. Whether you want to stay updated on the latest happenings, or what to network within a narrow specialization or want to plug into conversations at the international level, professional organizations will support you and provide you to opportunity to do so.

And not just that, membership in Architecture Organizations and Associations will highlight your resume and LinkedIn profile, and bolster your qualifications and credentials.

The following list of Professional Architecture Associations and Organizations can be regarded as a key resource by those who want to pursue a career in this line, and enhance professional development by fostering a relationship with like-minded professionals within the community –

  1. – Society of American Registered Architects concentrates on a high degree of professional fellowship for registered architects working towards registration.
  2. –  National Organization for Minority Architects is designed to support the minority architects and keeps them informed about world-events and conferences.
  3. –  American Society for Landscape Architects is developed mainly to support the Landscape architects community.
  4. – This is an organization that is open to curators, educators, architects, and active volunteers and ties them with a design school or architecture organization.
  5. – To advance and support architecture education, the non – profit association of collegiate schools of Architecture was formed in 1921
  6. –  The best association that serves the professional members of the Architecture industry.
  7. –  Society of Architectural Historians is formed to promote the study, interpretation, and conservation of architecture, landscape, and urbanism worldwide.
  8. –  American Design Drafting Association was formed to promote professional growth and development among professionals pursuing design drafting, and graphic community.
  9. – This is a dedicated website formed to advance and recognize the art, science, and profession of architectural illustrations.
  10. –  The National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying is a non-profit organization dedicated to advancing professional licensure for engineers and surveyors.
  11. –  CLARB works to protect the public’s health, safety, and welfare through the promotion of professional licensure standards.
  12. –  The Council for Interior Design Qualification is a premier certifying organization for interior design professionals.

Architecture – News Resources

Architech Resource Links

For those who are not into this line, and those who aren’t based out of any University, and even for those who have lots of experience in the field, may find it difficult to reach the right resource to get the needed news and information about what’s happening in the Architecture world. Searching online can be a challenging task too, as the internet is flooded with loads of websites, and trusting the authenticity of the site and matter listed there is a tough job. But again, this doesn’t mean that you have limit your search only to the nearby library or daily newspaper.

Many libraries and magazines have changed their working structure and have switched over to digitalization, leading to a wealth of information made accessible to people from all across the globe. To help you identify the most useful and resourceful websites, we have put together the following list of Architecture Career Links that offer scholarly articles, journals, photos, videos, publications and much more –

  1. – The Arch daily spotlights technology, continuing education, practice and many more. Through commentary on education and the latest news, the readers are encouraged to learn more about all aspects of architecture.
  2. – Architect Magazine produces timely news that serves the community of architects, designers, engineers, and AEC professionals. You can find relevant reporting on projects, and the article also features a range of latest news and important updates.
  3. –  This is a very helpful blog that helps students look at studios from various Universities. Additionally, the organization conducts panels, conferences, and networking opportunities.
  4. – Curbed strives to keep readers informed on innovations and technology within their local landscape. The publication sheds light on vital topics and how they are integrated within the community.
  5. –  From the Latest news trends to the oldest history of buildings, this news website sheds light on pertinent matters.
  6. – A publication that concentrates on various programs that one can take to be successful in the architecture line.
  7. – This is the best site to stay current with up-and-coming talent. The website includes lessons on Yugoslavian architecture and modern updates to education in architecture.

Architecture – Books to Read

The Architecture sector has deep wells of thought, theory, and research that are commonly unseen on the surface of the structure. For aspirants, students, practitioners, and highly-qualified professionals, books on the subject offer an invaluable context about the profession. Be it academic or inspirational, or practical, or real-life experience or otherwise, there is a book for everyone.

So, if you are searching for some good books in Architecture or want to expand your bookshelf, it is advisable to browse through the following sites which we have shortlisted and compiled for your reference. All these books are worth your consideration.

While compiling these books list, we have sought out some popular and specific titles from various backgrounds that aim at revealing divergent cultural areas. From monographs to essays to urban theory to CAD drawings, each of the Architecture Career links will engage you directly or flirt on the edges of the domain.

All the books listed here are chosen by our qualified editors and are categorized loosely by types that may interest your area. Read the following books that we consider as valuable for those who are interested in architecture –

  • Your Architecture Career –  The book enlightens the readers and provides tips, guidance and advice to interns, students, architects, and firm owners on the various business side of architecture and interior design.
  • Becoming an Architect – Just as the name suggests, the book provides step-by-step guidance and advice on how to become an architect. Very resourceful book to know the nuances of the profession.
  • 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School –  This book is a must-have book for all architecture students. The book discusses 101 concise lessons in drawing, design, and presentations – from basics to complex color theory.
  • The Architecture of the City –  The Arch Daily lists some of the best books that are useful for students, interns, and architects. All these books are worth reading!

Architecture – Video Resources

In today’s world, contemporary architects are expected to sharpen their skill sets regularly to be on par with their peers and competitors. While most careers need just an academic background in the relevant field as a precursor, qualifications and Resources for Architecture Career need more than just a formal degree.

With the advent of modern technologies, especially with social media sites and video streaming platforms, there are so many opportunities and options to learn and grow. The internet is flooded with the latest updates, news about innovations, and plenty of How to make a career in Architecture Videos.

Hence it becomes pivotal for Professionals in this field to tap all the available resources to stay updated with what is happening around the globe in their field. In the below-mentioned resources pages, you will be able to find the latest trends using which you can upgrade your career and gain advanced technical skills –

  1. Architect Career Video
  2. Architect – Career Spotlight
  3. Architectural Career
  4. Architecture Career Overview
  5. How To Make a Career In Architecture

Architecture – Social Media Resources

Social Media acts as the perfect platform for connecting architects to exchange inspirations, trends, problems, and developments relating to the industry. This is also a great source to gather research and share content related to the built environment, inspirations around cityscapes, buildings, and finished products.

From contractors to highly qualified professionals, there is something in the social media platform. From thought-provoking content to videos to press releases, this resource happens to be a big boon for the community. In short, Social media indulges in the promotion of dialogues among peers and showcases images and visual inspiration for the architects.

Whatever may be the reason, social media presence has become pivotal for architects to tap the available resources to stay updated with what is happening around the globe in their field. In the below-mentioned resources page, we have provided you a list of popular websites that can help you foster relationship amongst your community –

  1. Get Architect Jobs
  2. Get Architect jobs

Resumes ahead of the Curve

All set and you are prepared to enter the profession! The next move now is to write a stellar Architect Resume. But then, before you can do that —
Imagine a stadium packed with more than 2,00,000 architects
Strong movable roof
Picture a seating capacity of only 1,00,000!
Well, this is the reality – The Job market in the U.S is this!!
This is tighter than the Los Angeles building codes
And the worst part – only the top rows are paid an attractive package with a good work environment
But your Resume can outstand like the Burj Khalifa if it is dynamic, powerful, and robust.
Where do you go for that? Or how is that possible?

Our guide and Resource Pages an example of that, as this will show you –

Still, want to know what’s the use of making a Good Resume?

Great Resumes get you Interview!

In reality, hiring companies get thousands of job applications. Most of these resumes go directly into the hands of the hiring managers. A good resume necessarily may not get you the job but it gives a guarantee for an interview. And this is why building a great resume is very important in the first place.

Why us then!

There are innumerable sites that offer resume templates online, but it’s difficult to find the one which is up-to-date with the prevailing Architect career Trends and which can help you search for the perfect job.

We have assembled in our page an excellent collection of carefully Curated Job Resume Samples to help job seekers meet the demands of this ever-evolving job market.

While we keep working on developing our resume library, you can still be able to find a wide variety of resume samples for most major industries as well as a collection of newly designed Architect Resume samples that can be downloaded for free and customized as needed.

Over here you can find professional resume samples tailored to suit every need of the job seekers –

Handpicked Architect Resume Samples


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