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How to Write a Construction Resume

Construction workers occupy jobs of high physical and manual maintenance in the building industry. As there is high competition for construction jobs, it is important to draft a resume that positions you as the best fit for the employer’s needs. To do so, you must start by upgrading the formatting, style and professional worth of your construction resume.

The golden point is that your resume is the first opportunity to impress the hiring committee. For that, your resume must be technically viable and striking to outwit the rest of the candidates. Analyzing the latest resume samples and formats will also help you learn tricks and tweaks to furnish your credentials in the most attractive way in a professional resume. Resume models also teach ways to include vital details in brief formats as well as avoiding irrelevant details that clutter a profile.

From adding relevant technical terminologies to computer applications and innovative work history, we can teach you many ways to spice up your construction resume!

Construction Resume Headline Examples

Title of a resume refers to the condensed phrase that lists your relevant experience in construction that makes you a qualifying candidate for the position offered. Placed beneath the name, designation and contact information of the candidate, construction resume headline must captivate the reader in one glance.

In short, your resume header must specifically apply to the job application. Candidates with extensive experience can power-up the candidacy by making use of this section.

  • Strong and Committed Construction Worker with 7+ Years Experience in Residential Buildings
  • Dedicated Laborer with Experience in Metal Workshops, Construction, and Healthcare
  • Multitalented Mason with 11+ Years in Workforce and 3+ Years as Independent Contractor
  • Detail-Oriented Carpenter with a Degree in Sculpting and Internship Experience in Woodwork
  • Bi-Lingual Painter with a Poetic Knack for Contemporary, Victorian and Elizabethan Interior Décor
  • Innovative and Experienced Roofer with 7+ Years Experience in Residential Commercial Roofing
  • Enthusiastic and Amiable Construction Helper with 10 Months Experience in Pipeline Construction
  • Army Veteran and Plumber with the ability to lift heavyweight and assist in shifting, packing or moving
  • Versatile Construction Laborer with 6+ Years Experience as a Road and Pipeline Construction Worker in Middle-East
  • Remarkable Welder with Degree in Polytechnics and Communicative English

Construction Resume Career Objective Examples

The motive of an objective statement in an official resume is to outline your career graph simultaneously for emphasizing the core accomplishments that make you the best candidate. An ideal career objective in a construction resume must be bold, concise and technically relevant to captivate the reader.

In brief, a good resume objective must not be a plea to employ you, but proof of your technical accolades. After assessing multiple resume objectives for construction workers such as below, you will be able to coin an attractive title phrase with enticing work experiences too.

    • Adept Construction Supervisor with 4+ Years Experience in Construction, Plumbing, Handywork, Repairs and Moving to seek a job with Thomas Constructions as Site Supervisor to apply my knowledge in team-building and HSE Regulations
    • Strong and Amicable Laborer aspiring to hold the post of Construction Laborer for Matha Contractors to apply my extensive experience as a Laborer in Construction and Housekeeping
    • To obtain the position of Weldor at Al Shasa Workshop to apply my 5+ Years as a Welder for improving the Sales and Quality Control of Work
    • To leverage my Expertise in Painting Walls and Posters by joining Marks House Painters as a Senior Painter and practice enterprise painting projects to apply my degree in Fine Arts
    • Skilled and Powerful Construction Mason with Flexible Timings and Industrial Experience Building Roads and Canals for PWD seeking opportunities with Muthoot Contractors as a Freelance Mason

Construction Resume Summary Statement Examples

The profile statement in a resume must instantly captivate the reader with a brief gist of your personal and professional achievements showcased ahead in the resume. An ideal summary statement in a construction resume must detail your core values as a construction worker and how you specifically benefit the employer.

Profile statement must be concise and well-groomed to prove worthy of remembering to the recruiter.  The summary statement is the key hook of a resume that decides whether the reader will come back to the resume, or even read it in full!

    • Experienced and Creative Carpenter/ Framer with a knack for completing assorted projects under high pressure seeking opportunities with ABC Carpenters & Co.,
    • To leverage my industrial experience in Painting Ten Residential Bungalows within One Month by working as a Construction Painter for local contractors
    • Renowned and Trustworthy Roofer with a Record of Cost-Efficient Roofing Solutions seeking opportunities to expand to commercial roofing
    • Technologically Gifted Welder with Knowledge of FCAW and GMAW tutoring Experience seeking Freelance Welding Contracts from local Contractors
    • Construction Plumber Adept in Masonry and Carpentry seeking opportunities with International Builders for the Post of Senior Plumber

How to Write Experience Section in Construction Resume

The pivotal section in any professional resume, the experience section is the soul of your construction resume. In this section, you must establish versatile experiences relevant to the responsibilities requested by the employer in the job description. It is best to avoid lengthy paragraphs in resumes as it proves difficult to find key points.

When mentioning your past employers relevant to the job application, you must mention the nature of construction, net worth and duration you worked for the company as well. It is best to skip the timescale if you happen to have visible gaps in your work experience section. Another important point to remember when drafting a professional resume is a filter to sift your past jobs. Any job prior to ten years is irrelevant to the hiring committee and it is best that you avoid listing the same.

Experience section in every resume must showcase creative technical decisions and the history of work in construction by referencing to past jobs that are relevant to your current application. In fact, hiring managers and ATS software rummage for construction resume with a history of creative or innovative industrial experience in construction. Your ability to work under pressure and do overtime without jeopardizing health or safety is a bonus trait that will highlight your superlative abilities as a candidate to the hiring desk.

Action Verbs to use in Construction Resume

Power verbs such as the below are prominently seen across construction resumes and prove your expertise and mastery in the field when added to your resumes.

  1. Build
  2. Cooperate
  3. Strive
  4. Manage
  5. Maintain
  6. Secure
  7. Arrange
  8. Negotiate
  9. Plan
  10. Design
  11. Renovate
  12. Restructure
  13. Strategize
  14. Resolve
  15. Route

How to present Skills Section in Construction Resume

As a construction professional, your technical skills range from carpentry to masonry, welding, plumbing or even artistry and painting. The best way to present your skills in a professional manner in the profile is by filtering important ones that are relevant to the present job offer.

From construction software to management computer applications and soft skills such as team management, there are many technical skills to boost the value of your resume. After assessing the latest resume samples in construction from all over the web we found computer applications such as Microsoft Office, Evernote, Quickbooks, Gmail, Teamviewer and Adobe as compatible to boost the value of construction resumes. Remember to split individual software into separate bulleted points to avoid cluttering the resume.

Construction Resume Achievements Examples

The highlights of your resume must be technical achievements from your past duties as a construction worker. Hiring managers and automatic applicant tracking systems are assessing hundreds of resumes every day to find precise technical expertise that makes a candidate best for the job application.

You must customize your construction resume to suit the job offer and profit the company in question. It is best to avoid listing your recommendation or reference letters in this section. If you’re extensively experienced as a construction worker, it is best to list the achievements section above the educational section, and vice-versa for newbies!

How to write Education Section in Construction Resume

Yet another important section that judges your aptitude for any construction-related job is your academic background and intelligence. As a rule of thumb, degree certifications highlight your candidature according to sample construction resumes. Hence, your education holds an upper hand when rated against other candidates.

It is best to mention your college name, GPA or timestamp if you have any. Other alternative diploma courses also add weight to the educational section of a construction worker’s resume. It is best to avoid the timestamp on any point, in case you have gaps in your academic years.

Construction Resume Writing Tips

Additional guidelines to prevent common and uncommon errors in a construction resume are listed below.

Career Prospects in the Construction Industry

Construction jobs are an ever-rising occupation as mankind is continuously progressing with technical and structural advances in construction every day. A construction professional offers technical expertise in the constructive building of pipelines to furniture and many more important parts of our human existence. Hence, until life lasts, construction jobs will keep increasing.

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, candidates with Construction Resume must expect a sharp increase of job offers up to 13% growth rate until 2024. BLS also vouches for erratic salaries per annum for construction workers and laborers as $10,000 to $50,000, depending on the field and expertise.


It is important to draft an appealing and de-cluttered resume that speaks to the eye of the manager. To do so, you must maintain a professional level of consistency in your formatting, style, and tone when furnishing credentials in a construction resume.

To start with, choose one consistent format from chronological or functional formats that fit your profile records. Chronological resume format lists job history based on the timescale and is recommended for professionals with a versatile experience as construction workers. Function format in a resume is best to hide gap years and focuses on the personal accomplishments relevant to the construction industry.

You must first draft a list of your chosen format, template, style, and keyword choices prior to drafting a professional resume. It is best to customize your resume for every job that you’re applying to pass even the toughest human and mechanical scrutiny.

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