How to List Internship on Resume & Examples

How to List Internship on Resume & Examples

On average for every single job opening nearly 250 to 300 resumes are reviewed, out of which only 2-3 highly professional resumes will be shortlisted. The shortlisted candidates are the ones who have presented their skills & experiences exceptionally well. If you are a recent college grad who has limited full-time work experience, then you should include an internship and elaborate on them on a resume that adds value to your profile. Including internships in the resume will break the barriers as a fresher profile and opens the door for the job you are looking for. Many of the Employers value the interns as Internships will make a person work hard & learn more within the limited resources. Working for multiple internships in the span of your graduation will show your passion and enthusiasm towards your career. Getting into an industry with a good kick start position is quite difficult but Internships can help you to stand in the competition as they are highly considered in the job market.

Why Put Internships on Resume

The presence of Internships in your Resume is completely undeniable. It is an opportunity to fill in the gaps in work experience and to gain professional skills. Paid Internships or unpaid internships are never a waste of time, they are the investment for your future professional growth. Many of the universities help the students to join Internships during the curriculum which are equally evaluated as live projects.

Similarly, an individual with internships will be considered as a full-time employee with more field experience by an employer. Internships create a strong impact on the fresher. It shows his interest and dedication towards the continuous learning process which enhances your resume. It creates a professional promise that you are capable of doing things well and better. If you have done many internships in your college then they are worth touting on your resume which will keep you a step ahead in the competitive market.

When to Include an Internship on a Resume

If you are an experienced employee and you have an internship that took place 10 years ago then there is no point in adding it into the resume, unless you have gained exceptional remarks and achievement in the complete assignment.
On the other hand, the young graduates who are technically known as the Freshers have to mention the details about the Internships. Always try to modify your internship responsibilities relevant to the job role you are applying for. If you have an experience that does not correlate with the current applying job then don’t add it, just ignore it, but if you have an internship experience in a famous or known company then add about it very briefly. This will evoke a kind of interest on your profile by the recruiter.

Remember not to forget to summarize all your job roles in the internship period. This will attract the recruiter and can relate your experience with the current job role. Lastly, Focus on the certificates or achievements you gained during the internship period. Certifications will show a different prospect on your profile which will tell that you tend to achieve growth by overcoming the challenges. At the same time, do not forget to add the certificates which showcase your knowledge and field of interest.

Where do Internships Go on a Resume

Internships will help you in identifying the right career. It will prepare you for professional experience and will let you stand out. If you are an experienced professional and have multiple internships keep the internship information Work History or professional experience section. Avoid the internships which are not relevant to the job you are applying for. If you are a fresher then add the internship column after your Educational Qualification as they add weightage to the education you are pursued and also for the job you are looking for.

If you have more than internship experience then place them under the header where the recruiter can see easily. Try adding the most relevant experience first, that will impress the employer to look into the profile more. Don’t align your internships at the bottom of the resume instead try to highlight them more briefly which depicts that you are prepared for the new job.

How to List an Internship on Resume – Tips

You really have to know how to include an internship on your resume. A recruiter will go through hundreds of resumes for one single job. They will not spend enough time on every resume if they aren’t relevant and don’t show up any uniqueness. So Include the information relevantly to demonstrate better.

  • Try to include the Internship title. Instead of mentioning “Sales Associate “, Try mentioning “ Sales Associate Intern”. Or “marketing Intern.
  • Do not forget to mention the name of the company and the location of the company as a recruiter will definitely look into the company you have worked for if they like your profile.
  • Mention the duration of the internship period. Include the Months and Dates impressively like “Summer Internship 2019” or “Winter Internship 2019”.
  • Do not forget to mention all the relevant responsibilities and job roles. Try even adding achievements and certifications. Use Bullet points, this will be more elegant.
  • Make sure you maintain the consistency in the entire resume format
  • Highlight everything in your resume which might require the upcoming job role.
  • Make the recruiter believe that all the mentioned details are relevant and are of greater value than compared to others.
  • Always advertise your resume. The way you present your resume will value a lot. You must advertise yourself in such a way that the recruiter will get impressed and become curious to meet you and know more about you and your field of experience.

Internship with Experience (Example-Text Version)

Mary Margarette
San Jose, California

(Firstly, Add relevant Professional Experience as you are not a fresher. The general format of a resume includes chronological order, functional order, and combinations of both. The Best way to present the resume is the chronological order for easy analysis. Try keeping the recent work experience first and the oldest experience at the last).

September 2012 to December 2015
Sacramento, CA
Logistics Department

  • Dealt with International logistics management at a senior level.
  • As a part of major planning member of the Walmart in Sacramento, CA.

January 2009 To August 2012
San Jose, CA
Senior Marketing Executive

  • Head of the home design department at Wall Greens
  • Successfully drawn up with 1 M turnover sales for Home Interior products in 2010

August 2006 To November 2008
San Diego, CA
Marketing Executive

  • Joined as an Intern and was promoted as a Marketing Executive.
  • Major role in sales during the Christmas season.

Summer Internship 2006
San Diego CA.

  • Promoted as a Sales Executive for the entire 12 stations in San Diego after joining as an Intern.
  • Offering a direct position by the company before the end of the internship.

Home Depot
Placement Internship,2005
San Diego, CA

  • College Placement
  • Selected one amongst 250 students.
  • Selected as a Close assistant for the Senior Sales Executive of Home Depot.

Since you are a professional you can add the internship in the Professional Experience column or above Educational Qualification.

Internship with Experience – Sample

internship-on- resume-sample1

internship-on- resume-sample1

Internship for a Fresh Graduate (Example-Text Version)

An individual who does not have any work experience except the internship then he has to place the Internships below the Educational Qualification. Add all the details very clearly like Contact Information, Objective Statement, Skills, Internship Program, Education, Certifications, Personal Information. Try adding the responsibilities in detail which will have higher chances to get shortlisted.

Mary Margarette
San Jose, California 954-5124-3255

Educational Qualification
Masters in Financial Management.
Stanford University

Bachelors in Finance
University of California

Berkeley High School

Wells Fargo
Summer Internship,2005
Process Intern

  • Responsible for defining the business processes related to financial management.
  • Client management.
  • Building technical skills.
  • Achieved Full compliances with Sarbanes Oxley’s Act.
  • Optimized Payroll process.

UBS Wealth Management
Winter Internship,2004
Finance Intern

  • Collaborated with a team of 10.
  • Responsible for cost management.
  • Learned transactions in SAP to pull the contract numbers and necessary data.
  • Achieved 96% forecast accuracy while building the reports.
  • Participated in the Sigma Six project.

Internship for a Fresh Graduate – Sample

internship-on- resume-sample2

internship-on- resume-sample2


As mentioned above try to highlight all the responsibilities. Prioritize the internship positions and mention the details in which you have spent the major time. Try to be more specifically related to the work experience and appreciate the company’s guidance for an entire internship period. It will have a greater impact on your learning skills. Whether you are a professional or a recent graduate getting into the best company is difficult yet internships will always be an added advantage to your career which will create a positive impression on you by the recruiter. A resume with significant internships will add value to the resume that creates an edge in the competitive job market. So don’t forget to include an internship in your resume. Internships will flaunt you as a much more experienced individual.


1). Would You Ever List Internships Somewhere Else on a Resume?
Generally, Internships have to be listed either below the Work Experience or Educational Qualification. Internships are considered to be more practical and let you experience the real world. It will add a lot of weightage to the job you are looking for. So it can be added at the appropriate place with a title, Internship period, organization, location and the position you have been hired for. Try to include the responsibilities and achievements you prevailed for better exposure.

2). Is being an intern a job?
Yes, Paid Internships are considered as jobs. Any person who enters into a contract of employment and is with an employer for the sake of work and performs work with an expectation of compensation or certification is always considered to be a job. According to the NACE study, Individuals with more internships have 43.7% of chances to get a job offer directly from the employer.

3). When to Leave Out Internships
Always try to include an internship on your resume, but if you feel they are unsafe or irrelevant to your upcoming job profile then it is highly recommended not to mention it in the resume or If you had an internship before 5 to 10 years which does not put up any significant experience to the current job then it can be left out as it does not add value to your future.

4). Can I put my current internship on my resume?
Yes, you can include your current Internship in the Work Experience Section. The Work Experience section shows a brief of your work history and your key skills. So mentioning your current internship is suggestable while looking up for a better company. You can place this on the top of the Work Experience section and discuss more your current roles and responsibilities.

5). Does internship count as work experience?
Yes, Internship is always considered as work experience. It is equivalent to the professional experience especially when you are at the entry-level of your career. You should include an internship on resume even if it is paid, unpaid, or for college credits, as it helps the employer to gain a better understanding of your strengths and your career goals.

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