Sports Journalist Resume Samples

A Sports Journalist is a Sports report who responds to current sporting events including game scores and outcomes, sports personalities, and other related topics. The main duty includes keeping fans in touch with their favorite sports and teams. Some of the job responsibilities are listed on the Sports Journalist Resume as – providing immediate coverage on television, or radio or on the internet site about the sports being played, writing the happenings of the game, covering all news from who joined new and who is terminated; writing feature stories on players and coach, and providing insight on trends relating to the sport or team they cover.

Just like other media persons, these journalists are also expected to possess the following skills – the ability to keep an eye out for breaking news, editing and superior writing skills, enthusiasm for the sports industry, the skills to communicate effectively, and alertness. Most of these writers are college graduates with a degree in journalism. Passion and love for sports and competition are more important than formal studies.

Sports Journalist Resume example