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How to write a Medical Resume

Professional Healthcare jobs are more than ever on-demand now. Spanning from Doctors to Nurses, Physicians, Consultants, and Managers, there are many posts available in professional medical services. The choice of serving the ailing is a noble cause and a difficult career to cater to as well. If you’re aiming for a stellar resume for impressing your dream employers, you need thorough preparations and tones of medical resume samples to review.

A professional healthcare resume must impress the recruiter and simultaneously outsmart the other applicants. Before drafting a healthcare resume, search for sample resumes that adhere to your expertise. Sample resumes will give you a firsthand idea of what is valid, correct as well as wrong in a resume.

The primal step for drafting an ideal healthcare resume that impresses the hiring manager is your organization of skills and achievements relevant to the position offered. Ranging from your professional achievements to meritorious academics as well as crucial decision-making in the past, there are many tweaks impress the recruiter right away!

Remember to keep your ideas clear, brief and concise, in addition to keeping it error-free. To etch a professionally qualified healthcare profile in the manager’s mind, start by comparing your achievements with sample medical resumes available online and offline.

Medical Resume Headline Examples

The title or heading of a healthcare resume must consist of a lucid phrase that proves your value for the position offered. It must surpass other candidates and must be formatted well to catch the complete attention of the hiring manager.

Resume headline must quickly show the recruiter how your professional skills weigh perfectly for the role offered. A good resume headline condenses your pivotal professional skills while highlighting how well you qualify. If you’re a medical service professional with vast experience, resume titles can help you cite a fulfilling headline.  Check with these examples of medical resume samples to be sure-

  • Expert Cardiologist with Flawless Record of Practicing in 5+ Private Cardiology Clinics
  • Bi-Lingual Receptionist with a Diploma in Hospitality Management and 7+ Years of Working in Hospitals and Private Clinics
  • Defense Veteran with 5+ Years Experience in Attending to Private Doctors and Clinics
  • Honor-Roll Nursing Graduate with 10 Years of Offshore Working Experience in International Hospitals
  • Award-Winning Doctor with Specialization in Neurology and 4+ Years as Chief Neurosurgeon in Padua International Hospital
  • Successful Senior Nurse with 10+ Years of Experience in Rural Healthcare
  • Accomplished Physiotherapist with Dual Awards for Controversial Diseases and Practical Experience of 4+ Years
  • Motivated Medical Attendee with 10+ Years as a Private Secretary for a Residential Cardiologist
  • Dedicated Home Nurse with 12+ Years of Offshore Hospital Experience and Dual Degrees in Hospitality and Culinary Arts
  • People-Friendly Linguistics Graduate with 10+ Years of Working as Receptionist for Saint Mary International Hospital

Medical Resume Career Objective Examples

The objective of a healthcare resume must be precise, brief and lucid to outsmart the other resumes. Your healthcare resume must list an objective that positions you as the best person fit for the role offered amongst your co-candidates.  An ideal resume objective must list your prominent skills with reference to past jobs and as an answer to the recruiter’s need.

Simply put, a career objective is not a plea, but proof of how professionally valuable you are to the employer.  The medical career objective must list the specialization and skills as applicable to the responsibilities required by the hiring manager. Check these examples of professional resume from medical resume samples-

    • An accomplished Cardio surgeon with 5+ Years of Working in International Hospitals and meritorious Academic Excellence aspiring to lead and raise the standards of the Cardiology Department at Diana International Hospital to International
    • To leverage the offshore Nursing Experience of 10+ Years in Cardiology, Neurology and Plastic Surgery in local Hospitals or Private Doctors
    • To fully exercise Degree in Hospitality and 5+ Years of Hospital Nursing Experience as a Hospital Volunteer for serving mention name of the client
    • Versatile Medical Transcriptionist with 10+ Years of Working with International Journals and Hospitals aspiring to put the meritorious academic skills for local Medical Journals
    • Multi-faceted Veterinary Assistant with 7+ Years of Experience with Government Veterinary Hospitals and a degree in Animal Husbandry aspiring to lead the Private Veterinary Clinic mention name

Medical Resume Summary Statement Examples

Writing a strong or bold claim in your summary statement is a tweak to grab the reader’s attention instantly as you can see from medical resume samples. An ideal summary statement for a healthcare resume lists a capsule-version of your professional achievements. In short, the summary statement must explain technical ways on how you add value to the company using your skills achieved in the experience section. This also means that you must not stop editing until your summary statement looks qualifying for the specific job.

You must write a summary statement in your healthcare resume that proves you have an outstanding experience and exceptional technical values to offer to the role sought by the company. Check these Profile Statement Examples from resume samples

    • For granting admission into Graduate Level Cardiology Assistant at mention name to leverage the meritorious academic record and tutoring history at mention education or institute
    • Highly Accomplished Dietician with expertise in Clinical Research, Diet Assessment, Counseling and Operations Management for breastfeeding and Blue Zone patients, aspiring to head the Dietary department at Hilda Group of Hospitals
    • Hardworking Hospital Volunteer with experience of thriving under high pressure in Offshore Hospitals with native expertise in 5+ languages to improve internal Hospitality Management for growing hospitals
    • Motivated Cardiology Expert with diverse experience of leading Academic Seminars and Researches at mention institute, aiming to join mention company as chief of Advanced Cardiology Research
    • Patient-Oriented Nurse with Experience of working with High-Risk Patients for 4+ Years. With a proven track record of meeting tough targets, aspiring to contribute to the Welfare and Nursing Department of the mention hospital name

How to write Experience Section in Medical Resume

Considered the backbone of a healthcare resume, the experience section judges whether the recruiter continues reading your resume or not, as seen in medical resume samples. An ideal experience section uses well-divided bulleted points that list the relevant experiences with the skills gained from your working experiences in the past. The motive of the experience section is to provide the hiring manager a complete and quick scan of your skills acquired in the past relevant to the post offered.

Including your past working experience can be tough. What you need to focus on a professional resume is your work experience in the past 10 years. As the medical field undergoes drastic modernization in a decades’ time, anything beyond 10 to15 years is considered futile. You will notice the same in medical resume samples available online. List every employer in the past ten years with a brief description of the financial worth and credibility of the company to impress the hiring manager.  If you have important or meritorious achievements that span before 15 years, condense them to highlight the important phrases in this section.

The next most important thing to add to a healthcare resume is your creative quotient. From handling high-risk patients to code blue or warzone hospital duties, there are many tweaks to make the recruiter see your bonus potential as you can see in healthcare resume samples. For example, if you’re a hospital volunteer, your account of managing multiple high-risk patients in an offshore hospital or during natural disasters can prove valuable to the post you’re applying for.

Action Verbs to use in Medical Resume

  1. Specialize
  2. Assist
  3. Manage
  4. Conduct
  5. Administer
  6. Execute
  7. Process
  8. Supervise
  9. Develop
  10. Monitor
  11. Plan
  12. Lead
  13. Coordinate
  14. Volunteer
  15. Nominate

How to present Skills Section in Medical Resume

In professional healthcare, your technical expertise decides the weight of your resume as shown in medical resume samples. It must be better than other candidates and you can do so by listing the bonus skills you are good at, for the position offered. From software and computer knowledge to experience working with high-risk patients or innovating decisions, many skills can add value to a healthcare resume skills section.

Adding modern medicinal practices, researches and seminars you have attended, in addition to your expertise in Microsoft Office, Dr. Chrono EHR, advanced, MediTouch, RxNT, and NextGen Healthcare can add bonus points to your healthcare resume. Knowing that you’re an avid user of EMR or Electronic Medical Record System or Patient Monitoring practices give the employer an idea about your aptitude.

Remember to specify all the software and modern practices applicable to the post in concise and short points as seen in resume samples.

How to Write Achievements Section Medical Resume

Recruiters scanning through healthcare resumes are looking for medical professionals with high-level technical proficiency. You must list the successes relevant to the responsibilities sought by the employer as you can see from other medical resume samples. As a thumb of rule, recruiters peek through many profiles in a day and you must present captivating feats relevant to the company to get a successful interview.

Avoid congesting the accomplishments page by listing your references or recommendation letters on a separate page in the healthcare resume.

How to write Education Section in Medical Resume

As you can see from medical resume samples, recruiters want the smartest candidates. The trick to inflate your educational strength is by listing your specializations and interests in subjects useful to the employer. From your distance education in Hospitality Management to Home Science or GPA scores, many educational terminologies can be used to increase the professional worth of your resume.

If you have offered pro bono service or social work during your academic training, mention the same and impress the manager at the beginning of this section! Remember to reserve your professional certifications for a separate page.

Medical Resume Writing Tips

Career Prospects in the Medical Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Healthcare Occupations are expected to provide jobs at an increasing rate of 19% until 2024. Economists claim that the growth of professional healthcare is on the rise more than ever now as seen from medical resume samples. The medical field is growing faster than other jobs and in the coming ages, healthcare reforms are projected to revolutionize our current way of lifestyle.

Choosing your resume to renovate and upgrade is a smart choice. Amongst professional healthcare practitioners, nursing aides qualify without a degree while the surgeon-salary- tier grows with the number of degrees and specializations acquired by the candidate. BLS claims that the annual wages collected by people working in healthcare occupations range from $20,000 to $210,000 every year.

Some interesting healthcare professional jobs too. doctor, fitness trainer, nurse, dental hygienist, dietician, physiotherapist, counselor, pharmacists, paramedics, medical transcriptionist and OHS Workers.


Drafting a resume that captivates the recruiter right away is difficult as there is not a universal trick to impress anybody. However, one general rule of thumb is that the professional value of the healthcare resume doubles with the professional presentation of it.

To boost the professionalism emanated by your resume, you must follow one format throughout the CV by referring to medical resume samples. Two traditional formats to use in healthcare resumes are chronological and functional. Chronological resume format refers to outlining your achievements and skills with a scale of time and Functional format refers to neatly arranging achievements and skills based on its degree of importance.

You need a strong and technically sound profile for an interview. Make use of our instructional guidance and healthcare resume samples to draft each part of your professional resume with ease.

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