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How to write a Nurse Resume

Nursing is a profession of service and a tribute to humanity. If you’re a nurse we salute your goals, but your convictions are not enough to get you the dream nursing job. Provided you want to upgrade your resume to pass the toughest scrutiny from any hiring desk in the world, you need to make it flawless and customized to answer the specific needs of your recruiter.

The first thing to start your nurse resume writing preparation is by collecting sample resume formats to analyze the style, format, tone, and way of writing a professional profile. Sample resumes will also teach you ways to avoid committing common amateur errors too. The key point to remember is that a resume is your first interaction with the recruiter. The same is why your resume must be well-crafted for meeting the standards and requirements of your employers.

The motive of a professional resume is to captivate the recruiter’s attention and prove you as a perfect fit for the position offered, but outsmarting other candidates. With our instructional guidance on writing each section in a resume to bonus formatting and styling tips, drafting a flawless nurse resume on your own is plain-sail!

Nurse Resume Headline Examples

Your headline is a technical phrase that positions you as the best candidate for the job by highlighting your core skills as a nurse. According to nurse resume templates, a good resume header or title must be located on top of the resume, underneath the name and contact information.

Resume headers are best applicable for people with extensive professional experience as it condenses multiple points into one sentence with multiple technical phrases. To impress the manager right away, list the key technical skills you possess that are relevant to the job offer.

  • Multi-Faceted Head Nurse with 15+ Years Nursing Experience in Offshore Hospitals
  • Versatile Male Nurse with Dual Masters in Neurology and Pediatric Health
  • Bi-Lingual Nursing Writer with Top Writer Award for Healthcare Reforms and Staff Column in two Healthcare Weeklies
  • Goal-oriented Nurse with 3+ Years of Experience Serving in High-Risk Patients in Government Hospitals
  • Army Nursing Veteran with Meritorious Honors for Serving 7 Years in Vietnam War
  • Dedicated and passionate nursing graduate with honor-roll academics and 2+ Years as Nursing Intern
  • Senior Nursing Expert with a sharp eye for Accuracy and 11+ Years Industrial Experience as a Head Nurse in International Hospitals
  • Adept and Agile Assistant Nurse with 2+ Year of Rural Healthcare Experience in India
  • Motivated and Compassionate Registered Nurse with special experience n Psychiatric Nursing
  • Reliable, Honest and Ethical Senior Nurse with a history of managing volatile situations and thriving under pressure

Nurse Resume Career Objective Examples

The objective statement in a professional nurse resume refers to the sentence that highlights your key values beneficial to the employer by outlining our career graph as proof of your competency.  It must be a goal-oriented statement that is customized to match the needs of the recruiter.

A good career objective in a professional resume is not a plea, but proof of your technical proficiency as a nurse. In short, the career objective must be a brief synopsis of your career graph tailored to match the employer’s requirements.

    • To leverage my 6 years of postgraduate course in Nursing and 2+ Years Nursing Internship in Cardiology for Nursing Position at Sunshine Hospitals
    • Versatile and Competent Senior Nurse with Commanding Experience of Serving in Labor Rooms aspiring to join as the Head Nurse for the Pregnancy Division
    • Adept and hardworking nursing graduate with dual degrees in general and advanced nursing practices hoping to join as a Senior Content Writer in the National Nursing Journal
    • To obtain the position of Head Nurse at Middle East Hospitals by applying modern healthcare reforms and Clinical skills for High-Risk Patients
    • Motivated and Kind RN with Thirteen Years of Experience in Patient Care, IV Management and Phlebotomy seeking an opportunity with Healthcare Ltd as the Senior Nurse

Nurse Resume Summary Statement Examples

The profile statement in an official resume must be a gist of the certifications and factual accolades the reader will encounter ahead in the resume. The motive of the summary statement is to astound the recruiter and specifically list the technical reasons on how you add can value to the company.

An ideal resume summary must be a bold and confident statement that outwits the rest of the candidates. As there are many bonus traits that enhance the professionalism of a nurse, you must assess diverse nurse resume samples of summary statements such as the below before finalizing on one-

    • Accomplished and Globally Renowned Nurse with fifteen years of honorary service in the National Armed Forced Medical Unit aspiring to join Warzone Hospital, Kashmir to apply my undivided attention in assisting and saving the lives of crucial patients
    • Deadline-driven Nurse with a Flawless Record of ten years in Patient Care aspires to join local rehabilitation centers to apply innovative psychological assistance and recovery techniques
    • Compassionate and Dedicated Nurse with a Knack for Exclusive Patient Management owing to 11+ Years as a Nurse in Private Gynecology and Psychology Clinics, New York. Hoping to contribute pro bono service as a Nurse for Make A Difference
    • To leverage my meritorious academics in healthcare and apply my expertise in HIPPA Compliance, Equipment Procurement, Resource Management and Patient Care for local healthcare institutions
    • Seasoned Medical Writer with 5+ Years Industrial Experience as a Nurse seeking opportunity to join the national medical magazine as the Head Nursing Writer

How to write Experience Section in Nurse Resume

Using our cutting-edge resume builder tips and instructions, drafting an experience section that speaks into the eye of the manager is hassle-free. Moreover, the experience section is the backbone of your resume. According to trending nurse resume formats, an ideal experience section condenses your core skills to prove your specific values to the company by using relevant your job history.

Hiring managers give extra credits to professional resumes that are organized, error-free and lucid. You must list your past employers with the timescale alongside a brief bio of the nature and financial worth of the business you worked previously. Nurse resume samples recommend arranging your job experiences in bulleted points to ease the recruiters reading ease and pace. Additionally, avoid work experiences prior to a decade as the field of nursing has undergone drastic changes during the same period. If you must list an important job related to nursing completed prior to ten years, ensure that you condense it.

Yet another core focus of recruiters is your total number of creative decisions that led to cost-efficient benefits for your past employer. If you have the experience of having assisted as a Head Nurse during crucial times or multi-tasked more than one patient at a time with competence, this is the perfect place to make it count.  You can also include your expertise in assisting specific doctors in Operation Theater to managing high-risk patients or scheduling patients as extra points to emphasize your technical background in nursing.

Action Verbs to use in Nurse Resume

  1. Care
  2. Respond
  3. Help
  4. Demonstrate
  5. Monitor
  6. Coordinate
  7. Assess
  8. Assist
  9. Treat
  10. Train
  11. Organize
  12. Present
  13. Rehabilitate
  14. Prepare
  15. Administer
  16. Oversee
  17. Review
  18. Support
  19. Report
  20. Schedule

How to present the Skills Section in Nurse Resume

The core competent skills that make you technically sound and qualified will also rocket you ahead of the other candidates. Your technical skills in the professional resume decide the effect of your resume on the hiring manager.

Most hiring managers go through tens and hundreds of resumes prior to finalizing any for an interview. Technical skills that you have learned through years of working a nurse are the focus of your recruiter. Moreover, knowing a prominent nurse resume – computer software, application, and skills such as Oracle, Evernote, Pepcid, EHR, CPOE, Snap Health Cent, and OR Software will also establish your genuine commitment to nursing. Your expertise to manage the aforementioned software will reinstate your technical efficiency in being an extraordinary nurse.

Nurse Resume Achievements Examples

It is a fact that hiring managers search for technical accolades of the candidates in the achievements section. You must divide your achievements into bite-size bulleted points with technical terminologies to impress the hiring manager right away.

If you’re a versatile nurse, mention your skills of managing, monitoring and reviewing recovery processes for high-risk patients to make an emphatic influence on the hiring committee. As a universal rule of sample nurse resumes, references are restricted to a separate page.

How to write Education Section in Nurse Resume

The educational section of a nurse must not be limited to the GPA or SAT Scores. Your education section must include specific hours invested in clinical rotations as well as your specialization and advanced courses in addition to the name and contact of the university you graduated from. If you skipped school, it is better to avoid listing the time duration in any of your points in the resume according to nurse resume samples.

Employers are looking for genuine nurses who are aware of their responsibilities and will ensure no halt to its successful completion. List your meritorious achievements and magna cum laude mentions, if any, to establish your technically sound foundation as a nurse. If you’re a newbie, list your education above the achievements. Strictly restrict the references and recommendations to a separate page as a universal resume writing rule.

Nurse Resume Writing Tips

The tone of a resume judges the positive or negative effect on the reader. If you add one too many personal pronouns like “me” or “I”, the professional effect of your resume will decrease. According to Nurse Resume examples, you must strictly use formal formatting in your official resume.

A commonly misunderstand error of newbie nurses is the excessive focus on professional skills than personal triumphs in your nursing career. Employers want compassionate, dedicated and proficient nurses who can prove skillful abilities than offer an incomplete service.

In case the hiring manager hasn’t mentioned the length of the resume, it is better to restrict the size to less than 5 MB of data. In addition, you must not eradicate important accolades, to minimize space, but learn to condense multiple events or skills into one ominous and relevant point.

A dry objective will turn your resume futile at the hiring desk. In order to truly raise the eyes of your hiring manager, you must add job-specific terminology and your expectations to prove your unconditional passion for the service industry of nursing.

Finally, you must proofread your own nurse resume a few times to avoid degrading your value at the hiring desk. It is best to ask a family or friend to give your resume a quick scan to evaluate if there are any spellings or meaningful mistakes.

Nurse Career Prospects in the Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Nurses are important as nursing is a growing occupation with many interesting prospects for the future. BLS also claims that the annual wage for nurses across the world range from $40,000 to $102,000+.

A nurse assists the doctor and his actions by monitoring or chaperoning the patient back to health. A good nurse is one with a kind and generous heart to serve the people in need. If you’re such a kind-hearted and versatile nurse, all you need is a bachelor’s degree to improve your career and remunerations.

Bureau of Labor Statistics claims an increase of 16%, higher than most professions until 2024. Registered nurses are vital to healthcare institutions at national and international levels and with every passing year, it adds seniority to your nursing resume.


After assessing multiple sample nurse resume formats and our systematic guidance for each section of writing a professional resume, you must start your professional resume with a finite format. Two important resume format options to choose from are chronological, perfect for experienced nurses and functional format for nurses with gap years in the resume. A chronological resume requires you to mention the date of work experience in addition to your technical skills. A functional resume focuses on personal accomplishments as a nurse throughout your career without the timescale.

Writing a stunning resume that captivates the manager, outsmarts the other candidates and proves you as the best fit is not easy, but straightforward with our winning tips!

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