75+ Marketing Resources for your Career

75+ Marketing Resources for your Career

Marketing Resources

Marketing is a vital function for any business, it actually acts as a bridge between the final product and brand awareness among customers. It is the term that is used and implies various other career fields such as public relations, sales strategy, advertising, media planning and many more. From Marketing executive to Social Media Manager, the job scopes and title are in plenty for the Marketing degree holders. We have compiled here a list of Marketing Career Resources that will help kick-start your career in Marketing right from choosing the right career path, courses to complete, career development, job search, associations & organizations to join, news resources, books to read, social media groups in marketing, infographics & video resources along with marketing resume samples and any other resources for you to be sucessfull in the field.

What is a Marketing Job Like?

A Career in this line has got a number of roles. The jobs in Marketing can be traditional Marketing jobs such as billboard marking, televisions to internet Marketing positions. The gamut of numerous choices makes this career line almost feel limitless.

As a Marketing professional, your job description may vary based on your skill set and the company’s requirements. While some of you can make it in the social media community, others can dig in through codes or maybe run online codes. The job title and designation may vary greatly from one business to another.

And again, based on the role, the Marketing career may demand industry-specific knowledge such as Sales, market research, creative, competitor analysis, consumer behavior and consumer behavior among others. While experience is mandatory in this field, many employers prefer to hire less-experienced Marketing graduates and those without a degree as well.

Marketing Career Path

A Marketing Career Path is a blessing for creative and career-driven individuals. Even though it is well-known that most of the Marketing jobs are specialized in nature, the career is also open to many of those who can match their abilities with perception to the market through achievable plans of action.

The career is also best for the self-starters who can juggle between multiple tasks, a Marketing career can be demanding and may require plenty of travel, but the field reward or outcome comes with plenty of both monetary and non-monetary benefits.

If you want to begin your career in the field of Marketing or advertising, then the following job types listed below are something to be browsed for. This is in fact only a small list of the various roles a business might offer to the qualified marketers. Listed below are some of the position names or job titles you can consider –

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Email Marketing Manager
  • Search Engine Optimization Specialist
  • Social Media Manager
  • Web Content Writer
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Product Manager
  • Web producer
  • Advertising Coordinator
  • Brand Manager
  • Public Relations Manager
  • Advertising Manager
  • Media Buyer
  • Chief Marketing Manager
  • eCommerce Manager
  • Digital Marketing Director
  • Digital Marketing Manager

Depending on the chosen career path, Marketing professionals can engage in a broad range of duties. Some of the common duties and responsibilities disbursed by the Marketing professionals as per the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, lists –

  • Negotiating contracts, advertising products or the media to be advertised
  • Researching and planning campaigns for Advertising
  • Deciding the appropriate media such as – radio, television, print, online/billboards
  • Inspecting creative elements
  • Organizing market research studies
  • Developing priding strategies for products to be marketed
  • Overseeing staff and offering advice and strategies

Marketing Jobs and Careers

For better understanding and to know how to make a career in Marketing field, stroll through the following sites –

  1. AllBusinessSchools.com  – on visiting the site, one can gain complete knowledge of Marketing description, find a business program, various available Marketing career options; and so on.
  2. GettingGrowth.com – If you want to do some research work before you can pursue a career in this line, then this site is highly recommended. Over here, one can know the various steps to start a career in Marketing and more.
  3. CareerAddict.com – If you want to explore various Marketing Career Options, but not sure of the right path, then this link will be advantageous. The site is compiled with a handy list of some most sought-after and well-paid gigs.
  4. TheBalanceSMB.com – A Career in Marketing can be challenging and rewarding too, and if you want to make it big in this line, then this website is a sure to-read one.
  5. Rasmussen.edu   Now that you have decided to make a career in Marketing, but want to know more about the domain, then this site will give an insight of how your job will look like, and about various niches of the field.
  6. Learnhowtobecome.org – The site gives insight and an elaborate idea of various Marketing degrees offered and about Marketing career at-a-glance. A step-by-step list of how to start and dive into the Marketing career is listed on this site.
  7. Fremont.edu – Have a dream of making it big in Marketing? Then browse through the site and schedule time for availing a free mentor session. A wide range of Marketing career options is explained here in detail.
  8. Hubspot Academy – Register here and get enrolled for a free certification course. On registration, one can discover the fundamentals of inbound, the inbound methodologies and know how to run an inbound business successfully.
  9. WithGoogle – using this site one can gain access to digital training. The platform is a dedicated digital training site for students which comes with free video lessons for building skills and to learn everything at your own schedule and pace.
  10. Rossimmonds.com – Even if you don’t have any connections, you can make a big career in the Marketing field. The site is a complete career guidance page.

Marketing Courses

Marketing is all about development and growth, the more you gain knowledge of the subject, the better are the chances for job prospects and career growth. Plenty of Marketing Management courses have become vital for the growth of business houses, and entrepreneurial ventures to enhance the product and services visibility among customers. Taking up or pursuing Marketing management courses gives plenty of scopes to tap the established markets and the unexplored markets. Picking the right Marketing management courses will help you to gain the required skills and make you smart in various concepts such as promoting, positioning, product pricing and advertising and so on.

To be considered for hiring and promotion, you have to build your own expertise within the specialisation or climb the career ladder by developing your credentials and standing out as a Marketing professional in three primary ways – Marketing Certificate Programs, Marketing Degree Program, and Marketing Certification.

Business majors who specialize in Marketing have to take courses that concentrate on developing and selling products to distinct customer markets. Whether you want to start a Marketing career or enhance further education, there are plenty of courses offered by various institutions that can enhance the skill level and knowledge among students. Most of the students are required to pursue core business classes in Marketing Principles, Economics, Finance, Communications, and Management to enter into the Marketing field.

Whether it is a Marketing certificate course or an advanced Doctoral level education, all these courses will prepare you to enter into a creative, rewarding and fast-paced field that is constantly evolving. Many institutions, colleges, and online sites offer courses that focus on advanced courses such as statistical analysis, merchandising, finance and applied studies practicums.

Education is an ocean and more people choose to pursue higher education irrespective of their age or work experience. It is hence imperative for one to understand the benefits that are made available online to ease the learning search processes.

These links below will take you directly to information about various federal programs, educational institute sites, and other online programs. You can also find out which University is veteran-friendly and which is good for novices as well –

  1. Pepperdine.edu – This site helps you to focus on your career through enrolment into various accredited online MBA programs for Marketing. This online program will help you to graduate with an MBA from the prestigious Pepperdine University, which is ranked one among the top 50 National Universities.
  2. Edx.org – This is a robust site to get enrolled into various free Marketing courses online from top-most institutions and Universities like UBC, Berkeley, and Columbia. You can learn Digital Marketing, Marketing Analytics, and Social media Marketing and more by getting enrolled in specifically designed advanced programs that target to a new path in the Marketing field.
  3. Universitycollege.du.edu – for those who want to know and learn about Communications Management, this site is a source for getting all related information. You can get assistance from guidance experts on which electives to choose and which course to pursue.
  4. BestMarketingdegrees.org – The site offers a list of various featured online programs, associated degree courses, bachelor’s degree courses, Master’s degree courses, and Doctoral degree courses.
  5. SpringBoard.com – This career guidance and education resource page is an excellent way to become a full-stack marketer. Using this site, you can learn as a community, get personalized career coaching, prepare yourself for the interview and get placed easily.
  6. Udacity.com – Use this site to learn from job experts and as well gain real-world experience running live campaigns. Get a better understanding of digital marketing and more.
  7. DigitalMarketinginstitute.com – Sign in and become a member to access plenty of resources, digital smarts, insights, and real opportunities. Over here you don’t just complete a course, but you will be ready to build a Marketing Career.
  8. Simplilearn.com – If you are aiming to become an industry-ready SEO Specialist, then the website is the perfect fit. They offer plenty of SEO training courses that can very easily transform you into a full-stack SEO Professional.
  9. Marketmotive.com – This is a site that is useful for those who want to pursue an Advanced Degree in Digital Marketing. Get enrolled and become a complete digital marketer.
  10. Coursera.org – The Cousera specialization offers a series of courses using which one can master their skills. You can review the courses, subscribe to the course and complete the course to become a Digital Marketing Specialist.

Marketing Career Development Resources

Marketing is one word that is uttered by most of the business world people, but we should also understand that the word doesn’t end just with designing a product, launching and selling them to end-users. Not surprisingly, there are many other terms and titles associated with Marketing career path lines and such include – sales, product promotion, market research, public relations, and advertising. And job opening for such titles is often seen on job sites, social media, and newspapers.

There are a variety of Marketing career paths which many of you wouldn’t have even heard off, but there are immense possibilities for growth and advancement in such areas. And some of these career path lines include – Marketing Career path communications, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, SEO Marketing, Content Marketing Manager, and so on.

Marketing has lot of functions, there is brand management, promotion development, product marketing, community management and then there’s corporate communication… and so many more to try! But you may not be sure of what to take and what not to? To get off in this field, you need to analyze first your core interests and how to overlap them with different Marketing sub-concepts.

And it is a viable idea to explore new job opportunities using various online resources pages, there are several new job openings that are created and the credit goes to the confluence of analytics, data, video streaming, mobile internet, video streaming, and apps. All the below-mentioned sites have discussed the various other Marketing career development areas and courses that one can learn and consider-

  1. Marketpronics.com – This is one great site for those who are interested in Marketing career development. You can get expert ideas from the Top Women in Business and how those from the non-Marketing field can also make it shine in the Marketing sector.
  2. Marketingweek.com – It is always best to stay in touch with what’s happening around the globe, and this site gives you plenty of scope for that. Just subscribe in with this site and be assured to get plenty of Marketing news from all over the world within seconds.
  3. Naceweb.org – Want to know more about Branding and Marketing, then this site is something that you have to explore. The Nace Center is a one-stop place for career development and talent acquisition.
  4. Smartinsights.com – with this page one can be assured to improve their personal Marketing career. This hub page can be used as a reference page to stay current with all main digital Marketing techniques. The page gives a complete view of various techniques, definitions, and recommendations that can help the members to groom their skills.

Marketing – Job Search Resources

Now that you have decided to pursue your career in the Marketing area, the next step would be to find the right Marketing jobs. There are plenty of companies and organizations that offer a wide range of job openings based on the level of experience, academic background, and requirements of the company. Whether you are looking for an entry-level Marketing job or for a senior-level specialist role, the job hunt will seem to be tedious and time- consuming if you are merely dependent only on the newspaper ads to get recruited.

There are plenty of Marketing Recruiter Agencies that connect the job seekers with top-notch hiring companies. As these agencies have worked with major Marketing and advertising companies across the world, they have better exposure and can help clients in finding transcendent talent. Some of the benefits that an employer can benefit from using these resources include –

  • Reach the very best people
  • Perfect fit for your business
  • Fast placement

Technology advancement has gone to such an extent, that it becomes too hard for us to decide the best tool to use, and one among it is – Marketing job Boards – there are plenty of job boards which promises a plethora of applicants and jobs from all sorts of companies and walks of life, but again, this is not what is needed. There is a huge range of communities where marketers and hang out and this is the thing you must catch out.

To make your job hunt easier, our professional team have compiled the following websites which are great for targeting on various Marketing job openings

  1. Lucasgroup.com – This is one top site that can help candidates to find top-most Marketing jobs and build successful Marketing careers. Lucas Group is an expert Marketing recruiter which can help engage and place top talents from all across the globe.
  2. Kasplacement.com – Many of the top-notch companies hire Marketing thought leaders using the KAS placement. Talented, qualified and ambitious job seekers can use this resource to get connected with such companies.
  3. Paladinstaff.com – Start searching for your jobs using this website, At Paladin, the recruiters use their real-world experience to connect talent with opportunities.
  4. Marketinghire.com – This web site features the leading global, national and regional Marketing recruiters. The recruiters listed over here offer and cover various areas including – advertising, PR, user experience, social media; SEO, creative, account, CRM and Sales roles.
  5. Marketproinc.com – If you are searching for a Marketing professional job, then your job search should end here. MarketPro uses a unique approach to Marketing staffing and hiring needs.

Marketing Associations & Organizations

To stay up-to-date with the Marketing trends and to enhance Marketing skills, it is highly important to enhance your skills. There are a lot of associations and organizations that are available online today.

All these organizations offer a lot of information, opportunities and even allows you to explore a variety of online digital courses and certifications. Many of these online courses are available for free of cost for digital marketers who want to look and go ahead with their personal brand in this consistently evolving digital space.

To become noticed and to become a top Marketing professional, you have to stay in touch with top-most Marketing organizations as this can give the recruiters an edge while they are looking for talent.

Almost everything counts when you are in the process of building your personal brand. To land into this career, you have to plan your career and make the job search easy. Students have got plenty of scopes to enter this field through campus interviews and placement, but for those who are already in this field and want to transit to other companies or want to progress to higher levels, getting enrolled with best Marketing organizations and associations will be the best fit.

Our team of professionals have worked on this matter, and have come with the following best organizations that provide a complete picture of how to start a Marketing career, degree options, job opportunities, and salary potential.

Here are some best Marketing associations you should explore to improve your reputation and credibility in Marketing –

  1. Bestcolleges.com – Search for some best colleges over here and enhance your skills through various Marketing programs offered by the best Universities. Students can choose from a huge range of certification courses, bachelor’s degree, post-graduation courses, and advanced programs.
  2. AMA – Get all the latest information, and career guidance from this site. And, also be the first to read all about Marketing happening across the world.
  3. SEMPRO – SEMPO is the largest non-profit trade organization in the Digital Marketing industry. All Marketing professionals can get enrolled over here and engage themselves by communicating with their peer groups through chats, webinars, and attend discounted industry conferences and training.
  4. Payscale – Share your Marketing knowledge over here by participating in the surveys or give expert solutions to career advice seekers. You can also dig into the site to know about jobs, salaries employers, degrees and more.
  5. eMarketer  – This research source is good for understanding how digital Marketing is transforming media, commerce, and Marketing. Sign up and get regular updates and free newsletters.

Marketing – News Resources

It would be a considerable understatement if we say that the digital marketing industry is moving rapidly. With all things moving at such a fast and rapid way, it is surely easy to be back or fall behind on the Marketing news that really matters.

It is a well-known fact that all of us spend only a limited time interacting with real people, or in fact, have never scrolled the newspaper to know about what’s happening across the globe. The credit goes to online marketing resources. This shift is a simple example of digital Marketing, wherein “digital tactics and channels’ are used to connect online potential customers.

Our Research team has gathered the following essential sources that give a complete list of Marketing news. Right from breaking Marketing headlines to deep analysis of emerging trends, we have compiled and listed everything that can help you stay in touch with the ever-changing digital marketing world.

Here’s a quick list of Marketing news sources available on the web –

  1. Careercast.com – Author Tony Lee over here explains clearly the myth of Marketing career. Have a read to know more about Marketing and sales jobs.
  2. Marketinghire.com – Visit the site, and you get an opportunity to search Marketing, advertising, and PR jobs, or get expert career advice, or even gain access to top Marketing association job boards.
  3. money.usnews.com – Get some best investing advice from experts and specialists, and sign up for a daily newsletter for the latest Marketing news. Marketing Manager job role is well explained here.
  4. Ama.org – This site is best for those who want to make it big in the field of digital marketing. Visit the site and position yourself for a rapidly evolving digital space.
  5. Marketingdive.com – As the Marketing roles keep transforming, it is advisable for hiring managers to reconsider enhancing their skills for ensuring success. This site provides a list of digital marketing skills that are in huge demand.

Marketing – Books to Read

Most of the successful entrepreneurs today have been able to make it up to this extent due to continuous learning. Almost all of the things that are learned today about Marketing comes from the web and other sources such as – amazing blogs, online materials, expert’s advice, resource books and so on.

Its rightly said, “Virality isn’t born, but it’s made” …. And the credit goes to the present technology and surge of matters that we get online.   Resources books on Marketing give and great value for money as readers can seek to grow and become successful marketers.

From product development to promotion to positioning, the Marketing Book resources site will help you in each step as to how to attract and engage customers, and also educate you on the dos and don’ts.

You may have entered into business just because of your passion to sell the products, but this passion alone isn’t sufficient for selling the product, as this requires specific skill sets.

If you want to earn, then you have to learn. There are plenty of books that have withstood with time and definitely deserve a place in your bookshelf.

Listed below are some best Book Resources that can help both the CMO’s and the niche Marketing professionals –

  1. Comprehensive Guide to Traditional and Digital Marketing Careers – Want to pursue a career in Marketing, but you are not exactly sure of what the marketers do? Well, then this is the perfect site for you to read the new book titled- Careers in Marketing. The book gives an insight into both the traditional and digital Marketing career opportunities.
  2. 5 Books to Marketing yourself – This tool mentions about five great books that can make you best at Marketing yourself or your brand.
  3. Blue Ocean Shift – The Blue Ocean Shift combines the insight of human psychology with real-world guidance and practical Marketing-creating tools. Grab your book today from this site.
  4. Hug your Haters – Marketing is one concept that comes with constant complaints and remarks from customers. Haters will no more be your problem if you can deal with them in the right manner, and this book is one such example.
  5. Contagious: Why Things Catch – In this book, the author speaks about the success behind the word-of-mouth and also about social transmission. You can discover the basic six principles that can drive all sorts of things to become contagious, from YouTube videos to consumer products and policy initiatives.
  6. The Content Forumula  – Want to know what’s on the marketer’s mind, then this book should be in your bookshelf. The book provides step-by-step career advice to marketers and covers all other vital concepts as well.
  7. Discipline Equals Freedom – Many books offer advice on how to reach your goals without any obstacles, but misses the vital component – Discipline. But this book “Discipline equals Freedom” covers this concept without which there can be no real progress.
  8. 8 Great Reads to Drive Marketing Career – Eager to add your arsenal of Marketing knowledge, then these books are worth reading.

Marketing – Video Resources

Today’s modern Digital Marketers are expected to sharpen their skill sets constantly to be on par with their peer groups and among competitors. During the earlier days, it was considered enough if you had an academic background in Marketing to break into this career, but this is not possible now. With the advent of modern technologies, the World Wide Web, social media and then the mobile, things are being learned from every single available angle. The internet is flooded with the latest updates, new arrivals and plenty of machine learning tools.

Hence it becomes pivotal for marketers to tap all the available resources to stay updated with what is happening around the globe in the Marketing field. In the below-mentioned resources pages, you will be able to find the latest Digital Marketing trends, how to upgrade your career and how to gain technical skills.

  1. Guide to Digital Marketing– The Video gives a complete guide of Digital Marketing, and how it works. The show emphasizes Marketing tools, tactics, tips, and strategies that can help you break and succeed in this career.
  2. Billy Gene – Digital Marketing Guru– Here the video takes us to talk with Billy Gene – Millionaire Digital Marketing Guru. He talks about the career courses and his full review of the course offered by him.
  3. Neil Patel about Marketing Tactic– In this video, Neil Patel explains about traffic generation and how to drive sales to your website. The goal is to teach you about the new Marketing tactic every day.
  4. How to make a career in Marketing – In this video, the OLX Marketing Head – Bronwyn Johnson guides you through on how to make a career in Marketing.
  5. Marketing career principles– In this video, viewers can learn about various Marketing career principles. These principles can be used for crafting great career paths for marketers coming from various educational backgrounds.
  6. Pursue a career in Marketing?[ video ]– Do you want to pursue a career in Marketing? Know about the ins and outs by watching this video.
  7. Marketing Career Advice– This episode gives insight information and advice on how to get into this field and work within this sector.
  8. Product Marketing– Explore product Marketing and product development by watching this video which gives an interview with Marketing VP Michael Edelstein.

Infographics and Chart Resources for Marketing Professionals

Infographics are an effective tool to engage the audience, and this is very much pertinent for the marketers. Infographics have the power to communicate data and information in a conscious and visual way. And actually, infographics are more preferred than any other content, as a matter of fact, these links are liked and shared four times more than any other type of content.

According to the Content Marketing Survey, it is discovered that more than 41% of the marketers have felt that the information provided by Infographics are mostly engaging and easy to understand. The Marketing Infographics can, in fact, be used for a variety of purposes such as –

  • To educate the audience about your business
  • To plan your business goals
  • To explain vital concepts
  • To break down the process steps in an easy and understandable manner
  • To list resources, tips, and options
  • To compare products and plans
  • To visualize your customer’s journey
  • To summarize key concepts via blog posts
  • To brainstorm strategies and projects
  • To share on social media vital statistics

Well, all these were just the tip of the iceberg. There are tons of creative ways marketers can use infographics to their credit and enhance their customer engagement, peers and teams.

And the best part is – once you gain some ample experience and knowledge, you can create your own infographics even without any formal training.

Incorporated below are some best infographics web links that can be used directly or customized to fit best your Marketing needs. You can use these to boost up your audience engagement –

  1. Marketing Jobs for Beginners [infographic] – This page guides you through five trending Marketing jobs for the beginners. Use the information to land into your dream job.
  2. Digital Marketing Careers [infographic] – This infographics page will help the employers and employees as well. The job seekers can know how to fill in the talent gap and what is expected from them.
  3. How to future-proof your digital marketing career [infographic] – Check this page to learn more about the skill description and attributes of each skill.
  4. What It Takes to Be a Top Marketing Executive [infographic] – It will not be a surprise if you say that you are maneuvering through your career having a goal in mind. And this infographics page will be useful as it breaks down and provides exactly what is needed to be done to become a top marketer.

Marketing – Social Media Resources

Irrespective of whether you are an old hand or new to the Digital Marketing field, it is highly important to discover various resources and social media Marketing tools to that you can make your operations more effective and efficient. There are plenty of tools from blogs to career advice pages to social media tools like Facebook and Twitter that can help you to stay in touch with current happenings and Marketing efforts of marketers from all over the world.

Even if you are familiar with all the stuff, you have to keep yourself updated with the latest trends, ideas, and news from your Marketing community. You can enhance your knowledge by reading blogs that are posted on social media resources or just check them regularly to know about career development and the experience of others. Various such blogs can include – Social Media Examiner, Social Fresh, Copy Blogger, Buffer blog, and so on.

Listed below are some outstanding social media platform links that can help you in this process –

  1. MarketWatch Community  – Stay updated with the latest social media Marketing resources through the market watch. Login to your Facebook account and get an opportunity to explore this social media platform.
  2. MarketingProfs – Join the Marketing community with this social media platform and see more of Marketing professionals on Facebook.
  3. MarketRealist  – Join the Marketing community with this social media platform and see more of Marketing Realist on Facebook.
  4. MarketingWeekEd – Join the Marketing community with this social media platform and get the latest updates, news, and views from the world of Marketing on Twitter.
  5. MarketingLand – Know everything about the Marketing community and what’s happening around the world in the field of Marketing through this Twitter platform.

Resumes ahead of the Curve

You may be a professional Marketing expert, and you may know everything from personal branding to shaping your corporate, but this knowledge will not be of any help when you craft your Resume. Many of the resumes contextualize in a way to attract potential employers, but the employers should see your personal brand so that they can pick you from the lot as the best hire. And hence your document falls flat lacking a stand-out proposition.

A Marketing Resume should be well-crafted, written and formatted. Depending on the job and the company, you can add your hobbies and interests’ section in your Marketing resume. Ironically, many of the professionals who know how to sell their products and services, have a very tough time selling themselves. It is hard to turn the spotlight inwards, but drafting a standout resume requires tremendous skill and knowledge.

They say a journey of thousand miles starts with the first step and this is very much applicable for a job search, and the first step in this process begins with an effective resume writing. To get these jobs, your resume needs to stand out amid the outstanding. There are innumerable sites that offer resume examples online, but it’s difficult to find the one which is up-to-date with the prevailing Marketing Trends and which can actually help you search for the perfect job.

Why us then!

We have assembled in our page an excellent collection of carefully Curated Job Resume Samples to help job seekers meet the demands of this ever-evolving job market. Our professional team of Career advisors are constantly working on new samples and are coming up to tweak existing ones so that they can highlight the latest hiring trends, job responsibilities, and qualifications.

Each of the Sample Resumes or templates in our collection is a combined result of our hard-work, experience, and research that our professionals and Career advisors have made in the field. And as an added advantage, we would like to state that every resume over here is reviewed thoroughly and approved by our Certified in-house Professional Resume Writers.

Select any Resume Sample from our list and you can find the following –

  • A Well-drafted, professional, modern design resume template tailored for each of the Marketing job Titles
  • A distinct section to highlight your experience, education, skills and more
  • Text format information for easy copy-paste option

It is highly impossible to offer a Resume sample for every Marketing job title under the Earth, but we have done our best to provide that, and are even working on it more! While we keep working on developing our resume library, you can still be able to find a wide variety of resume samples for most major industries as well as a collection of newly designed Marketing Resume templates that can be downloaded for free and customized as needed.

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