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Jobs in the field of Driver widely fall under the transportation field which combines customer services as well as specialized vehicle experience. A Driver keeps the world and its inhabitants moving as and when needed. The growing population increases the demand for products that create growth in the Driver or transportation sector. This category includes various types of job titles such as – delivery drivers, heavy trucks, tractor-trailers, bus drivers and taxi drivers or chauffeurs and passenger service. The job descriptions, however, are seldom confined only to transportation.

While some careers in this area require postsecondary education, many of the careers require training obtained through trade schools or general driving skills obtained through on-the-job training. However, careers such as postal or pilot or heavy truck drivers require extensive specialized skills to excel in this career.

According to statistics, the median pay for delivery truck drivers is $27k per year, and a bus driver makes $29k annually. The salary, however, depends on the job and experience. Our site provides all important information about Driver Careers such as salary, training, education, academic qualifications, and employment growth. Also take a glimpse at our cover letter samples, job descriptions, job options, and salaries to know more about the career trend in this field.

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