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Customer Service

If you want to upgrade your resume and win your dream job, you must start with a new resume. To prove your efficacy in being an excellent customer service executive to the hiring manager, you must draft a unique and technically sound Customer Service Resume that answers the needs of the recruiter.

The golden point to keep in mind is that your resume if the first interaction you will have with the employer.  Your resume title to summary, achievements, and format of listing educational qualifications must captivate the hiring manager and outsmart the other candidates. By assessing the latest Customer Service Resume models, you can learn the right format, style, and tone of writing an official resume without committing common errors.

As customer service professionals offer market expansion skills applicable to the growth of businesses; hence, your resume must position you as the best candidate with the technical skills. Sample resume formats are indispensable to create a striking resume that correctly contours your career graph to the vision of the recruiter. The goal of a professional resume is to establish your expertise in customer service duties confidently to the hiring desk.

The title or heading of a professional resume consists of a brief phrase that lists the core technical skills and expertise that makes you befitting candidate for the job offer. Your resume header must be a brief-phrase located on top of the resume, beneath the identity and contact information of the candidate.

Resume title must not be a quotidian sentence sans passion, dedication or direction. For a customer service resume with vast experience, a resume headline can be used to condense multiple core competencies into one phrase.

  • Versatile Customer Service Expert with 5+ Years Experience in E-commerce Sales and Management
  • Goal-Oriented Customer Service Professional with 6+ Years of Expertise in Customer Satisfaction and Feedback Management
  • Motivated Call Centre Specialist with 7+ Years of Experience in Textile Resource Management and Technical Assistance
  • Adept Customer Service Manager with 3+ Years of industrial experience in Insurance and Banking
  • Bi-Lingual Graduate with flexible working hours and expertise in Policy and Account Amendments
  • Enthusiastic Honor-Roll Hospitality Graduate with a Meritorious Academic Excellence
  • Adept Tech Professional with 11+ Years Experience in Transport and Marketing
  • Service-Oriented Customer Service Representative with 4+ Years of Excellent Call Centre Experience
  • Deadline-driven Tech Support Whiz with Charismatic Ability to Expand Services to Existing and New Customers
  • Dedicated Senior Customer-Service Chief with Proven Record of Unwavering Commitment to 100% Positive Customer Feedback in Textile, Insurance and Transportation Business

Customer Service Resume Career Objective Examples

Objective statement for a customer service executive must underscore the career goals and achievements in your past work experience as a perfect fit for the recruiter’s needs. In short, your objective in an official resume must be customized to apply to the job roles and duties.

It is recommended to be specific with technical terminologies that can magnetize the manager to continue until the end of your resume. Compare with 2017 customer service resume samples to pen a flawless objective on your own-

    • Multi-faceted Customer Service Expert with Intensive Experience in Advertising and Staff Management in addition Market Expansion of Pet E-Commerce Industries
    • Senior Customer Service Expert with a Keen Eye for Problem Solving for Automotive Industry, seeking an opportunity with for Boosting Customer Reach and Social Media Management
    • Dedicated Customer Service Professional with Fifteen Years Experience in Claims Questions, Policy Changes and Innovative Conflict Resolutions aiming to leverage my expertise in Healthcare, Banking and Insurance Firms aspiring to grow my forte with challenging works
    • Versatile Customer Service Expert with Extensive Experience in Social Media Management of Digital Diamond Stores seeking a position with Diamonds Direct

Customer Service Resume Summary Statement Examples

A Profile Statement refers to the gist of the certifications and facts furnished ahead in the resume that makes you an unparalleled Customer Service Representative for the job. Hence, your summary statement must be carefully maneuvered to match the responsibilities sought by the employer.

Using bold, confident and lucrative summary statement in resume strengthens the professional credits of your profile. Profile statement must lure the hiring manager to scan the remnant resume with peaking interest. Go through customer service resume sample formats to experiment with summary statement such as the below-

    • Target-driven Customer Service Representative with Excellent Record of Upgrading Services and Dealing with Conflict Situations especially in high-pressure conditions aspiring to apply professional prowess in customer service to grow local businesses
    • Adept Customer Service Expert with a Record of Cross-Training 150 Staff for Technological Upgrades and Continuous Improvement to boost the sales and productivity of the Staff of new startups
    • To Leverage, my academic experience of seven years with Dual-Degrees in Banking and Finance hoping to enhance customer relations of new local businesses
    • Energetic and confident Customer Service Manager with Extensive Experience of Delivering 97% Goals within Meager Budgets aspiring to collaborate with organic farm producers for the success
    • To obtain the position of Customer Service consultant for attaining Target-Audience for Three E-Commerce Websites within three months

How to write Experience Section in Customer Service Resume

Your industrial experience of customer service is the core foundation of your resume. A good experience section in a customer service resume specifically shows your professional qualities in past jobs that make you perfect for the current position.  The latest format of furnishing the experience section in a resume is using condensed statements that are divided into orderly bulleted points.

The motive of a hiring manager going through your resume is to find the practically applicable technical achievements in your past job history. To do so, you must mention your past employer alongside the aspect of the business and net financial worth or reach of the business by referring to your own customer service duties at the job.  For jobs prior to a decade, very little focus is given as technology has advanced magnanimously and most tools of the bygone age are not applicable to the customer service skills needed today. However, if you’ve important job experiences prior to a decade, you must condense it into brief points in the same section.

The central focus of your experience section must be your professional creativity in managing, operating and monitoring customer service skills that resulted in profits for your past employer. Your career progress must be established with your technical efficiency as a customer service expert in past duties. Referencing to Strategic Team Building Skills or Resolving 500+ Issues with E-Commerce products in a week with 100% Accuracy, Speed and Efficiency will solidify your technical foundation in the industry. Don’t forget to add your exceptional people skills, charisma, and sharp analysis to buff up your dexterity in the eyes of the employer, according to customer service resume samples.

Action Verbs to use in Customer Service Resume

Important action words in the resume bring unique and technical efficacy to your claim. Remember to use action verbs that are unique and relevant to the job offer to impress the recruiter right away according to these trending customer service resume samples

  1. Resolve
  2. Monitor
  3. Demonstrate
  4. Negotiate
  5. Coordinate
  6. Manage
  7. Organize
  8. Strategize
  9. Answer
  10. Upgrade
  11. Improve
  12. Counsel
  13. Conduct
  14. Process
  15. Implement
  16. Balance
  17. Cross-Train
  18. Develop

How to present the Skills Section in Customer Service Resume

Your core technical skills constitute the skills section in a professional customer service resume. Whether or not you’re a fresher or seasoned Customer Service Representative, your technical skills must reciprocate the needs of the employer. Ideally, you must include technical skills in your area of specialization such as insurance, banking, technology and so on that are relevant to the job.

A variety of customer service computer software and apps are ideal technical terminology to woo your recruiter. Listing each software or application individually is important to keep a consistent clarity throughout your profile. After assessing prominent software for customer service resumes in 2017, prominent ones you must include (if you’re aware of) are Buffer, Capterra, Zendesk, FreshDesk, Samanage, LiveAgent, Jira, Salesforce Service Cloud, and Social Media administration.

Customer Service Resume Achievements Examples

Your core skills are skills in addition to transferable skills that prove your indispensable expertise in customer service industry.  From soft skills to communication skills and basic psychology, a customer service executive must have a common ground with the staff that runs the company as well as the consumers that keep it running.

In order to ease the recruiter from wasting time digging your key competencies and professional feats, you must use relevant technical terminology that fits the company needs. According to customer service resume samples, references are restricted from the main resume achievement section.

How to write Education Section in Customer Service Resume

Employers need to see your technical background to trust you with the colossal responsibilities of business management.  Hence, you must prove that you have a proven record of meritorious and flawless academic records to befit the qualification criteria.

For those of you with magna cum laude and other academic excellence, mentioning the highest degree first is appropriate as seen in customer service resume samples. If your education was discontinued midway, listing your college or university name with your specialization is considered straightforward. Yet another cardinal rule to follow in your resume is to place the education section above or below the achievements section, based on your lack of experience or versatility in the same, respectively.

Customer Service Resume Writing Tips

Important tips that can save your resume from ending up in the rejected pile of resumes based on the latest examples of customer service resume are

Career Prospects for Customer Service Jobs

According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the customer service resume is expected a sharp increase in growth rate of up to 10% until 2024. A promising field to work and grow immensely, customer service industry is viable for diverse types of people as it is a service focused on societal needs and morals of trade.

To be a good customer service representative, you must have in-depth knowledge and experience with your target consumers.

BLS claims that Customer service representative earns annual wage in the range of $30,000 to $65,000 at present. As there is a need for customer service experts in every industry, there is not decline of jobs if you’re a CS Executive. In fact, BLS has predicted up to 250,000+ in addition to 2,000,000+ jobs at present.


If you check customer service resume formats, you will understand that drafting a professional resume that overwhelms the employer is definitely not an easy job. However, if you study the latest resume success trends to sample formats and style of writing, it is possible to create a unique resume that impresses the manager right away.

Start by choosing a definite format to follow throughout the resume. Two formats to adhere your resume are chronological and functional. Chronological format refers to an organized format that lists your experiences based on a timescale while the functional format focuses on the personal accomplishments than professional feats, sans the timescale. For those with gaps in a resume, functional format fits the best!

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