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How to write a Banking Resume

A banking job requires a keen understanding of finance and bookkeeping. However, a banking job in today’s world does not necessarily limit itself to only dealing with finance. Banks provide their customers with a range of services. Their services not only include the safekeeping of their customer’s assets, but they also provide loans, insurance policies, financial advice and a host of other services. A job in the banking sector can make a lot of demands on the candidate. Someone looking for a banking job must possess personal skills and a good academic record in order to get selected into a banking institution. In the end, it all boils down to the interview and having a good banking resume.

Sometimes, being eligible for the job is not enough to get the job. A good resume can make a huge difference.  The candidate must do his research and create the best banking resume that will stand out amongst other resumes. When writing a banking resume, blindly following an existing resume template or just skimming through some sample resumes will not be enough to get an idea of what is necessary. It is vital to look into some examples of the latest banking resume in order to truly formulate a strategy to make a resume better than the industry standards.

Banking Resume Headline Examples

The headline of a good Banking resume must be able to pique the interest of a reader at a first glance. Since the field of banking is practical and technical, it is best to be direct and concise while framing a header. It is advisable to use professional terms that explain the prime characteristics of the applicant.

The title needs to set the tone for the whole resume. In order to keep it short and noteworthy at the same time, it is best to frame the title within a maximum of 10 words. Here are some Headline Examples:

  • Experience Accountant with over five years of experience
  • Auditor – finance with a keen eye for little details
  • Budget Accountant with over ten years of experience
  • Cost Accountant with a proven track record of success
  • Certified Management Graduate with all necessary certifications
  • Tax Auditor with a high profile clientele background
  • Senior Cost Accountant with in-depth knowledge of the Banking System
  • Customer Service Manager adept at handling customer profiles of all sizes
  • First-Class Graduate with experience in both Public and Private banks
  • Income Tax Adjuster with the best credentials

Banking Resume Career Objective Examples

The career objective portion of a resume should define the candidate’s nature as a person and his outlook on life. A well thought out objective statement may increase the likeliness of a candidate’s selection. These statements must also be true in nature. To figure out what is a good objective for a resume, one must introspect and try to be as honest as possible. A candidate looking for a Banking job can look into some Objective Samples and Objective Example portions of a good Banking resume. These Sample Career Objectives for banking resumes may help the candidate to some degree. Here are some Career Objective Examples that are usually received with appreciation in the banking sector:

    • Looking for the position of Audit Controller at *bank name*, where I can put to work my five years of experience as an audio controller.
    • Interested in the position of Income Tax Consultant in *bank name* in order for me to help the organization with my excellent skill set and also learn further from your organization.
    • Looking for the position of a Financial Auditor in your organization in order to expand my ten years of experience in previous organizations in both the private and public banking sectors.
    • Interested in the position of Tax Auditor in your company as I feel it is perfect to match my goal-oriented attitude along with my keen eye for Accounting statements and numbers.
    • Looking for the position of Financial Advisor where I can put to use my experience and skill set as a team worker and target achievement exercising my vast knowledge of financial risk management.

Banking Resume Summary Statement Examples

A summary statement in a resume intends to capture all the essentials of a candidate’s qualification. The qualities you mention in this portion of the resume must be matching the qualities that the organization which is hiring is looking for. The aim of the summary resume statement is to let the person who is reading it know the complete profile of the candidate. Since it is a profile statement, it is a must to keep it short. Hence it is paramount to mention the best quality suitable for the position along with character traits of the candidate and his or her experience in the field. Here are some examples:

    • 5 years as the Chief Financial Advisor of FSG Bank leading teams and building efficient strategies to improve the organization.
    • Highly professional, skilled and certified Chartered Accountant with efficient problem-solving skills and a keen interest in Accounts.
    • Project Manager with a proven success record in previous jobs, specializing in inefficient management and accounting skills.
    • Tax auditor with a vision to building more efficient ways of getting the job done by using my expert skills of bookkeeping and document analysis.
    • Insurance sales manager specializing in developing sales schemes that have proven to increase clientele of previous banks by over 25%.

How to write Experience Section in Banking Resume

This section of a resume calls for the listing of any relevant job experience. Listing down every job experience is not necessary, but you can include only the jobs relevant to Banking. A new graduate having no experience or only having a 1 year or 2 years of experience can list down in bullet points, any internship or apprenticeship under a financial organization. In order to boost up this portion, new graduates can include any volunteer work which they might have done. People who have accumulated work experience for over ten years are needed to list only the most prestigious and relevant jobs they have worked at. Here are the things that need to be mentioned in the work experience section of a resume –

The important factors to incorporate into this section of a banking resume are – what the candidate did at their previous workplaces, the skills they used and how they added value to their employers.

Action Words to use in Banking Resume

Action words or action verbs are the words that need to be used in a resume in order to animate the sentences which help in creating a better impression on the reader’s mind. Putting these words to use can make a CV more appealing. Here are some examples:
• administered
• analyzed
• appointed
• authored
• clarified
• collaborated
• explored
• extracted
• formulated
• gathered
• identified
• restored
• solved
• specialized
• standardized
• audited
• balanced
• calculated
• computed
• prepared
• processed
• provided
• purchased
• recorded
• registered
• reserved
• responded
• reviewed
• routed
• scheduled
• screened
• set up
• submitted
• supplied
• standardized
• systematized
• updated
• validated
• verified
Usage of these words in a banking resume is advisable.

How to present Skills Section in Banking Resume

The skill section of a resume is dedicated to showcasing the skills that a candidate possesses. Any key skill that has not already been mentioned in the resume should find place here. Here are some things to keep in mind when writing down the list of skills for a Banking resume.

  • Differentiate character trait from skills – Having a passion for work is not a key skill, it is a personality trait. Mentioning irrelevant information in this section is not beneficial.
  • Proof – backing up of mentioned skill sets is necessary to give the resume credibility. Just mentioning a skill set isn’t enough, providing validation or certification is necessary.
  • Do not mention, “Great with computers” or “proficient at Microsoft Word”. These skills are a norm and do not count as a skill.

It is better to keep in mind the job position in question while mentioning skill sets on a resume. You should mention the skills that are suited to the job.

How to write Banking Resume Achievements Section

Achievement section is to showcase the achievements of a candidate. These achievements may be small or big. Coming off as an achiever is what matters. It is a self-promoting tool aimed to elevate the image of the candidate in the eyes of the recruiter. Achievements in work places, roles fulfilled, accomplishments at educational institutes, and key achievements in the field of Banking are to be mentioned in this section. Highlighting any past event which resonated with the core competencies of a banking organization is important. Here are some examples:

  • Successfully maintained the office for 1 year saving 25% of the budget, earning employee of the year award
  • Led a team of financial advisors to an International summit and achieved second prize in the category, ‘’Best Banking outlook, year 2018”
  • Helped my Bank acquire over a 100 grade A accounts in just 2 years
  • Made my sales team grow by 10% despite recession
  • Saved my Bank over a million Dollars over the last 5 years through efficient financial advice

Banking Resume Responsibilities

This section is concerned with the responsibilities and roles that have been previously held by the candidate. It is important because it lets the employer know about the responsibilities and duties that the candidate can assume. The objective of this section is to prove to the employer that job roles held previously by the candidate make him the perfect choice for the job in question. It is important to mention achievements that are note-worthy. Here are some examples on how to write a proper Banking resume responsibility section:

  • Consistently achieved 100% targets delivering every job on time
  • Generated over 1000 leads over the period of two years making my organization earn an unexpected profit of 2,00,000 rupees by the end of two financial years
  • Worked extra shifts for two months in order to ensure customer satisfaction and upholding my organization’s goodwill during the period of financial crisis
  • Led my team of associates into acquiring over 100 accounts in the period of just six months increasing my bank’s growth rate by 11%
  • Led an overseas project which considerably increased my bank’s global appeal

Banking Resume Writing Tips

Recruiters take less than a minute to judge a resume. To catch their eyes in a matter of minutes, the resume must not only fulfill every academic and work-related eligibility, but it should also introduce the candidate to the recruiter at a human level. After following numerous guidelines and incorporating all factors, not showing a human side may cost a candidate the job. These factors too are highly important in making a resume:

Banking Career Prospects in the Industry

The number of jobs in the banking sector is all set to increase in leaps and bounds over the next five years. With most developing countries still trapped in the clutches of a rural system, banking sectors are set to expand their reach into such areas liberating millions of underprivileged people with banking services. Countries that are already developed too have quite a lot of scope for aggressive expansion in the field of Banking. This is due to technological shifts. With new technology racing in, the need for efficient workers who are adept in both technological up-gradation and financial knowledge is rising.

Despite the efforts of making all banking services automated, the demand for efficient workers has steadily grown. This is due to the fact that new technology needs expert handling. The future of students looking to enter the field of banking services is very bright as globally the requirement of such professionals is set to increase.


Resumes play an integral part in the modern world. They serve as the key to pathways of job security and personal glory. In this day and age of cut throat competition it is necessary to always stay a step ahead. Having the right resume containing all the aforementioned factors is vital to be considered for a job in a big company.

Resumes serve not only as a document full of an applicant’s information, they mark the first meeting between the employer and potential employee. A good resume can prove to be the foundation of a long and healthy relationship between the two.

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