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How to write a Finance Resume

The field of finance is broad and so are the occupations pertaining to it. A financial job holder must have academic certifications and professional accolades in finance-related occupations such as Analyst, Advisor, Advocate, Administrator and so on. If you want to steer your finance career ahead, an upgraded professional resume is mandatory.

The first step to drafting a commanding resume is by assessing the variety of professional resume samples available online on finance. Spanning from tone to format, style and mistakes, sample resumes can teach you many tweaks to portray a brilliant finance profile in the eye of the recruiter.

Assessing sample resume templates can enlighten you on the correct ways of writing your achievements and educational qualifications to help the recruiters cite it easily in a resume.

Sift through multiple finance resume samples before finalizing an attractive format or style as you must draft a unique resume. Remember that your resume must bore into the eyes of the manager to portray a professional and attractive profile to the employer.

Finance Resume Headline Examples

Title or Header of a Resume is the resume headline consisting of a concise phrase that surfaces your pivotal professional skills and values that make you the best candidate for the job offered. Professional resume samples teach clever ways to shrink your professional skills like a pro to instantly captivate the recruiter.

The latest finance resume samples advocate that you must place your resume title or header on top of the resume, right beneath the identity and contact information. Resume Headline examples are best for people with extensive experience in the field of finance.

  • Dedicated Financial Advisor with Professional Experience of 15+ Years as Personal Advisor for Sunlight Group of Companies and 3+ Years for Birla Sons
  • 12+ Years Experienced Finance Analyst with Award-Winning Paper on Modern Terminology of Profitable Finance
  • Adept Finance Auditor with a Keen Eye for Risk Assessments and Innovative Solutions
  • Conceptual Finance Professor with Honorary Mentions, Three Nationally Accredited Academic Papers and Dual Doctorate in Finance
  • Accomplished Finance Examiner with 5+ Years of Public Service and 4+ Years of Federal Auditing
  • Result-Oriented Accounting Consultant with 12+ Years of Providing Service to Tata Motors
  • Amiable and Organized Finance Manager with a Proven Track Record of Delivering Goals for Three International Diamond Companies
  • Enthusiastic Loan Officer with Excellent People Skills and Degree in Mutual Funds, Financial Planning and Bank Security Issues
  • Versatile Financial Manager with 6+ Years in E-Commerce and Passion for thriving under Pressure
  • Renowned Financial Advisor part of the National Economics Committee and dual Winner of the Top Financial Advisor of the Year Award 2000

Finance Resume Career Objective Examples

Career objectives in a professional resume must be customized until it contours to the needs of the employer. A good resume objective is a customized sentence that traces your career achievements and portrays you as the best person for the employer’s professional needs.

You must go through diverse finance resumes in your field to learn the professional tone of furnishing your objectives in a resume. Simply put, a resume objective must not be a request to hire you, but proof of how your exceptional skills can benefit the employer magnanimously if they hire you.

    • Experienced Financial Advisor with extensive experience in Financial Planning, Risk Assessment, Sales Proficiency, Marketing and Wealth Planning aspiring to leverage the practical experience
    • Strategic Financial Analyst with 9+ Years of Success in Reporting, Management, and Risk Assessment. Result-oriented finance professional with experience in budget reporting looking to join InsuranceLife as Budget Report Team Leader
    • Energetic Merit-Roll Finance Graduate and Internship Experience of 1+ Years in ALICE Bank seeking the post of Accounting Clerk at Saharan Bank
    • Motivated Finance Manager with Extensive Experience in Documenting, Analysis, Forecast, and Consultancy
    • Detail-Oriented Treasurer with a Sharp eye for Accuracy and Analytical Expertise. Passionate about optimizing processes for the Business Startup BankEDU

Finance Resume Summary Statement Examples

The summary statement in a finance-based resume is the synopsis of your certifications, accolades and factual achievements specified ahead in the resume. Your summary claim must magnetize the recruiter and pull him to assess your complete CV right away.

The profile statement is the first opportunity to technically impress your manager. The purpose of a bold summary statement is to prove your professional worth to outmaneuver the rest of the candidates. An ideal profile statement must be well-researched such as the below finance resume examples

    • Accomplished and Adept Senior Financial Analyst with hands-on experience in budgeting, Forecasting, Risk Management, and Strategic Analysis and 8+ Years of Working as Chief Financial Analyst for BBC LLC.
    • Superior Capability to Assess Multiple Project and Risk Assessment Duties and 10+ Years of Experience as an Accountant for Satin Group of Companies. Aspiring to apply the modern financial expertise for local businesses
    • Target-driven Financial Writer with a Proven Record of Writing in International Finance Magazines and three National Dailies seeking to collaborate with National Journals as the Head Content Writer
    • Skilled Finance Manager with skills to catalyze profitability and efficiency of technical analysis. Seeking the position of Finance Chief at BSI to apply innovative solutions in data trending, budget forecast, and SOX Compliance
    • Multi-faceted Finance Administrator with Versatile experience of 2+ Years in being Branch Manager for Central Bank of India and Tata Corporations seeking the Financial Head at BTC Ltd.

How to write Experience Section in Finance Resume

The backbone of your finance-based resume is the experience section. This is where you establish how indispensable you can prove to the employer’s needs by orderly arranging your achievements from the past job history. Remember to stick to the latest finance resume sample format of using concise bullet points to condense your job experiences from the past.

When mentioning your previous employers, it is important to provide accurate and well-furnished data to ease and simultaneously impress the reader. You must include the nature of your past employers, financial worth and contact of the company alongside the duration of work experience. Another important tip for writing a professional resume is balancing your job descriptions. Avoid jobs prior to 10 years as recruiters ignore the same due to the humungous technological gap. Listing vital job roles and responsibilities relevant to the job before ten years is good if you condense it into brief bullet points.

Another important focus of recruiters is on your creative quotient when resolving finance-related queries or problems. According to finance resume samples, including phrased anecdotes of how you technically saved money for your past employers is magnetic to hiring managers. Include your expertise in financial risk management by quoting the technical accolades from your past as a finance expert.

Action Verbs to use in Finance Resume

  1. Audit
  2. Collect
  3. Assess
  4. Develop
  5. Examine
  6. Identify
  7. Monitor
  8. Improve
  9. Document
  10. Plan
  11. Execute
  12. Investigate
  13. Track
  14. Coordinate
  15. Review

How to present the Skills Section in Finance Resume

In the field of finance, technical skills can rocket your resume straight to the interview room. Technical skills such as specialization in computer skills and innovative financing methodologies cleverly outwit the other candidates.

In finance, your key skills can vary based on your academic and professional history. Based on sample finance resumes, pick the pivotal skills sought by your employer. Ranging from the software you’ve worked with, to specific advanced courses, there are many ways to make the hiring manager see you’re over-qualified for the job.

Remember to list your computer skills by mentioning software separately in bullet points. You can include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Tally, JAVA, WordPress, Microsoft Money, Qapital, MoneyDance and Oracle to sparkle your professional finance resume.

Finance Resume Achievements Examples

The motive of evaluating the achievements section in a finance associated resume is to check your technical prowess in the profession. You need to pinpoint the right technical responsibilities and skills sought by the employer through your achievements. Acquired professional or technical skills in your past jobs refer to achievements in a professional finance resume.

You must refer to the value and accomplishments from sample finance resumes for deciding on the right format to highlight your personal goal achievements.  As a rule of thumb, references and certifications are restricted to a separate page than cramming into the resume achievements.

How to write Education Section in Finance Resume

The education section is the soul of your professional resume.  Hiring managers are looking for competent finance professionals who can complete the finance-based jobs with superior skills. If you want to prove that you are an expert in finance, you need to furnish your technical background in finance through academic excellence.

Spanning from GPA scores to your individual accomplishments on international to cluster-level exams, portray a sturdy education section that is rooted in finance. If you were an honor-roll student during your academic journey, mention it clearly in this section.

Finance Resume Writing Tips

The essential guidelines for writing cutting-edge CV spruces from the assessment you learn after scanning multiple finance resume samples. These tips will help you create a good finance-based resume in no time:

Career Prospects in the Finance Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, occupations pertaining to finance include Finance Analyst, Manager, Advisor, Examiner, Accountant, Auditor, and Clerk. BLS claims the current wage of Finance position holders in the range of $50,000 to $97,000 per annum.

Bureau of Labor Statistics also projects a growth of 8% in the finance category until 2024. For each finance job sector, the estimated growth rate differs where the core occupations are expected

  • Finance Analysts: 12%
  • Finance Manager: 7%
  • Financial Advisor: 30%

If you’re smart with a calculative mind and a keen eye for progress, you can succeed in finance as the entry-level positions require no more than a bachelor’s degree according to finance resume samples. Promising increasing job prospects by the passing hour, finance is a field that ensures endless opportunities and remunerations for new and experienced finance professionals.

Out of the best finance-related jobs, the highest-earning occupation is that of Personal Financial Advisors, Examiners and Analysts. A good resume is a stepping stone to success as senior finance experts have unlimited opportunities to earn big.


The best way to write attractive professional finance resumes that grips your recruiter is by introspection and quest for detail. It is necessary to understand there are many ways of writing a good resume. However, your objective is to write a great resume that impresses the recruiter and outwits other candidates.

After comprehending the diverse formats and styles of professional resume from sample finance resumes, you must stick to one unchanging format throughout the curriculum vitae.

The two formats as seen in examples of finance-based resumes are chronological and functional. Chronological format lists the achievements, skills or points in your resume with respect to the time you’ve worked. The functional format is best for people with gaps in your resume. It uplifts your personal achievements over professional achievements without a time scale.

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