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How to write an Accounting Resume

As mankind is indebted to Money and its tricky ways of Management, accounting is an ephemeral occupation that will remain until the end of humanity. The same is why, as an accountant must always be up-to-date with the trends and styles of writing to create an attractive and exceptional resume that befits the needs of your employer simultaneously outwitting the other candidates.

Your first task to create a high-quality resume is collecting diverse Accounting Resume samples available in 2018. Sample resumes will teach you the right way to furnish personal and professional details in a resume as well as impress the hiring manager with the style, format, tone, and focus of your CV. Another important lesson to pick up from resume samples is smart detours to avoid committing common newbie errors in your professional resume.

An upgraded resume is imperative if you want to advance in your Accounting Career because everyday styles and formatting trend of resumes as well as preferences keep varying. Your motive in resume writing must aim to create a unique profile, which contours to your career graph and fits your technical skills as indispensable traits for the recruiters.

Accounting Resume Headline Examples

The Title or Header in a resume refers to a condensed phrase that lists your exceptional skills, relevant to the job duties sought by the hiring manager. An ideal resume header impresses the reader right away by briefing multiple professional accomplishments in one introductory phrase.

Located first on the resume-page, your headline must be placed on top of the CV, underneath your identity and contact information. Candidates with vast experience in accounting can make use of the header examples from Accounting Resume samples to create a lasting first impression on the manager.

  • Enthusiastic and Hard Working Accounting Graduate with dual Degrees in Banking and Insurance
  • Renowned Certified Public Accountant with a Proven Record of Strategic and Innovative Accounting Implementations in Banking Sector
  • Motivated Senior Accountant with 15+ Years Expertise as Chief Accountant in Real Estate, Banking and Legal Firms
  • Honor-Roll Accounting Professor with 7+ Years of Tutoring Experience in Politics, Law, Banking, Business and Insurance
  • Detail-oriented Accounting Professional with 22+ Years Experience in Banking, Real Estate, Resource Management, Budget Forecasting, Law, Insurance and Import-Export Policies
  • Versatile Accounting Consultant with Proven Record of 100% accuracy in Textile, E-Commerce and Business
  • Dedicated Accountant with Honor-Roll academics and Specialization in Law with a Paper Published in National Economics Magazine
  • Bi-Lingual Accounting Graduate with 2+ Year Internship Experience as Assistant Accountant in WaImart Chain of Supermarkets
  • Adept Accounting Specialist proficient in Documentation, Resource Management and Budget Forecast with 3+ Years Industry Experience
  • Confident and Competent Accountant with 9+ Years of Experience in Digital Accounting Software and Honorable Accounting Mentions

Accounting Resume Career Objective Examples

The career objective in an Accounting Resume refers to a customized statement that outlays your entire career and its achievements, best applicable to the responsibilities sought by the employer. An ideal career objective in an accountant resume must be clear, direct, bold and tailored for the job offered.

Career objective in a resume is the first impression of your professional competencies. It chronicles your technical foundation in accounting by referring to transferable skills from past duties and responsibilities. Additionally, you must also add specific future goals beneficial to the company you’re applying to work with.

    • Accomplished Senior Accountant with fifteen years of managing finances of Global Food Franchises seeking opportunities join Dyna World Shoppe as the Accountant Chief
    • To leverage my post graduation and meritorious academic excellence in Banking and Law for Managing, Assessing and Improving the Financial Worth of Farmers United
    • Multi-faceted Accountant with 5+ Years of Experience in Central Bank seeking opportunity with Global Bank as the Chief Accountant to Apply Dual-Masters in Banking Policies
    • To obtain the role of Accounting Consultant for Maharaja Mills for applying extensive expertise in Documenting, Monitoring, Evaluating and Improving the Financial Status of the Company
    • Target-Driver Accountant Adept in Auditing and Resolving Financial Architectures of businesses seeking a position with EYEME Mutual Funds for Applying Innovative Accounting Skills

Accounting Resume Summary Statement Examples

Your profile statement is a brief glimpse of what the hiring manger will find ahead in your resume. Hiring managers sift through many resumes to pick a handful of candidates that best fit the job needs. In order to fit your employers’ profile, you must assess and highlight technical values that make you an expert-fit for the job.

The motive of a summary statement in a CV is to captivate the attention of the manager using enticing technical terminologies or technemes. Moreover, a resume with generic vocabulary compels the reader to skip ahead sooner than later as you can see in Accounting Resume samples. On the other hand, if you write an enticing profile statement, the recruiter will impress enough to individually scan through your complete CV ASAP!

    • Commanding Senior Accountant with a Track Record of Assessing, Processing and Correcting Permits, Passes and Certifications for Import-Export Businesses
    • Enthusiastic Accountant Graduate seeking internship opportunities with Local Banks to apply postgraduate specialization in banking
    • To leverage my meritorious academic excellence as a Banking Degree Gold Medalist for the United Nations Charity Bank for empowering to poor and minority strata of the world
    • Hardworking Accounting Expert with a Track Record of 100% Risk Free Financial Forecasting and In-Dept Auditing Experience seeking opportunities to raise the standard accounting in local business firms
    • To obtain the position of Accounting Chief improvise internal financial operations and modus operandi of resource management of local growing firm

How to write Experience Section in Accounting Resume

The key for writing a lucrative experience section that startles and overwhelms your employer is by using specific keywords to highlight your expertise in benefitting the company when compared to other candidates. The error-free way of writing a professional quality experience section in an accountant resume is by using bulleted points with condensed technical terminology that refers to your exceptional past work experiences.

Recruiters rummaging through your portfolio find it impressive when candidates describe previous employers with the Net Worth and Nature of the business, in addition to the time or year worked. If you are a person with missing years in your job history, skipping the timescale on all points can make your CV professional. Another important advice is to avoid listing jobs completed prior to ten years and before in your work history. As the technological gap between then and now is telescopic, it is wise to leave out older work history as advocated by Accounting Resume samples. However, you must list meritorious work experiences even prior to a decade, by using constricted phrases that trigger interview questions later.

Next most important part of the experience section in any resume is the technical creativity established by referring to past job history. Mentioning multi-tasking operations that saved your past employers hundreds and thousands of dollars as an accountant will establish your technical efficiency to the hiring manager. You may also want to add your expert skills of documentation, risk assessment and growth rate analysis to emphasize your professional prowess as the best fit for the job.

Action Verbs to use in Accounting Resume

Your unique way of using the right action words in your CV after checking diverse accounting resumes samples gives professional weight to your profile. Prominent accounting profile action words to systematically use in your resume are

  • Audited
  • Developed
  • Modeled
  • Negotiated
  • Reduced
  • Optimized
  • Reconciled
  • Coordinated
  • Calculated
  • Researched
  • Monitored
  • Processed
  • Analyzed
  • Compiled
  • Evaluated
  • Collaborated
  • Forecast

How to present the Skills Section in Accounting Resume

Core professional skills valued in an accounting resume are the technical mastery of the candidate accomplished over the industrial experience in accounting. These are the skills that will hoist your resume when other candidate resumes are compared with yours by the hiring committee.

From computer skills to software, applications, and other aptitude-relevant techniques, there are many accounting skills that add professional value to a resume. It is recommended that you list software that you know individually in bulleted points than cramming it together into one point. Key computer skills prominently seen in the latest accounting resume samples are Oracle, Quickbooks, Accurants, Microsoft Dynamics, MS Excel, Wave, Sage 50 and SlickPie. To the hiring manager, your computer skills will shine a light on your exceptional dedication, passion, and expertise in Accounting.

Accounting Resume Achievements Examples

The core feats achieved by a candidate with exclusive technical reference to the profits you added to the past employers impress the recruiter. Hiring managers are looking for technical job experiences to filter professional accountants who can add value to their business.

To highlight your important professional achievements in past jobs, organize the points in condensed phrases or sentences than being lengthy. It is wise to restrict the references and recommendations to a separate page according to Accounting Resume samples.

How to write Education Section in Accounting Resume

It is universal that, sound education builds sound professionals and that rule holds fast in the field of accounting as well.

For fresh accountant graduates, the education section must be placed above the achievements section in the resume as you’re new to the accounting industry. For seasoned accountants with vast experience, a brief mention of the education with the name of the college or university with GPA or SAT scores will suffice in the accountant resume.

For those with magna cum laude honors, you must list the institution and timescale of your education to emphasize your technical proficiency in accounting. This is the best section to list your extracurricular activities related to accounting during your school and college education as well.

Accounting Resume Writing Tips

Accounting Career Prospects in the Industry

Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a stark increase of job rates by 13% until 2024 when evaluated with other occupations prevalent today. BLS also claims that accountants earn a salary between $30,000 per annum to $90,000 per annum with the faster average growth rate amongst competent occupations.

According to Accounting Career Forecast, people with fresh bachelor’s degree fits entry level posts, while executive positions are a tailored fit for accountants with seniority or honorable experience.


If you’re feeling tense to begin writing your accountant resume, start by picking the format of your resume first. You must choose one of the two formats that best fits your resume – chronological or functional formats. Former type lists your achievements and feats in a time-based order while the latter focuses on your personal feats than professional glories without any timescale. According to Accounting Resume samples 2018, the former format is ideal for accountants with seniority, while the latter fits accountants with gaps in their resumes.

Good Luck!

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