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How to write a Hospitality Resume

Hospitality is a growing industry that consists of many attractive job offers for professionals with technical, social and creative skills. If you’re hunting for a credible job in the hospitality sector, make use of our instructional guidance and hospitality resume samples to write an enticing and credible resume without professional help.

Resume sample models are beneficial for teaching varied formats, graphics and vocabulary to use in a winning resume. Moreover, example resume formats also teach perceptive ways to include and avoid important or sensitive details when authoring the resume on your own. If this is your first time attempting to write an official hospitality resume, it is best to seek the assistance of resume samples to help you on how to list your professional and personal certifications or publications in the profile at first.

It is important to customize your resume to fit the job application you’re applying to, as every resume is scanned for but a few seconds for precise skills and technical accomplishments applicable to the job. A fitting format and design make the resume document easy to scan and find exceptional skills and technical accolades. Ultimately, your motive is to draft a trendy, concise and lucid resume that highlights your candidacy to the recruiter.

Hospitality Resume Headline Examples

Resume title or header of a resume refers to the short phrase that lists your total industrial experience and technical value as an aspirant. Set beneath the contact information and name of the candidate, Resume Headline must be catchy to captivate the attention of the hiring manager.

Hospitality resume headers are best suitable for candidates with immense work experience in their past. The motive of a resume headline is to instantly woo the reader. It allows you to condense multiple technical skills into one title that establishes your superlative value as an applicant for the job.

  • Versatile Front Desk Clerk with an Experience of 5+ Years Experience as International Hotel Staff
  • Creative Sous Chef with Proficient in Menu Designing and Cooking Experience of 7+ Years
  • Experienced and Energetic Receptionist with 11+ Years of Expertise and Degree in Hospitality Management
  • Soft-Spoken Waiter cum Continental Chef Experienced in Thriving Under Pressure
  • Adept Bellman Efficient in conflict resolution, interpersonal skills and luggage transport since 8+ Years
  • Bi-Lingual Barista Proficient in Managing and Operating Coffee Bars without Help from 11 Years
  • Remarkable Maintenance Janitor with 6+ Years Experience in Housekeeping, Plumbing, Roofing and Carpentry
  • Detail-Oriented Housekeeping Staff Experienced in Residential Cleaning Services
  • Strong and Organized Bartender with 7+ Years Expertise Catering to Diverse Varieties of Customers
  • Army Veteran Driver with National and International Driving License

Hospitality Resume Career Objective Examples

Popular Career Objective Examples in Hospitality Resume advocate candidates to be brief, clear and unique while pitching their candidacy. Your resume objective must be well-structured to outline your career graph as a perfect fit for the responsibilities requested by the recruiter.

In short, an ideal career objective in a resume must not be generic or broad, but specific and relevant to the job you’re applying to. Writing a bold career objective that contours to the other sections are a smart way to impress the hiring manager.

    • Multifaceted Front Office Clerk with efficient Customer Service Skills, Communication Skills and Time Management aspiring to join Blue Orchid Hotels
    • To leverage my industrial experience of five years as a Chef in Offshore Hotels and cooking expertise of Multilevel Cuisines by offering by services for Thali National Restaurant
    • Accomplished Housekeeper Assistant with International Standards in Buffing, Dusting, Cleaning and Multitasking skills to join Latha Group of Hotels for improving the Housekeeping Standards
    • To obtain the position of Concierge to apply my dual degrees in Hospitality and Communicative Literature using Skills of Customer Service and Leadership
    • Versatile Barista Experienced in Roasting, Sourcing, Extraction and Many Other Exclusive Brewing Techniques aspiring to improve and collaborate with Café Coffee Day as the Head Barista

Hospitality Resume Summary Statement Examples

Profile Statement in an official resume refers to a brief list of your professional credentials furnished ahead in the resume. The aim of the summary statement is to specifically establish your candidature by impressing the hiring manager steadfast!

A good summary statement refers to quantified achievements and technical skills that prove your candidacy. Experts recommend writing a formidable and audacious summary statement for the hospitality resume to keep the reader glued to your profile.

    • Versatile Bartender proficient in Brewing Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic Drinks with Record Speed aspiring to join local pubs, clubs or bars
    • Energetic and Friendly Janitor Experienced in Washing, Waxing, Cleaning, Roofing, Plumbing, and Welding looking for opportunities with local Hotels to prove the ability to Multitask
    • To leverage my position as a Waiter by applying charming skills of serving meals and resolving complaints with flair. Seeking to join local hotels as the Waitress to apply my Degree in Hotel Management
    • Goal-Driven Catering Manager with Extensive Experience in Procuring Supplies, Managing Chefs and Waiters seeking opportunities to apply innovating Catering Tactics that Enhanced Sales of Past Employers by 25%
    • To obtain the position of Front Desk Clerk by applying my expertise in ResNexus and Booking Aggregators to improve the internal relations and sales of local businesses

How to write Experience Section in Hospitality Resume

Considered the centripetal force that decides the future of your resume, the Experience section provides the highest gradable values to hiring managers in a professional resume. To make an excellent experience section in a hospitality resume, candidates must begin by corroborating applicable job history with respect to the current job position. To establish your superlative candidacy, you must use bulleted points to condense lengthy paragraphs and avoid clutter in the resume.

It is important to smartly arrange your experience section to ease the scanning process of hiring managers and ATS software by elaborating on relevant work experience. You must mention the Name of your past Employers in bulleted points alongside their Financial Authority, Size of the Company, Net Worth, Nature of the Business and Timescale that you worked for. Candidates must avoid mentioning job history prior to ten years as technology has had a mushroom growth since then affecting the responsibilities of a hospitality worker. If you must mention jobs before ten years, it is best to condense well.

Recruiters are searching for candidates with a proven record of creative skills in resolving hospitality issues by referring to past duties and accomplishments. Managers want hospitality professionals who can organize and improve the processes to save or profit the company in monetary ways. For example, your ability to cut costs by managing Welcome Greetings or Training Staff for the Guests in addition to being a Receptionist is impressive on a Hospitality Resume. Don’t forget to add yours ability to document, Management and Calculative Analysis that saved your previous employer huge sums during vulnerable situations.

Action Verbs to use in Hospitality Resume

Powerful verbs that increase or advocate your expertise as a professional are used at the beginning of the work experience to establish your candidature. After assessing prominent Hospitality resume samples, we have found the following a good addition to Hospitality-based resumes.

  1. Maintain
  2. Register
  3. Assist
  4. Train
  5. Demonstrate
  6. Evaluate
  7. Inspect
  8. Approve
  9. Focus
  10. Deliver
  11. Facilitate
  12. Resolve
  13. Collaborate
  14. Negotiate
  15. Coordinate

How to present the Skills Section in Hospitality Resume

Technical skills that make you stand out as a candidate is listed in the Skills Section of a hospitality Resume. Candidates must remember that Hiring Managers go through hundreds of profiles every day before selecting the right ones to call for an interview. In order to impress the manager in the skills section, use unique and relevant skills that elaborate your technical proficiencies as a candidate.

For a hospitality resume, it is best to include traits such as Customer Service or Teamwork to improve the chances of hiring. Candidates must list their computer skills individually in bulleted points in this section. We assessed popular hospitality resumes to find computer application skills or deftness as software such as Basecamp, Teamviewer, Evernote, MS Word, MS Excel, OPERA Property, Hotelogix, eZee, and Frontdesk Anywhere. Your technical awareness in OPERA Property will enlighten the recruiter on your deftness in housekeeping and multi-property management skills.

Hospitality Resume Achievements Examples

Hiring Managers and ATS robots scan endless resumes to find precise skills and accomplishments that the company requires. Core achievements on a resume relevant to the job constitute technical achievements that give you an edge against the contenders by using specific technical keywords.

Candidates must actively filter and eliminate clutter from the achievement section of the hospitality resume by using the popular technique of PEC or Problem Effort and Consequence method where you divide each achievement to demonstrate the problem you resolved using technical skills by elaborating the results you achieved.

As a rule of thumb, it is best to avoid listing your reference or recommendation letters in this section to avoid clutter and haphazard formatting.

How to write Education Section in Hospitality Resume

Your educational qualifications determine if you’re the right fit for a position. Hence, employers need to see your most relevant and highest academic qualifications that can prove your technical background in Hospitality.

Recruiters want employees who are trained by colleges and institutes so that selective training programs don’t turn out to be tough for newbies. According to experts, the general rule of educational section formatting in a hospitality resume is by beginning the section with your highest achieved degree such as Magna Cum Laude. It is best to specify the name of the educational institution or college you attended in addition to your GPA score, specialization and timescale that you attended, to leave no doubts in the profile.

Candidates with negative academic history must avoid listing the timescale on the resume to prevent raising red flags at the hiring desk.

Hospitality Resume Writing Tips

Your resume is not complete until it is 100% error-free. To ensure that your hospitality resume is flawless, we have combined the best tips to revamp your resume and to ensure that you attain the dream job.

Career Prospects in the Hospitality Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Hospitality is a service-based industry that is best for candidates with a formal degree as their educational qualification. BLS claims that candidates with Leisure and Hospitality Resumes expect the highest growth rate of up to 27% when compared with other jobs.

Some prominent jobs in Hospitality for candidates with primal degrees are Catering Manager, Hotel Manager, Event Host, Housekeeping Staff, Chef, and many more lucrative opportunities. Bureau of Labor Statistics asserts that hospitality employees receive an annual salary that spans from $10,000 to $50,000, based on your qualifications and the business you work in.


It is ideal to begin your resume writing process by choosing a consistent format to follow throughout your resume after assessing hospitality resume samples. Important resume formats to choose from are Chronological, Functional and Combination types.

The chronological format is best recommended for candidates with extensive experience as it focuses on work experiences with a timestamp that emphasizes your expertise as a professional. A functional resume is best for aspirants with employment gaps as it lists the skills and achievements of the candidate sans the timescale. A hybrid resume combines the pros of both chronological and functional resume to highlight your best attributes for the job.

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