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How to write a Sales Resume

A salesperson is the key member of a company who brings the products to its customers. The same is why; there are numerous job opportunities in diverse sales categories in most careers today. Making leaps in the Sales career is tough if you lack a professional resume that projects your exceptional skills relevant to the job. To grab the recruiter’s attention, start by collecting Sales Resume Samples from across the web and comparing your resume with it.

Once you are acquainted with what to include and avoid in a professional resume as a salesperson, formatting and tuning it to the correct format is easy.  Resume Samples gives you a lucid idea of where, when and how to include your professional achievements with meritorious academic accolades appropriately. Good resume samples can also shine a light on the common misnomers in furnishing your credentials in a professional resume.

Our instructional guidance on each section of the resume will help you avoid the common mistakes of resume writing, in addition to drafting a flawless and attractive salesperson resume with ease.

Sales Resume Headline Examples

The title of a Sales Resume should consist of a compact and self-explanatory phrase that lists your groundbreaking professional skills alongside its use and relevance to the company you’re applying for.  The resume headline must be placed on top of the resume beneath the name, designation and contact of the candidate as you will note in the Sales Resume Samples.

To make the most out of a Resume Headline, you must have an elaborate work history as well as experience. A good resume title helps to shrink your professional anecdotes to impress the recruiter by listing the indispensable skills also useful to the company.

  • Accomplished Sales Representative with 5+ Years of innovative Online and Offline Viral Marketing Experience
  • Deadline-driven Salesperson with 9+ Years in Retail Marketing who excels under high-pressure
  • Goal-Oriented Salesperson with 4 Awards of excellent customer service practices
  • A meritorious business student with the academic experience of tutoring Modern Viral Marketing and Sales
  • Offers 10+ years of diverse Sales including Machines, Automobiles, and Supermarkets
  • 5+ Years of Commanding Experience in Successfully Running Viral Campaigns such as mention campaign name
  • Successful Sales Specialist with dual degrees and practical experience of growing a nation e-commerce chain
  • An honor-roll student proficient in direct sales, communication and customer support services with 3+ years of competitive experience
  • Bi-lingual Merit student with practical experience of leading campaigns for restaurants, bookstalls, and supermarket moguls
  • People-friendly Sales Executive with a knack for meeting Sales Targets without fail and 3+ Years of Practical Experience

Sales Resume Career Objective Examples

The objective of a resume is a concise and short statement that streamlines your career goals and achievements by keeping a focus on how you will benefit the company specifically. An ideal resume objective must answer the needs of the employer using professional skills you have acquired in the past. In short, you can see from the sample sales resume objective that it must be thoroughly edited to fit the job position you’re offered.

Employers are looking for candidates who can use their technical prowess of sales to create viral sales and growth of the company. Draft a resume career objective that explains to the recruiter in brief, how you plan to grow the sales of the company you’re offered a position with.

    • Innovative Sales Specialist with a keen eye for progress aspiring to join mention company name for the post of Sales Executive to exercise the knowledge of Digital Marketing and Continuous Growth
    • Accomplished Jewelry Sales Professional with 5+ years experience in online and offline marketing of Fine Jewelry seeking sales executive position to leverage the growth of diamond geezers
    • Multi-faceted Sales Head with experience of Managing, Organizing and Meeting Client-Demands aspiring the senior sales position at mention company name
    • Dedicated Sales Executive with a degree in communication aspiring to join mention company name as a Sales Trainee to apply the honor-roll academic innovations
    • To obtain the role of Sales Head in the mention company name to apply the meritorious academic and internship experience of innovating sales strategies

Sales Resume Summary Statement Examples

The simplest trick to write an appealing summary statement in your resume is by condensing the relevant certifications and factual references from past employers. The goal of a summary statement is to captivate the recruiter by emphasizing on your professional sales skills most important to the company. In fact, check the sample sales resume and edit a resume summary statement to make it an answer to the skills sought by the recruiter.

The advantage of writing a bewitching profile statement is making the recruiter believe emphatically in your professional skills and hence, scan the rest of the sales-related resume instantly too.

    • Efficient, Charismatic and Competent Sales Executive with Commanding experiences in leading viral online and offline campaigns for the growth of local and organic products aspiring to improve sales for small businesses
    • Accredited Salesperson of the Year for meeting 100% goals within the minimum window. Detail-Oriented Sales Professional with excellent communication skills and a proven record of progress, aspiring to grow the profit ratios of the mention company name
    • Proficient Orator with Meritorious Academic Value in Sales and Marketing to improve the profit graph of small local businesses by improving local business presence
    • Proficient Sales Expert with vast experience in meeting tough targets for improving Organization, Management and Growth Graph of New Start-Ups
    • Motivated Sales Head with Practical experience of applying modern business solutions to cut risk and renovate small business using Upsell warranties, revenue solutions, and profit accountability

How to write Experience Section in Sales Resume

The heaviest fact that will weigh down on your recruiter’s notepad is the experience section in your Sales-based resume.  The work experience you see in the sample sale resume proves your value to the company. Hence, you must list the skills and responsibilities learned and evolved during the same time. It is recommended to use bulleted points than lengthy job descriptions to keep a classic format. Most recruiters scan through the work first because the experience section is the spine of your resume and a good sample resume teaches you how to write effectively.

A golden point to crack the interview with your recruiter is by penning your professional creativity into the resume without losing clarity or attention of the manager. Recruiters are hunting for creative sales executives who can cleverly lead teams to meet target numbers or support customer service to boost the profit target of the company. In short, your ability to magnetize people into interesting conversations or implement changes in radical teams will prove of great help to your company.

Spanning from describing your previous employer’s financial reach, goals, and worth to contact information, there are many enticing points that make a unique sales resume.  Adding your past employers in chronological order is a smart trick to collapse gaps in a resume.

Yet another important point to making an attractive and uniquely valuable experience section for salespersons is eliminating the work experience before 15-20 years. The sales tactics have undergone herculean changes in the last few decades and hence, list your work experience in the recent decade.

Action Verbs to use in Sales Resume

  1. Negotiate
  2. Trigger
  3. Assist
  4. Maintain
  5. Improve
  6. Organize
  7. Support
  8. Assess
  9. Troubleshoot
  10. Communicate
  11. Demonstrate
  12. Convert
  13. Arrange
  14. Develop
  15. Grow

How to present Skills Section in Sales Resume

It is your technical skills section in the resume that outsmarts the other candidates. The technical skills of salespeople include superior office skills and computer software you have used in transforming sales for your previous employers. If you have proficiency in presenting new sales pitches via digital marketing or Microsoft Office, recruiters will buy your computer skills as an added bonus.

There are many sales-specific software and computer applications that brighten the eyes of your manager. A salesperson’s resume must be always ready to pitch the product and few useful mobile applications for doing so are Evernote, Dragon Recorder, CamCard, Mobile CRM, Square and Close the Sale. For scheduling appointments to organizing data for presentations, there are many useful software for salespeople today. Listing software you’re proficient in is a smart idea if it is relevant to the job as you can see in samples sales resume. Hiring managers love seeing software such as Microsoft Office, Appointed, Brand24, Streak, Hubspot, and Grammarly.

How to Write Achievements In Sales Resume

Recruiters rummage through many resumes each day to find technical skills and expertise relevant to the company you’re offered to work with. If the company you’ve applied for is a jewelry store, your proficiency in working with 4 Cs of Diamonds in the past, can boost the impact of your profile as you can see from sales resume samples!

In short, mention feats that you have acquired working for past employers, which can benefit the sales of your recruiter after checking multiple resume samples. Choose another page for references and certifications you claim to have.

How to write Education Section in Sales Resume

Academic qualifications are important for recruiters to analyze your aptitude and literacy. As a salesperson must have knowledge of the product sold by the employer, it is smart to list your specializations in the sales of a product you’re an expert at in your résumé.

Compare different formats of listing educational qualifications from Sales Resumes Samples before adding your GPA scores to mark sheets in the resume. The education section is especially useful if you have meritorious successes and acknowledgments in your school or college history.

Sales Resume Writing Tips

Sales Career Prospects in the Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the rate of growth of sales occupations is expected to grow at a rate of 5% (up to 7%) until 2024. BLS also claims that the Sales category witnesses one of the most erratic remunerations when compared to other industries. If you’re in sales, your salary per annum can be anywhere from $25,000 to $115,000, as you can see from sample sales resumes.

Bureau of Labor statistics lists Advertising, Insurance, Cosmetics, Real Estate, Travel, Automobile, Computer, Textiles, Aerospace, Telecommunication and Appliances as the biggest sales categories.

Sales is a division is where candidates without formal education can apply with ease. The tiers of salaries are judged based on professional skills and educational qualifications. BLS calculates circa 778,000 more jobs in sales by 2024. The computer system and electrical categories of sales are expected the highest annual wages.


Recruiters are smitten by resumes that are professionally organized, arranged and presented with factual pitches. To start with, a resume must belong to either one of the formats- chronological or functional. The chronological format in a resume uses the timeline to list the professional and personal achievements, while a functional resume prioritizes skills acquired than professional work experience.

If you are new to sales, the functional samples of sales resume can help highlight your exceptional skills crucial to the company you are hoping to work with. For sales personnel with vast experience, a chronological resume fits well.

Before closing your resume, check the format, proofread and reassure the accuracy of the facts furnished.

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