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How to write a Consultant Resume

A consultant is one who has mastered a category of job industry through extensive experience or deep theoretical knowledge. The key to creating a striking consultant resume that outwits other candidates is research. You must collect professional resumes for consultants to study the latest trend in style, tone, and format of resume writing.

If you’re striving to steer your consultancy career forward, you need to upgrade the resume to the latest format. Researching through sample consultant resumes will teach you what to include and avoid when writing a professional resume. Going through sample resumes can also help you cite the common errors when furnishing your education to technical achievements for the first time.

The final resume you make must outlay your career goals, skills, and achievements as an answer to the needs of the hiring manager. It must surpass the skills offered by other candidates and one fine way to do so is by creating a unique resume that fits the vision of the recruiter.

Consultant Resume Headline Examples

The header or title of a competent resume consists of a condensed phrase that projects your core skills as an exceptional candidate for the consultancy job offered. Your first interaction with the recruiter begins with your resume headline. Placed beneath the identity, designation and contact information, the resume header must be placed at the top of your CV.

The key to crafting a striking resume is by referring to examples of consultant resumes and learning ways to condense your career skills and achievements. A good resume header must be bold and instantly captivate the hiring manager by listing your exceptional technical prowess.

  • Exceptional Accounting Consultant with 5+ Years of Experience in Bank Reconciliation Processes
  • Goal-Oriented Legal Consultant with 12+ Years of Practical Experience in Law, Finance and Insurance
  • Bi-Lingual Marriage Consultant with 6+ Years of Practical Experience as a Clinical Therapist
  • S Army Veteran with 16+ Years of Experience with Cutting-Edge Artillery and Weapons Research
  • Expert Consultant Logistician with 7+ Years of Proven Record of Superlative Analysis, Quality Control, and Risk Management
  • Award-winning Business Consultant with a sharp eye for Innovation in E-Commerce via Digital Marketing
  • Senior Healthcare Consultant with 5+ Years as the Executive Head of Gaia Group of Hospitals
  • Detail-Oriented Management Consultant with 8+ Years Experience Leading three National Management Institutes
  • Energetic Legal Consultant with Meritorious Academic Excellence and Quest for Social Service and Real Estate
  • Accomplished Finance Consultant with 13+ Years of Service as Finance Manager

Consultant Resume Career Objective Examples

The motive of the objective statement in the final resume is to sketch your pivotal goals in being a consultant simultaneously with the core traits that make you perfect for the job. Your career objective must be well-researched with the help of Consultant Resume Samples available today. The key to creating a perfect career objective for a consultant is to aim at being unique than perfect.

In short, your resume objective must not be a desperate cry, but a specific and detailed statement of how passionate you are about your technical skills as well as its practical applications. An ideal career objective must state your reasons for choosing the company you’re offered a job with.

    • Senior Cosmetology Consultant for Private Beauty Clinics with 8+ Years of Experience as a Beautician and adept people skills seeking the position of Cosmetology Head at CYZ
    • Versatile IT Consultant with 11+ Years of Experience in Digital Marketing and Viral Content Creation for Leading E-Commerce Websites aspires to join Upwork as the Chief IT Consultant
    • Adept Healthcare Professional with 15+ Years of Offshore Experience as a Nurse and 4+ Years as a Hospital Manager seeks the opportunity to leverage my technical skills at YBB
    • To leverage my extensive experience in Presentation, Planning, Risk Management and Profitability for Digital Nirvana
    • Deadline-Oriented Business Consultant with Dual-Awards in Innovate Marketing Tactics and Meritorious Online Presence that Drives Traffic to your Web Store seeking a position at GHH

Consultant Resume Summary State Examples

A good profile statement in a consultancy resume gives a quick peek at the facts and certifications furnished ahead in the professional resume. The motive of a well-crafted summary statement is to captivate the recruiter and pull him to read the rest of your CV without delay!

If you pen a bold summary of your career goals, the hiring manager will waste no time in assessing your profile. A few examples from sample consultant resumes will help you decide on the perfect ways to customize your resume profile statement-

    • Multi-faceted Legal Consultant with Dual Degrees in Finance and Law seeking the opportunity to Manage Muthoot Mutual Finds as the Legal Head to apply 12+ Years of Legal Prowess
    • Determined and Hardworking Accounting Graduate with Meritorious Academic Record in Insurance aspiring to contribute to the success of local Insurance Companies
    • Enthusiastic and Amiable HR Consultant with a Proven Record of Expert Communication skills, Client Relations, Recruitment References and Innovative Project Management in IT
    • To leverage my exceptional working experience during two National Wars and 12+ Years of Offshore Hospital Experience as a Nurse in the Blue Zone
    • Account Consultant with a Sharp Eye for Cost-Efficient Update Planning, Budget Forecast, and Risk Assessment Skills to grow local start-ups

How to write Experience Section in Consultant Resume

The backbone of a professional consultant resume is the experience section. Even if you’re a college dropout, there are many smart ways to draft an enticing experience section that impresses the manager. This is where you establish your professional worth.

Using specific bulleted points to narrate your technical duties at the previous employers’ will overwhelm the recruiter. The golden point to keep in mind is recruiters prefer organized resumes that are easy to scan and find facts. Hence, you must list your past work experience with the credit scores and financial worth of the business. In addition, it is necessary to ignore work experience prior to 10 years due to the technological and scientific advances today in consultancy. If you have exceptional working experience prior to a decade, condense the plot to project the key skills relevant to the job.

According to the latest consultant resume example templates, hiring Managers want creative consultants who are professionally sound as well as technically indispensable to the company. List your experience of saving $10,000 for your past employer using better customer relations or innovative business planning. Don’t forget to mention your versatility in documentation and risk analysis as a way to improve the profitability of your recruiter.

Action Verbs to use in Consultant Resume

A few action words prominently used in Consultant resume samples are-

  1. Monitor
  2. Advise
  3. Collaborate
  4. Investigate
  5. Coordinate
  6. Improve
  7. Update
  8. Demonstrate
  9. Analyze
  10. Maintain
  11. Design
  12. Outline
  13. Develop
  14. Identify
  15. Reduce
  16. Direct
  17. Establish
  18. Facilitate
  19. Review
  20. Incorporate

How to present Skills Section in Consultant Resume

In the field of consultancy, your technical prowess proves your valuable traits useful to the company. In order to outsmart other candidates, you must list the transferable skills in addition to the elementary skills as seen in most consultant resume samples today.

Your technical skills include supremacy in managing more than the average number of cases every day to computer or software skills relevant to the job offered. When listing the software you’re acquainted with, remember to separate software by bulleted points. Depending on your specialization as a consultant, the core skills also vary. Core skills seen widely in resumes are Microsoft Word, MS Word, MS Excel, Adobe, JAVA, WordPress, Joomla, EHR, MoneyDance, Evernote, Oracle, Xero, and Basecamp.

Consultant Resume Achievements Examples

Highlights of your career goals must be listed as achievements in a professional consultant resume. Your achievements of implementing, directing or planning of profitable assessments as a competent consultant in the past, form the motive of this section. Remember to focus on personal career targets achieved in the past with digits to quantify your achievements.

Keep in mind that hiring managers scan through multiple profiles every day to find the right candidate for the role sought for.  Highlight your extra achievements beneficial to the domain of your recruiter in a bullet point format. Avoid listing references alongside achievements to follow a professional format throughout the CV.

How to write Education Section in Consultant Resume

A consultant holds the most important authority in a businesses’ hierarchy. Your job is to smartly advise, analyze, document and improve the profit quotient of your clients. It is vital that employers quest for academically smart and accomplished consultants. Regardless of whether your marks are excellent, the right resume education section format can impress the hiring manager instantly.

If you have a meritorious academic record, list it alongside GPA and examination scores in addition to the college, specialization and years attended. On the contrary, if your grades were low or you dropped out, following a functional format that lists your college with marks until the end will suffice. Remember to surf through multiple resume samples in your respective field before finalizing on one format right away.

Consultant Resume Writing Tips

Guidelines on how to drafty a flawless resume-

Consultant Career Prospects in the Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are a variety of consultant job options available at present. According to the latest consultant resume examples, for every field or category of business, there is a prominent job for consultants who are but specialists in the specific field.

Hard work, technical excellence, and repeated assessments can alone win you the job with a striking resume! The annual wages of prominent consultants from across the industry are aggregated at $65,000 t0 $150,000.

BLS claims that scientific to management and legal or healthcare, there are many specialized advisors called consultants today. The best news is that unlike most professions, consultant jobs are expected an increase by 80% until 2018. Consultant jobs have a proven record of being emphatic even during the recession and currently holds the highest project rate by BLS experts on any job industry.


Soliciting your employer is not a straightforward way to woo your employer.  Start with a finite format to chronicle your achievements, skills and superlative experience directly to the manager.

Two important formats notable in professional consultant resume samples are chronological and functional. Chronological format refers to the listing of work experience with the timeline while functional format organizes personal skills ahead of professional merits without a timestamp.

The Chronological resume is ideal for those with years of extensive experience in their field and a functional resume is recommended for consultants with missing years or months in the professional resume.

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