Teacher Career Resources

Teacher Career Resources

A Career as a teacher uniquely challenging and rewarding as well. Teachers are tasked with the duty of preparing the students with the knowledge, skills, and attributes that can make them through into their adulthood in a successful way. The responsibility of a Teacher towards the children is probably several times more than that of their parents. This is because the child not only receives training from the school, but they also learn the right value systems from their peer group, and this is what they can inculcate in their real-life as they grow. And if you want to take up a Teaching Career, then it makes sense to go through a variety of  Teacher Career Resources that are available online before you can take this huge spur.

A Teaching Career is a more than just a profession, Teachers are regarded as the pillar for the students and the society. We can say that the Teaching Profession is the mother of all other occupations. It is rightly said “It can be debatable whether there is a woman behind every successful man, but it is undeniable that there are some great teachers behind every successful men and woman”.

A Teacher is a potter and students are the Clay, the Teacher Shapes the impressionable minds and molds them into a proper form that defines the child’s ambitions and perception. Teaching career is considered a noble profession and is respected among all societies all over the globe. This article is dedicated solely to all those young minds who are looking for the best Resources for Teaching Career.

Detailed Guide on Teacher Career Resources

What is a Teacher Job-like

A Teacher’s job description is limitless, as, at every stage, a Teacher takes up a variety of roles from being a mother to a mentor. But basically, a teacher plays a crucial role in shaping young minds. A Teacher inspires, encourages, and motives the learners and guides them to gain a positive impact in the world they have to survive in. A School Teacher helps the kids to be passionate about learning and makes them realize the value of lifelong education.

A teacher acts as a role model, caregiver, adviser, and mentor. They have the potential to bring in a profound effect on the lives of their students. Largely, a teacher will impart education and knowledge and help the students to learn new concepts about a specific group of subjects. They impart new ways and support the student’s learning styles so that they can learn even the hardest of things at a different pace and speed level. Hence a Teacher molds his/her teaching level based on the mind-set and age of the students. A creative mind, strong communication skills, and a great listening ear are some most the essential skills that are expected from a Teacher to succeed in their Teacher Career.

Resources for Teaching Career

For better understanding and to know how to make a career in the Teaching field, stroll through the following sites –

  1. Learnhowtobecome.org – This guide connects you to various educational resources available to make a career in the teaching line, this guide focuses on possible career and degree paths, the job outlook in the profession, expected salaries, and much more.
  2. Education.utexas.edu – This site gives you a brief sketch on how to pursue your career in the teaching line, the various career paths available, and how to improve your skills in this line.
  3. Opportunityculture.org – The website provides multiple career paths relating to the teaching line and guides teachers on how to reach more students with excellent teaching.
  4. Jagranjosh.com – The site concentrates on how to become a lecturer. Aspirants who want to make it big in the teaching site can use the step-by-step guidance given in the site to study and make a career in the teaching line.
  5. Alleducationschools.com – Learn how to become a Teacher, and search for an education program that fits best your talent and education background on visiting this site.
  6. Teacher.org – Have a teaching degree, but still don’t want to settle as a Teacher, then, visit this site and know about the various career options available for you in the education sector.
  7. Thebalancecareers.com – Learn all about what a typical day of a teacher looks like, the salary structure, job outlook, and skills required to become a Teacher on visiting this site.
  8. Rmit.edu.au – Not sure of how a teaching career will be! Then, visit this site, and know the top reasons why you should think of a career in the Teaching Line.

Teacher Career Path

If you are the one who wants to learn and grow, then a Teacher Career is the best thing for you. All teachers, irrespective of what they teach, are the leads for shaping people’s minds. Plus, there are plenty of opportunities available for teachers that allows them to build their careers in the subjects they love to teach or they are interested in. While some can find it easy to make a career in the teaching line, some may not be aware as to where to start and when to start, and our attempt in this article is to connect such aspirants with various available Links to Teacher Career Resources.

Teachers and Professors shoulder a wide range of roles and responsibilities, including developing lesson plans, teaching courses, guiding students towards academic success, and proctoring the exam. Although it seems that all teachers have the same basic work functions, their jobs vary significantly based on the students, classroom placement, and specialty. The most common levels in this career are – Elementary, Middle School, High School, Early Education, Special Education, and Post-secondary Education. And In fact, Teachers can also opt to teach students who want to learn online.

And thinking, out of the box, the Teaching Career doesn’t end merely with teaching alone but includes many other roles. Once upon a time, a Teacher’s duty was limited only to teaching, but not anymore, as the present generation gives plenty of other scopes within the industry and aspirants have the choice to pick from a variety of job titles available from School Principal to Central Office Administrator and many such more. How do you know which is the best Teaching job for you? And how to get hired? Here’s a glimpse of some popular teaching careers, what it takes to be successful in each, and the things you should consider during your job interview.

If you are seeking to make a career in the field of Teaching, then the following other job titles apart from being a teacher can also be considered. This is only a small list of some various job roles available within this industry. Listed below are some of the most popular names or job titles to consider –

  1. Team Leader
  2. Content Coach
  3. School Leader
  4. District Administrator
  5. Education Consultant
  6. Academic Adviser
  7. Academic Support Coordinator
  8. Admissions Representative
  9. After- School Program Aide
  10. Education Specialist
  11. Lunch Monitor
  12. Food Service Manager
  13. Financial Aid Administrator
  14. Residence Hall Manager
  15. School Psychologist
  16. School Social Worker
  17. School Nurse
  18. Resource Development Coordinator
  19. Teacher
  20. Teacher Aide
  21. Youth Care Worker

Depending on the chosen career path, the professionals in this line can engage in a broad range of duties and responsibilities. And based on the job title, these professionals will need some specific skillsets and attributes that an employer seeks when hiring for the above-mentioned positions. Get to know some of the key skills that need to be highlighted on your resume.

Education Resources For Teacher

Education and learning are a never-ending process, it is rightly said:” What you have learned is merely a drop of water, and what you have to learn is an Ocean”. Learning doesn’t stop merely after earning a degree and starting a career. And this is very much applicable in the Education and Teaching industry, as the Teachers have to be constantly updated and knowledgeable about the latest development and teaching processes. As for this purpose, career-minded individuals have to constantly improve their skills and become proficient through a continuous learning process. And in the field of the K-12 education system, school administrators want their teachers to pursue professional development, to be in par with international teaching and educating standards.

We have provided here a List of Teacher Career Resources which teachers can use to bring out not only the best learning outcomes among their students but can also employ it to enhance their skill level and make their teaching more effective. A Teacher who wants to teach in a specific discipline can opt to work either as a middle school teacher, high school teacher, postsecondary teacher, or a vocational teacher. While Vocational, middle and high school teachers need a Bachelor’s degree in their respective domain and a teaching license, postsecondary teachers must possess a Master’s degree in their area of teaching and a Valid Teaching License. Thanks to internet technology, today’s teachers can now access the wealth of online educational resources with just a click of a mouse button. Whether you are already a professional and experienced Teacher or aspire to become one, you can refer the following Helpful Websites to build your career in Teaching.

These links below will take you directly to information about various federal programs, educational institute sites, and other online programs. You can also find out which University is veteran-friendly and which is good for novices as well –

  1. Study.com – Learn what kind of degree you need to be a teacher, find perfect schools, and what are the relevant licenses needed for various teaching posts on visiting this website.
  2. Allaboutcareers.com – Know about the teaching and education myths and also know about various education and teaching career options from this site.
  3. Teachercertificationdegrees.com – This is an excellent site for those aspirants who want to become vocational teachers.
  4. Collegegrad.com – College grade is an excellent one-stop site that provides all information about the teaching profession. Also compare job duties, education, job growth, and pay of career and get other related information over here.
  5. Truity.com – Truity gives information on the career or technical education teacher duties and responsibilities and gives a detailed glimpse of the work environment, education, and training needed to make a career in this line.
  6. Apnaahangout.com – Completed your 12th grade and want to become a Teacher, then visit this website and learn what to study and where to study to make it big in this career field.
  7. Shortcoursesportal.com – Interested in some short-term education or teaching courses? The website gives a clear picture and information about teaching degrees and suggests various short courses one can take to enhance their career.
  8. Academiccourses.com – The Website will connect you to various teaching courses that are useful for enhancing your skills and qualifications needed for becoming a Teacher.
  9. Futurelearn.com – Future Learn will guide teachers towards professional development, the site provides a list of various online courses that can help teachers to improve their skills and become a better teacher.

Teacher Career Development Resources

Professional development is a must for every Teacher, discover a wide range of career development teacher career resources here. You can enhance your teaching skills with these lesson plans, articles, and resources that are published by notable experts in the field. Whether you are interested in learning how to manage your time in the classroom or want to know the Tips for writing a resume, or you want to improve your teaching skills, we have the resources and advice that can help you to reach the highest possible level in this field. Educational technology, Curriculum standards, and teaching guidelines are constantly changing, making it harder and challenging for the teachers to stay tuned with the latest trends and best practices in the field. And at this stage, only professional career development alone can help the teachers to adapt to such changes, and make them as apt educators. As per the U.S. Department of Education’s Institute of Education Sciences, “students’ achievement can be improved by as much as 21% percentile points if teachers can participate in professional development programs and implement such learned knowledge into reality among students”.

Keeping this necessity in mind, we have come forward with the following Teacher Career Resources List that emphasizes various career development courses and programs available for Teachers. All the below-mentioned sites have discussed the various other Teacher career development areas and courses that one can learn and consider-

  1. Educationworld.com – Here Teachers can get pretty much everything from the latest news and development to lesson plans and reviews.
  2. Discoveryeducation.com – Want to take a step ahead of others in your teaching profession, then this site is a must-visit one! The platform will allow you to develop professionally and enhance your knowledge horizons.
  3. Edhelper.com – Ed Helper covers a wide area of a subject from Maths to arts among others. If you are a teacher looking for printable worksheets or a parent who is home-schooling your kid? This platform provides you with all you need.
  4. Intel.com – Intel Tech Elements offers videos, syllabi, and all the materials you need to develop as a successful teacher.
  5. Teacherspayteachers.com – This website is the best online market place, where teachers can sell or buy teaching plans and lessons. Teachers can also search for other things based on filters.

Now that you have decided to pursue your career as a Teacher, the next step would be to find the right Teaching jobs. There is plenty of room available for teachers always irrespective and age and gender that offer a wide range of teaching jobs based on the academic background, skills, area, and level of expertise. Whether you are looking for a Kinder Garten teaching post, or a senior-level School Administrator post, the job hunt can become tedious and time-consuming if you are not able to use the right source for your job search. Now, you just can’t merely rely on the Newspaper or mouth-to-mouth advertisements to get placed, you have to put in more effort to get recruited. There are plenty of Recruiters and agencies who can connect potential job seekers with top-notch Universities, colleges, schools, and Academic institutions. All these agencies have a good tie-up with major Educational institutes across the world, and hence can provide you with better exposure and help you in finding transcendent talent.

There are plenty of Teacher Career Resources that you can access for managing your teaching career. Using these resources, you can access thousands of Teacher Job Openings all over the web with a single and easy-to-search engine. And there are again various job boards that can give you access to –

  1. Centralized Job search aggregation
  2. Email Alerts
  3. Career document management tools
  4. Wide and comprehensive applications.

And not just that, if you are already an experienced person, seeking a new job transition, you can know how to write a resume with just a mouse-click. Now that you can’t access all the thousands and thousands of sites for your job search, we have compiled a list of these Helpful Websites to build your Career in Teaching. All these websites have won our favor based on various criteria such as – search results, ease of use, aesthetic quality, layout, and utility. And, the sites we have compiled below contains all of the vital functions of the job posting, resume posting, searching, an attractive layout, professional look, and other additional essential contents.

Without further adieux, have a look at the following list of the best teacher job sites –

  1. Educationcrossing.com – Education Crossing is a job aggregator that brings a massive amount of research to one spot. Browse this site to discover thousands and thousands of great teaching jobs, which you can’t find even in public job sites.
  2. K12jobspot.com – Claimed as the “education’s premier recruitment service” the platform offers free registration wherein; job seekers can post their resumes and search for several jobs.
  3. Schoolspring.com – The website offers more than 50,433 education jobs. The website connects employers with potential job seekers.
  4. Educationamerica.net – Educationamerica.net provides free browsing, this is simple to use the site, almost preferred by most of the continental United States teachers.
  5. Teacherjobs.com – The platform provides a reasonable service for both employers and job seekers looking for local teaching positions.
  6. Greatteacher.net – This site enables you to post your resumes and search for teaching jobs.

Associations and Organizations  Resources for Teachers

A Powerful Teacher Network fosters professional connection with like-minded people and experts in the field that can not only support and enhance your career growth but is also capable of enabling powerful change which in turn can make your classroom a better place to learn. And, one best place to tap this power is to become a member of Teacher’s Associations & Organizations. But again, there are countless professional organizations for the teachers, ranging from local organizations with small member-group drawn from a specific region to very large ones with national and international appeals. Choosing more than one organization will not only improve your interaction with other teachers from around the world but will also help you to stay updated with the latest on-goings and developments in your field. All the associations and organizations have members who are willing to support other members throughout their career growth and help each other in exploring new horizons for the maximum growth of their careers.

But, where can you go to gain such access to all things under one umbrella?

We have eased this process for you, our team of professionals have worked on this matter, and have come with the following best organizations that provide a complete picture of how to start a Teacher career, degree options, job opportunities, and salary potential.

Here are some best associations and organizations that Teachers can use to explore and improve their reputation and credibility in their teaching career–

  1. Ascd.org – ASCD empowers educators towards excellence in teaching, learning, and leading so that every child is safe, healthy, engaged, and challenged.
  2. Aaeteachers.org – Association of American Educators is one of the largest professional educator’s organizations that handles the issues of the community in a modern way.
  3. Nea.org – Advancing is the main aim of the National Education Association, with more than 3 million members from almost all the states, the organization supports educators with recent happenings within the realm of public education. Educators can gain access to important tools and ideas from this site and use them in reality while teaching their students.
  4. Amle.org – Participate in Live Chats and get connected with various educators from all over the Globe by becoming a member of the Association for Middle-Level Education.
  5. Nagc.org – The main mission of the National Association for Gifted Children strives to develop gifted and talented children through advocacy, education, and community building.
  6. Nabt.org – National Association of Biology Teachers empowers educators and provides the best biology and life science education for all students.
  7. Nsta.org – Become a member of the National Science Teaching Association and gain direct access to new secondary science lessons, new concepts, and learning content.
  8. Aapt.org – A Dedicated website that targets its support mainly towards the Physics Teachers. The members of this community can gain access to various conferences, publications, and participate in various events.
  9. Serc.carleton.edu – National Earth Science Teachers Association seeks to inspire students to be stewards. A non-profit organization that supports K-12 educators in their efforts.
  10. Nctm.org – A Dedicated platform for mathematics, that helps in providing career prospects and professional development.
  11. Amstat.org – American Statistical Association is the largest platform for teachers that offer a variety of lifelong learning experiences for its members.
  12. Ams.org – American Mathematical Society is the nation’s professional home for Mathematics Teachers from KG through university levels.
  13. Ncte.org – National Council of Teachers of English is a professional platform that is mainly dedicated to English language arts teachers for all levels of teachers.
  14. Socialstudies.org – This is a dedicated website for those preparing and interested in teaching in the field of Social studies.
  15. Nche.net – National Council for History Education is a leading membership organization exclusively for history education teachers.
  16. Aag.org – Become a member of this community to gain access to the association of geographies.
  17. Naset.org – National Association of Special Education Teachers is a membership association dedicated to those who are into the field of special education.
  18. Aft.org – American Federation of Teachers was founded during 1916 in Chicago, this organization has professional interests from the like-minded community and works towards human and civil rights within schools.
  19. Aacte.org – American Association of Colleges for Technical education is a leading voice on educator preparation. It represents more than 800 postsecondary institutes with various educator preparation programs.

Digital  Resources

News Resources for Teaching Career

The best part of the teaching profession is that teachers have to learn and grow along with their students every single day. And hence, it becomes crucial for every teacher to look out for new ideas, inspirations, and thoughts at every stage. But it is also equally true that it is highly impossible to plow through the zillions of resources available on the internet.

Well, not now though! We have good news!

We have done thorough research for you and have come up with some powerful Teacher Resources List, which teachers can use to create lesson plans, plan projects, and seminars; get an idea for conducting quizzes, workshops, and more. And the best part is that all these teacher career resources are gathered by our professional educators who have complete knowledge, experience, and skill in getting the right and useful matter. All these sites mentioned over here are useful for teachers who teach students from all walks of life – from KG -12, tutorial students, autism and deaf students, mentally challenging kids, and many such more.

Here’s a quick list of Teacher Career Resources available for your hunting –

  1. Money.usnews.com – This is the best news site designed specifically for the students who can gain access to a great source for video-based news and current events and coverage.
  2. Bbc.com – Top-notch digital news source that gives scope for Teachers to build literacy and measure progresses.
  3. Tes.com – Want to reinvent your teaching career? Then this site is the perfect place to hang-out. Gain access to plenty of career opportunities and know about the latest happenings.
  4. Theguardian.com – Want to sustain in the teaching industry? Then, read this article and know the common problems faced by the Teachers these days.

Books to Read for Teaching Career

All of you would be aware of the very famous quote of Walt Disney, which says, “There is more treasure in books than in all the pirate’s loots on Treasure Island”.

And this is very much significant in the life of a Teacher!

Teachers leave a great impact on the life of a Student, students ape everything from their teachers, right from learning to several other things such as behavior, attitude, and knowledge. A Teacher who reads a book a day can bring out many positive changes among their students. But again, it is a big question mark as to what to read, and where to get resourceful books! Whether you are entering the classroom for the first time, or sitting at the counseling desk, or looking to improve your skills, we strongly recommend you to read the following best books that can immensely provide you with both theoretical knowledge and practical advice on various grounds. What happens in each classroom is highly variable and very hard to define, but with our experience, we have shortlisted below a wealth of books that had drawn together evidence from other fields and have proved to give a greater impact on student’s learning.

Here are some List of  Teacher Career Resources books, that every Teacher should never miss reading –

  1. Why don’t students like school – The book focusses on easy to read and scientific approach to learning, this book is a must-read for every teacher.
  2. Best books for teachers – Whether you want advice from experts, or you are a seasoned teacher looking for reading some inspiring books, this site will provide you with some best books and ignite your love for teaching and learning.
  3. Inspiring books for teachers – Best Education Degrees gives a list of the 50 best books available for Teachers.
  4. Future Focused Learning Essential Practices Authentic – Explore this book and get a chance to improve student-centered learning in the classroom.
  5. Teaching Your Mouth Shut – The book presents case studies, stories and sustained images that are very crucial for real-life teaching situations.
  6. Teaching Brain Mind Revised – This book deals with how to improve student achievement and helps teachers to create an effective classroom.
  7. Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Kids -If you want to teach challenging kids, then this book is a must-read one!

Video Resources for Teaching Career

Visual impacts are more powerful than hearing, and this is very much applicable in the Teaching profession. Teachers have to find the best learning materials for their students, from audio to videos and presentations, the present-day students have to be given the best exposure, and for this purpose, it becomes highly essential for Teachers to constantly stay updated and aware of various available video resources that can be used for teaching, and guiding students. Here you can find out some of the best video sites that are mostly preferred and visited by teachers and are very popular as well. And all these video learning resources and video sites help teachers to hone their skills. These sites have some best educational videos on various subjects such as art, travel, math, literature, advanced subject specializations, and many more.

Teachers can use these video resource sites to enhance their skills both in terms of technology and education and be able to deliver the best education to their students.

Listed below are some Video Resources for Teacher Career –

  1. Teaching – Best Career
  2. Teaching as a career
  3. Special Education Teachers career
  4. A career in teaching
  5. Career development tips for teachers

Social Media Resources for Teaching Career

Social Media has changed the way the Teacher connect, communicate, and exchange information. Due to the wider community, popularity, and rapid development of electronic devices and smartphones, modern life has reconfigured, crossed across national boundaries, and impacts relationships, economy, culture, and world views. Still, social media is a double-edged sword that can provide you a brilliant scope to stay connected with your teaching community.

Listed below are some outstanding social media platform links that can help you in this process –

  1. Teacher jobs in the USA
  2. WeAreTeachers
  3. Teacher2Teacher
  4. USA Teachers
  5. Twitter.com
  6. EdWeekTeacher

Resumes Ahead of the Curve

Even though you may be a talented Teacher, or have been working in this line for many years and have years of education, experience, and various certifications, you still need to write a good resume just like anyone else. Drafting the best teacher Resume can separate you from your competitors, and highlight your resume. Your resume should reflect the latest trends of your field, and should also include your early childhood education, teaching experiences, and other qualifications that you may have possessed.

A Teacher Resume should be well-crafted, and formatted. Depending on the requirements of the institute, you can add your hobbies and interests section in your resume. Ironically, many of the professionals who know how to teach and write well lack in drafting a good resume, it is hard to turn the spotlight inwards, and drafting a standout resume requires tremendous skill and knowledge. They say a journey of thousand miles starts with the first step and this is very much applicable for a job search, and the first step in this process begins with an effective resume writing. To get these jobs, your resume needs to stand out amid the outstanding. There are innumerable sites that offer Teacher Resume Templates online, but it’s difficult to find the one which is up-to-date with the prevailing Resume writing trends and which can help you in getting the perfect Teaching Job.

Why Us then!

We have assembled in our page an excellent collection of carefully Curated Job Resume Samples to help job seekers meet the demands of this ever-evolving job market. Our professional team of Career advisors are constantly working on new samples and are coming up to tweak existing ones so that they can highlight the latest hiring trends, job responsibilities, and qualifications.

Each of the Sample Resumes or templates in our collection is a combined result of our hard-work, experience, and research that our professionals and Career advisors have made in the field. And as an added advantage, we would like to state that every resume over here is reviewed thoroughly and approved by our Certified in-house Professional Resume Writers.

Select any Resume Sample from our list and you can find the following –

  • A Well-drafted, professional, modern design resume template tailored for each of the Teacher job Titles
  • A distinct section to highlight your experience, education, skills and more
  • Text format information for easy copy-paste option

It is highly impossible to offer a Resume sample for every Teacher job title under the Earth, but we have done our best to provide that, and are even working on it more! While we keep working on developing our resume library, you can still be able to find a wide variety of resume samples for most major industries as well as a collection of newly designed Resume templates that can be downloaded for free and customized as needed. So, need help in perfecting your resume? Download our Professional Teacher Resume sample, or just check out our other related Teacher resumes and get started. To save time and make things move fast, you can use our resume builder as well.

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