How to Add a Branding Statement to Your Resume

How to Add a Branding Statement to Your Resume

There are many different resumes templates, formats, and orders. These vary according to industry, personal preference, and location. However, in many cases, rather than simply creating a standard CV, recruiters and hiring decision-makers are advising candidates to think of themselves as a personal brand and add a branding statement when approaching a CV. When marketing a product, a brand is created by taking into account a target audience and what appeals to them.

Branding attributes are then built around this so that the product is something the target audience will love and will choose. As a job seeker, it will serve you well to think of a resume in the same light. ‘You’ are the brand and your potential employer is the target audience and you want them to ‘choose’ you. You want to create a personal brand that hits all of their requirements so that they want to hire you.

This can be done through a combination of design, your message, and a personal branding statement. Through your design, you can create a strong brand image that you carry through all recruitment documentation throughout your job search. Your CV, cover letter, LinkedIn profile, website, portfolio, and anything else you use, can have the same distinct look. This means that when a recruiter comes across something that you’ve written, it will be instantly memorable and linked in the mind to your other documents. This is the power of branding.

A brand always has a message. Yours should be that your skills and experience are highly relevant to the role you’re applying for. Every word you write should have your dream job in mind and should relate to it. All information needs to be tailored to the role you’re applying for. Your entire brand is then tied up in your personal branding statement.

What is a Branding Statement

A branding statement is a strong body of text in line with the brand you are trying to portray. It states who you are, your biggest strengths along with why these set you apart from others, and what you promise to do for the company. Pretend you work in marketing communications and think of it as an advert, only it’s ‘you’ that you are selling. As with any advert, you are looking to win people over. Usually, a product is a winner because of its USP (unique selling point) and this is also true when selling yourself. Your branding statement needs to highlight what you are going to bring to the role, whilst showcasing your reputation, and what you have that others do not that means that a hiring manager thinks you are a perfect fit for the job.

When writing a branding statement, it’s important that you know your audience. Your statement needs to be adapted for each role that you apply for because, in order to sell yourself effectively, you need to give the employer what they are looking for. This isn’t always going to be the same.

Ask Yourself the Following Questions

– What are your biggest achievements?
– What skills, qualities, professional experience, traits make you stand out, and why?
– What have you done that means you are right for this role?
– What can you offer the role and employer and why is this important?

How Long Should a Branding Statement Be?

A branding statement should be a maximum of 3 short sentences but can really be as short as 15 words if that’s your approach. As long as it sells you with a clear message, there are no set rules.

Where to Add a Branding Statement on Your Resume

Your branding statement is the thing that ties your whole branding resume together, so it needs to be central to everything. It is highly recommended that a branding statement goes at the top of your resume, below the personal information, just like a summary/profile would do. This way, it is the first thing the employer reads and will draw them in to read more if you have sold yourself well.

The Benefit of Using a Branding Statement

Using a branding statement at the start of your resume sets the scene for the entire document. Rather than going straight into your experience section and having to mentally pick out relevant information (which often results in the resume not being read completely), a recruiter has a statement that sums you up and sells you on your best points. Anything that follows, should really just be backing this statement up. The reader will have your message in mind and as they read on, they will be tying everything else in with what they have already read and liked.

Another benefit of a branding statement is that it can be an excellent starting point for writing a longer resume profile. Some resumes will require a longer profile which you can build once you have the statement set. The profile will be a way to elaborate further. Your statement can also be used on your LinkedIn profile as part of the ‘about’ section. It’s a great way of starting your profile as essentially, LinkedIn is a sales tool. It can be valuable for getting future clients and businesses as well as used as a tool to draw in recruiters. Once you’ve been offered an interview, having spent the time thinking about your unique selling point and what you can offer, will be hugely beneficial in the interview if you are asked the common question ‘why are you the best person for the job?’

Resume Branding Statement Examples

Here are some resume statement examples for a variety of industries. These will need to be tailored to each specific role, so they are just a guide, but can be used as a basis and added to:

  1. Award-Winning Careers Coach helping job seekers discover their passion through a blend of coaching and reflection learned from 10 years in the industry.
  2. Highly Personable Customer Service Representative experienced in putting a customer first and creating an environment that allows customers to feel supported.
  3. Engaged Teacher supporting children and parents through the education system with a high emphasis on a child-centered approach.
  4. Sales Professional known for exceeding KPIs, increasing revenue, and building a loyal client base through excellent product knowledge and exceptional people skills.
  5. Senior Stylist with 12 years’ experience creating inspirational styles that suit the needs of my clients, whilst breaking down boundaries and setting new fashion statements.
  6. I help small businesses realize their potential, create plans, and reach their goals, through my unique business coaching packages.
  7. Process Consultant working to streamline, communicate, and reduce processes to the essentials, thus saving companies time, money, and resources.
  8. Respected Youth Worker, loved by children and adults alike. Skilled at inspiring young people to take their lives in a positive direction, using real-life examples in a way that is relatable and fun.
  9. Creative Carpenter bringing contemporary design to mainstream buildings. Innovative, exciting, and sustainable.
  10. Community Nurse with a genuine love of people and caring for those in need. Excellent at building relationships and creating a trusting environment for patients. Looking to move to the next level of my career.
  11. CEO, COO, and VP of multiple organizations. C-Level career spanning 30+ years in industries ranging from retail to manufacturing to IT. Adaptable, business-focused with results that speak volumes.
  12. Electrical Engineering graduate with the drive, passion, and technical skills to enter the industry and thrive.
  13. High School graduate with a strong work ethic, entrepreneurial streak, and a willingness to work form the bottom up. Looking for my break into the world of work with a forward-thinking, supportive company.
  14. Social Media Consultant helping organizations build their businesses through content creation, strong branding, and a great understanding of social media algorithms and trends.
  15. Creative Copywriter specializing in news content for online publications focusing on fast stories, engaging content, and SEO that converts.


When writing your resume, thinking of yourself as a brand and selling yourself in the same way as you might market a product, is the modern focus when it comes to CV writing. It outlines your biggest strengths and best qualities and experience that set you apart from others and your promise to the company. This method has been proven to be very effective in the recruitment world.

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