Finance Career Resources

Finance Career Resources

Until a few decades ago, a career in Finance meant the traditional back-office record-keeping tasks. And, a Finance person was nothing more than a record keeper of the organization. However, with the evolution and advent of the business landscape, a Finance Career role now has become more challenging and demanding. In the present work culture, a Finance person embraces and shoulders a much broader role involving financial operation controls to planning and decision-making. Well that being said, to work effectively, the Finance job seekers will need our support and hopefully, our finance career resources page will be able to help with that.

The job scope in Finance domain is now not just limited to the accounting field, but takes an extensive perspective and offers a variety of job roles. A person seeking a career in finance can explore different career options from various industries such as financial planning, fund management, regulatory compliance, financial management, trading, financial services, and so on.

Financial services cover an extensive range of businesses that include money management. Banks, insurance companies, investment firms, brokerage firms, and credit card companies are some major branches that fall in this broad category. The proliferation of the financial market, development in the IT, and the blurring discrepancy between the banking and non-banking sectors have made the finance industry a more dynamic and competitive one to work in. The wide range of Finance positions now gives plenty of room for growth to energetic and ambitious financial professionals.

Here is the Detailed Guide on Finance Resources

Career in Finance

The Finance industry has taken a great boom and has witnessed tremendous growth fora few decades. There are a number of specialized fields that have sprouted within the domain of Finance leading to mushrooming of several job roles that aim at providing specialized services to companies, institutions, and clients.

Years ago, Finance meant only the amount of money brought into and spent by the company, but in today’s modern corporate world, there are many other areas of specific interest pertaining to Finance that need expert knowledge and skillsets to fill in the shoes and such include – Commercial Banking, Equity Research, Risk Management, Investment Banking, and Investment Management.

This trend has made it difficult and challenging to make a choice of career in Finance. Hence, we have tried our best to provide you with some insight and knowledge of some most trending Finance career roles that can ensure success, growth, and sustainability in all functional areas of Finance.

Top Careers in Finance

  • Investment Banking
  • Asset Management
  • Commercial Banking
  • Equity Research
  • Corporate Finance
  • Risk Management

As there are so many sub-sectors within the Finance career, it would be advisable to go through each and every segment and chalk out a career plan before taking up a specialization in Finance.

Depending on the academic background and professional work experience, you can choose a suitable career in Finance. Specialized roles require job-specific certifications and formal education.

As a final note – you can make your Finance career choice after balancing relevant factors so as to successfully align your skill sets, career goals, and areas of professional interests.

Resources for Finance Career

This article has been designed to help you land into your dream job. Get updated about interview guides, how to write a resume, job description, people skills training, compensation ranges, comparison of different job designations, and cover letter templates. Browse the following extensive free Finance Career Resources to know more –

  1. – Efinancial careers are a great platform for those seeking jobs in Finance, accounting, banking, and technology. There are a number of popular job sectors ranging from Trading, Investment Banking, Accounting & Finance, Asset Management, and more.
  2. – Think of a Finance job and the first thing that comes in mind is commercial banking careers, know about this career, how to prepare to break into this career, about the job description, required skillsets, and more from here.
  3. – Know from Analyst Monkey to CFO roles from this site. The resource provides you detailed information about the Corporate Finance career path.
  4. – Investopedia gives job seekers elaborate career advice on how to make a career in Hedge Funds. Those looking for a Hedge Fund career can benefit a lot from this resource page.
  5. – Are you aiming for a career in Investment Banking? Then your search should end here! CFI guides you through this process so that you can discover your investment banking career path.
  6. – Before you pick your Finance career, check this site out to know which specialization will fit you best and know about the major trending Finance career domains.

Finance Career Path

The Finance sector is lushed with enormous earning potential and among other wide range of industries, the Finance field is regarded as the most rewarding career option. Despite severe economic downturns, the field has seen major growth and is more guaranteed than any other field.

Apart from this, there are definitely various other reasons that make studying Finance as the smart and best choice among potential students. We have researched, compiled, and bulleted below the most pertinent reasons that can help you decide the right study or program for you!

  • Personality Driven
  • Growing job prospects
  • Wide range of job opportunities
  • Narrow focus
  • Financially rewarding careers

Here are some Finance resources related to career opportunities for job seekers –

  1. – Students having Finance as majors can benefit a lot from this site. The All Business Schools explains every concept from personal to corporate Finance fields and provides a list of some best Finance program colleges and universities.
  2. – Having a Finance major gives plenty of opportunities to explore a wide range of job roles within the Finance sector. Way up guides you in picking the best specialization or career opportunity.
  3. – If you want to understand the corporate finance career path, then you have to hear it directly from the professionals who are in it and who have made through it. This platform is such a one.
  4. – An excellent guide and overview of the project Finance industry are elaborated here.
  5. – This is an interactive career map link that directs you to discover your corporate Finance career path.
  6. – The site explains some of the best jobs that are in demand for Finance Students.
  7. – This resource explains why you should consider Finance as your major subject.
  8. – Get career advice and guidance and know about various Finance career options from the experts.

Finance Education Resources

Financial literacy is a must for every person, as it is the key to the growth of the economy. Financial education is a major stepping stone toward growth, economic development, and sustainability. But how do you achieve 100% financial literacy?

Before we can go ahead, just have a look at this shocking statistic – More than 75% of the adults don’t understand the basic financial concepts, and it is worse to that financial illiteracy among women is more than 80%.

Financial education is very vital for every single person. So What is Finacial education? The answer is simple – it is the ability to know and understand how money is acquired and spent. It is the art of investing and managing money and the potential to make sound financial decisions. If you are unable to make sound financial decisions, the consequences will be terrible and beyond imagination, hence financial literacy is as important as breathing.

Here are some priceless online Finance resources related to education that can help you in improving your financial education –

  1. – Want to get your Finance background into shape, then you have to go through this site and know everything from budgeting to financial planning. There are 12 recommended sources that can help in improving your Finance education.
  2. – This is a free financial literacy resource for adults. Personal Finance education targets to improve the financial stability of millions of people who can’t afford to pay and learn.
  3. – Want to further your finance education? Then here is the good news – just enroll in the plethora of colleges mentioned over here and learn without shelling out big bucks.
  4. – Everyone deserves to learn is the motto of NEFE, with this mission in mind, the platform offers plenty of online crash courses, high school financial planning program, and more from this site.
  5. – Financial crashers provides a list of 5 best financial educational websites and resources.
  6. – This page provides a link to financial education resources that are considered useful for community financial access pilot.

Finance Career Resources for Women

When Women can manage money and Finance excellently at home, then why can’t they do it at the corporate level! Women by-birth is blessed with multitasking skills, performing multiple roles, and wearing multiple feathers on a hat. They can effortlessly balance all aspects of Finance, no matter, how large or small the enterprise may be.

According to the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Report, it is stated that Female talent is untapped and remains underutilized and in the Finance industry, this is clearly imperative.

Given the statistics, women hardly form 15% of the working class in the Finance sector, many women are willing to pursue a career in the Finance industry. Even though the financial services sector comprises of 46% women, those at the executive level is only 15%. Well, this being said, women should consider a Finance career due to the plethora of options available to them.

The following finance resources give insight and things to know about women who have made it big in this Finance sector –

  1. – A site from the women to the women. The resource empowers women working in the Finance industry. supports all women who want to advance in their Finance career through education, and peer relationships.
  2. – Forbes gives you a list of five things you need to know about women who have made it big in Finance.
  3. – Women in Finance is an initiative taken to recognize and empower women in this male-dominated Finance field. A number of tools and cutthroat systems are depicted here for easy navigation to succeed or advance in this career.
  4. -Statistics of women in the Finance sector around the world are mentioned here.
  5. – A financial service platform that strives to remove the gender gap between men and women in the Finance industry. Mckinsey covers a full spectrum of global financial services for its clients.
  6. – Are you interested in meeting like-minded Finance professionals? Want to develop and showcase your talent? Visit the site and realize your potential and be the CEO of your career.
  7. – Bloomberg empowers, motivates, and advances women at all levels in the Finance industry. Through their professional development programs, they strive to promote gender equality when it comes to working in the Finance sector.

Finance Job Resources

Despite busts, booms, upturns, and downturns, Finance is one industry that is blessed to be the most sought-after career destination among the young, and ambitious professionals. The financial sector is huge with a smorgasbord of job roles and opportunities. This diversity is hence able to accommodate different skill sets which implies that one can discover plenty of new skills to add to their already possessed ones.

Do you have analytical vigor to face challenges and enjoy problem-solving? Then hatch your career as a Financial Analyst

Do you want to mesh your interpersonal skills with technical and business knowledge? Become an Account Manager

Want to map things out and aim for long-term success? Take the Certified Financial Planner role.

Well, the financial services industry offers plenty of room for young professionals to explore from an incredible amount of roles within the Finance domain.

Still, if you haven’t considered a career in the Finance industry! Then check out the following top reasons as to why you should –

  • Diversity
  • Meaningful Work
  • Lucrative compensation
  • Dynamic environment and advancement
  • Opportunities for career growth
  • Challenging
  • Broader experience

That being said, now we would like to guide you in the job search process, and for this purpose, we have made a thorough research and come up with the following useful finance resource sites –

  1. – Finance provides you immense categories of job roles from accountant to CPA to Investment jobs. Explore your Finance jobs here by scrolling jobs through category.
  2. – A wonderful source that connects employers with job seekers. You can scroll through a wide range of Finance job roles and based on various categories.
  3. – The best site to find a job in Finance. Investopedia gives a list of some valuable websites to help you in your job hunt.
  4. – Search from thousands of accounting and Finance job sites and job boards.

Finance Career Recruitment Resources

Almost all industries on the Earth from telecommunications to manufacturing to consumer products depend on the transcendent financial professional for various reasons such as – cost reduction, increased revenue, wise management of government regulation, navigation through M&A activity, and so on. Exceptional financial talent is crucial for all these purposes. Fortunately, the internet is flooded with outstanding recruiting companies that act as a bridge between the employer and the job seekers.

But again, only a professional recruiting team will be able to succeed in this mission, and we have shortlisted such team and listed the below finance resources –

  1. – Lucas Group is an expert in Finance recruitment processes. Having immense work experience and outstanding talent hunt attributes, they can prove to be the best platform for both the employers and potential employees looking for Finance roles.
  2. – SNI Financial services are experts in the direct hiring and placement of Finance professionals. They help with both retained and contingent searches ranging from accountant to CFO levels.
  3. – Whatever the requirements are – from interim-to-hire or direct-hire positions, the beacondlc team recruits and places experts by connecting the clients with appropriate talents.

Finance Interview Preparation

Finance job interviews can be nerve-racking and intimidating even for the most experienced Finance professional. However, anticipating the interview questions and preparing well in advance what to answer can curb your fears and increase your confidence level. To ease this process, we have provided below the following resources that can give you the needed edge so that you can accelerate your career.

These weblinks and resource platform will guide and help you in navigating the interview procedures with poise and self-confidence –

  1. – The CFI has compiled and listed the most frequently and commonly asked Finance interview questions. Go through the questions and master the answers to ace the interview.
  2. – Are you preparing for a corporate Finance interview? Then this website will help you in this process. There are around 20 important basic and advanced level corporate Finance interview questions.
  3. – Apart from providing important Finance interview questions, the resource gives you an insight on how to prepare for the interview so that you can be ready for the big day and rock the interview.
  4. – Are your interview questions lacking strategic thought? Want to hire the right talent? Then, this website is the one – there are a set of most important questions here which you can consider asking the Finance candidates.
  5.– Succeed in your Finance interview, and secure your dream job by mastering the answers for questions listed on this site.

Finance Professional Associations and Organizations Resources

As said earlier, the Finance field is rapidly increasing and gaining success. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that Finance jobs have the potential to increase by 8% in the forthcoming years. This influx clearly depicts that the Finance field is going to be challenging and competitive for Finance professionals, and hence they have to think of better and innovative ways to network and move ahead in their careers.

The best solution and way to handle this challenging situation is to enroll and become members of Finance organizations and Associations. Professional organizations and associations are a great way to tackle the competition and gain an upper hand. Most of the Finance organizations provide plenty of opportunities to learn new things, stay updated with the latest trends, and meet new like-minded people.

We have researched and compiled below some links to these Finance professional associations and organizations resources that can offer professionals a wealth of knowledge, information, and all other pertinent things –

  1. – The community is the central resource for research, networking, and education of members at all stages of their career.
  2. – The AABD was formed with a mission to meet the advocacy, education, and information needs of saving institution Directors and individual banks.
  3. – AFP is committed to helping the Finance professionals to succeed at a global level.
  4. – The Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst is an association known for its CAIA Charter, which is an internationally recognized Finance credential and gateway of more than 11k investment leaders across 95 countries.
  5. – strives to enhance the professionals by giving them plenty of scope for education, advocacy, networking, and ethics awareness.
  6. – Join the community and become a part of financial planners, staying connected with like-minded professionals elevates success and growth in the field.
  7. – HFMA is a healthcare financial management association that helps members to navigate today’s complex environment while still advancing in their careers.
  8. – NAPFA provides members valuable and rigorous professional growth, subscriptions to Advisor’s magazine, and access to web-based NAPFA community.
  9. – The Institute of Financial Operations gives scope for career enhancement, you can use their extensive resources and grow in your profession.
  10. – Security Traders Association educates its members on market structure issues and keeps them informed on industry trends.
  11. – FSP is the best resource for enhancing your professional network, knowledge base and to gain access to worldwide resources.
  12. – AFSA promotes safe and ethical lending policies and keeps borrowers informed. It protects and improves consumer’s access to credit.
  13. – The Secured Finance Network is a platform that unites together secured lenders, service providers, and finance companies and others who provide capital.
  14. – The not-for-profit organization that provides tools for policymakers, member firms, and investors.

Other Helpful Finance Resources

Finance Career in Healthcare

Have a passion for the healthcare sector but you are well-versed with all aspects of financial concepts! Then the right place to settle is to take up Finance jobs for the healthcare undertakings.

Healthcare industries require the same Finance professionals just as any other companies do. There are openings for accountants, compliance professionals, treasurers, CFO’s and auditors in the healthcare domain as well, and not to mention, there is a huge demand for specialist roles such as fraud investigators and claims adjustors.

But it is not easy to get into this role without relevant experience, skills, and financial background. Even for a Finance pro, it is not a bed of roses to transit into this line without some preparation. Industry-specific knowledge and additional training mentioned on the resume can highlight and help you succeed in the healthcare industry.

The following finance resources are an attempt to smoothen the transition process for you –

  1. – Healthcare administration is the backbone of any healthcare industry. To hatch a career in this line, enroll in some of the best Master’s degrees and programs listed over here.
  2. – If helping healthcare Finance is your passion and ambition, then HFMA will help you in achieving your mission.
  3. – Know about career trends in healthcare financial management. Know the various job titles and positions that you can consider taking.
  4. – Healthcare Finance provides a list of top 50 paying careers in the healthcare industry.

Digital Resources

Finance News Resource

With so many companies, news, trends, and terms around the globe, keeping track of the financial market can be a daunting process. But, still, with the advent of Internet technology, you can stay current and get all financial news at your fingertips. Even if you are not a Financial pro, you can sense and understand the money market these days using the financial resources available on the web.

The internet is flooded with a plethora of financial resources that can provide the needed global financial information to the viewers. Our research team has understood your requirements and has listed the following top resources that exhibit a wealth of information about the financial marketplace

  1. – A dedicated news section that provides easy access to news items and magazines with timestamps.
  2. – The page contains headlines about trending stocks and the latest financial events along with financial career tips and advice.
  3. – CNBC is one of the biggest financial news networks in the globe. It’s dedicated Finance-focussed market page is easy to access and browse various market topics.
  4. – WSJ is a great overall resource for Finance-related news, advice, and trend. Consult this site for the latest news and updates that affect financial situations.
  5. – Top market data provider – Reuters is known for providing broad coverage of stock, sector, and market-specific news.
  6. – While CNN focusses on news headlines, Kiplinger concentrates on providing personal advice and trends on financial matters.
  7. – The Street focusses on news pertaining to investment. Here you can find commentaries on opinion pieces, investing recommendations, and basics of getting into the market.
  8. –  Though this is not a typical news site, it aggregates information from various other financial sites and provides trending articles from all across the web.
  9. – This is a well-balanced platform that provides a blend of content on current market trends and financial news.
  10. – Find everything from investment to small business in the Forbes platform.
  11. – Get all the latest updates and news on Finance from this leading news resources.
  12. – The Yahoo Finance platform gives financial news items and is regarded as the best source for gaining a wealth of information.

Finance Career Blog Resources

Finance is one crucial industry that needs a continuous refreshment of skills, knowledge, and abilities so as to be in par with the competitors. Ace the industry by being updated and learn all the skills from the experts of this field.

Even a financial expert will need advice, and suggestions under certain situations, and for this reason, many professional writers, and bloggers have researched and written plenty of blogs covering all aspects of Finance from Accounting Fundamentals to Investment Banking Basics among others.

Take a look at the following Finance Career Blog sites and get a wealth of information –

  1. – Want to work in the Finance industry sector, then this blog will guide you in the process and gives you an insight into the various Finance career path, and resources link.
  2.  – Careers-in-Finance is designed to assist job seekers in finding interesting and rewarding Finance jobs.
  3. – Robert Half is a one-stop solution for all your Finance career related queries and doubts. The platform gives tips, insight, advice which one can use to hire productive and engaging workers or land into a challenging Finance job.
  4. – Credit Donkey provides practical career advice on various concepts from student loans to the best areas of study in Finance.
  5. – Partnering with industry and subject matter experts, the blog provides topical information to readers in an interactive blog format.

Social Media Resources for Finance

Using Social Media platforms may be a trend or vogue for many industries but for the financial industry, the reasons are far beyond this. Building a social media network or strategy is both effective and challenging. The key benefits of social media apart from new client acquisition includes – getting key industry insights, builds brand awareness, strengthens relationships, humanizes the brand, and reduces costs and efforts.

As social media matures, you are also bound to stay on top of the latest social trends and practices followed by the Finance industry in order to stay competitive. Listed below are some best social media toolkit for your reference –

  1. FinanceInsider
  2. IMAnetORG
  3. DFASOfficial
  4. RapidFinance

Video Resources for Finance

Do you want to understand the basics of Finance such as capital and expenditure? Or are you looking for advanced concepts like Risk Management? Or, you want to discover some effective ways to sharpen your financial knowledge?

Now all these can be at your fingertips with a plethora of video resources available on the Internet. But, which place to look out for? Where to start exactly?

Based on our research and experience, we have shortlisted and recommend these sources that are sure to improve your financial education –


  1. Bloomberg Markets and Finance
  2. Financial Education
  3. MoneyTalksNews
  4. The Financial Diet
  5. FinancialTimes
  6. Executive Finance
  7. Corporate Finance Institute

Resumes Ahead of the Curve

They say all the best things in life come for free! But money powers or rules the work. How do you gauge the financial decisions, given the fact that keeps on changing consistently? How to know what you want to invest in? These are just small vital Finance questions. The three essential categories of Finance are – Corporate, personal, and public Finance.

As businesses realize the value of money and mindfully handle money management, there is always a consistent and steady growth for the Finance department. The expert knowledge of the financial professional can help the company achieve its fruitful feature. There are different Finance career roles for the Finance background holders.

While a Finance undergraduate degree can fetch entry-level jobs and less-skilled positions; an advanced degree such as a Master’s degree in Finance and an MBA in Finance can land the professional in a Managerial position.

The Finance industry is very competitive and creating a well-drafted, striking, and complete Finance Resume can really help you in getting your dream job. Only a professional and catchy Finance Resume will fall in limelight and grab the attention of the potential employer.

What’s the Use of Making a Good Resume?

Great Resumes get you Interview!

In reality, hiring companies get thousands of job applications. Most of these resumes go directly into the hands of the hiring managers. A good resume necessarily gets you a good job and also it gives a guarantee to get success in an interview. And this is why building a great resume is very important in the first place.

Why us then!

There are innumerable sites that offer resume templates online, but it’s difficult to find the one which is up-to-date with the prevailing Finance Trends and which can actually help you search for the perfect job.

We have assembled in our page an excellent collection of carefully Curated Job Resume Samples to help job seekers meet the demands of this ever-evolving job market. Our professional team of Career advisors are constantly working on new samples and are coming up to tweak existing ones so that they can highlight the latest hiring trends, job responsibilities, and qualifications.

It is highly impossible to offer a Resume sample for every Finance job title under the Earth, but we have done our best to provide that, and are even working on it more! While we keep working on developing our resume library, you can still be able to find a wide variety of resume samples for most major industries as well as a collection of newly designed Finance Resume templates that can be downloaded for free and customized as needed.

Over here you can find professional resume samples tailored to suit every need of the Finance job seekers.

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