Advertising Internship Resume Samples

An Advertising Internship is provided to individuals who are interested and want to understand the learn all about creative advertising. Typical work activities listed on the Advertising Internship Resume are – learning and understanding print and audio-visual advertising campaigns, learning to build a brand image for client’s products, learning, and understanding all about media planning, conducting research, and analyzing the marketing trends, conducting research and gathering notes on media campaigning; learning to foster client relationships, understanding graphic arts and graphic designing, and preparing media plans and advertising campaign.

The nature of the job demands the following skills and abilities – a strong desire to learn, a solid understanding of various advertising and marketing techniques; excellent verbal and written communication skills, familiarity with marketing software and online applications; and passion for the advertising industry. Current enrollment in a related Master’s or bachelor’s degree is needed to take up this internship.

Advertising Internship Resume example