IT Career Resources

IT Career Resources

Almost every organization has some substantial connection with Information Technology (IT). Be it for something as simple as basic data entry or something highly advanced like artificial intelligence or virtual reality, IT is an indispensable department. Apart from the obvious engineering degree, there are a lot of other courses, which are not only low cost but also less time consuming, that would enable you to be an IT professional. One of the key points to remember when looking for IT Career Resources is to look for the latest trends and certifications since to excel in the IT Career one needs to be constantly updated with the recent changes and advancements in the field.

Detailed Guide on IT Career Resources

What is an IT Job Like?

A successful career in the IT field can come from a lot of sub-departments in the IT sector. The jobs in IT can be as conventional as an IT engineer to something that’s advanced as an AI professional, game developer, or VR specialist. With a plethora of options available, you would be spoilt for choices when deciding to start your career as an IT professional. As an IT professional, your job description may vary based on your skillset and the company’s requirements. While some people would prefer diving into software engineer roles, others might prefer to dig into hardware and network engineer profiles. The job title and designation may vary greatly from one profile to another. Also, based on the role, the IT career may demand you to have industry-specific knowledge such as coding, designing, web development, specific technological expertise, and/or testing. While experience is mandatory in this field, some employers prefer to hire less-experienced IT Professionals and even freshers for entry-level roles.

Resources for IT Career

If you want to begin your career in the field of IT, then the jobs listed below are something to be browsed for and understood about. This, however, is only quite a small list of the various roles an organization might offer to any of the qualified professionals. If you are looking for a career in the IT sector, we have compiled some helpful websites to build your career in IT. Here’s the whole list:

  1. – If you are someone who is looking for different types of career options in the IT sector, then this website is the right place to be. This site has detailed information on how to pursue each and every career path ranging from AutoCAD Drafter to Data Scientist.
  2. – This website is a go-to guide for all your career needs and requirements when it comes to jobs in the computer science and information technology fields. This page also has a list of average salaries for every job that you would be interested in.
  3. – One of the best websites, if you are looking to know the recent trends in IT Career Resources. Ranging from cloud computing to mobile applications, this website keeps you updated about novice as well as high-salaried jobs in the sector.
  4. -If you are looking for a step by step process on how to establish your career in IT, look no further than this website. A unique compilation of building career paths, this website should be your holy book for understanding the IT field.
  5. -If you are new to the IT field, then this website is the one for you. It’s going you help you in ways you would have never imagined. With all the details needed to start a career in IT, this site explains the field in words that even laymen will understand.
  6. -Decided your career path and want to learn more about it? Or conflicted between a couple of career options and looking to pick one? This website offers detailed expertise about each IT Career Paths for you to understand and pick from.

IT Career Path

A Career Path in IT is truly a blessing for any passion-driven, creative, and talented personnel. While education for IT is quite diverse, the job profiles can be as specialized as one wants. Despite having a formal degree in general IT Engineering, one gets to choose a really specific career path when it comes to an IT-based job. There are quite a handful of sub-genres in the IT that would interest you. The career is also best for people who love to learn and constantly update themselves with recent trends and technologies. Also, this is the career path for anyone who would love to be in trend and is creative because the changes in this field are so rapid that it needs someone who would be quick to adapt to changes.

IT Jobs and Career

A career path in IT is not only a boon for creative and suave professionals, but it also is a huge opportunity for people who are looking to eventually have their tech startups. IT is one of the sectors where hands-on training is what is needed to achieve great heights. Therefore, if you have a career in IT, you can be sure that every day you will be learning something new and amazing.

Some of the jobs roles that you can get when you are looking for a career in IT are:

IT Courses

IT is all about managing every single technological nuance of the company. It can range from developing to testing, ideating to delivery, and from software engineering to augmented reality. From something as simple as a website to something as advanced as a robot, an IT professional’s job contributes hugely to these concepts and innovations. Therefore, it is heavily necessary to be updated and strong in the subject matter, which is not limited to textbooks, but also to everything in this field. In order to stay in this field as well as to improve and advance in your career, you need to equip yourself with the latest courses and certifications since they are the most important way with which you can not only stay connected with the innovations, trends, and changes in the genre but also make yourselves competent for the ever-growing field of IT.

Computer majors who specialize in IT have to take courses that concentrate on developing, ideating, testing, designing, etc., based on their likes and interests, while the formal education provides a consolidated list of all the important courses that are needed for an IT Professional, IT is a large ocean, and to excel in your career, you need to do certain online courses and certifications that are specific to your area of interest. Additionally, once people join a job or when people are having a job transition, they end up contemplating higher education, like Master’s, Doctoral, or even some supplementary courses. Additionally, some people would also prefer to learn programming languages, like Python, DotNet, C#, PHP, Java, etc. in a well-versed manner so that they can excel in the coding arena, which is one of the important domains in the IT sector. Age is just a number, especially when it comes to education. Therefore, if you are someone who is looking to excel in the Information Technology domain, we would give you a list of IT Career Resources that would facilitate the process effortlessly.

These links below will take you directly to information about various federal programs, educational institute sites, and other online programs. You can also find out which University is veteran-friendly and which is good for novices as well –

  1. – CompTIA A+ is one of the organizations that offer well-recognized, highly valued certification courses for professionals in core technology domains ranging from network security to data management.
  2. – One of the well-known certifications in the world, PMI professional certification ensures that you’re ready to meet the demands of projects and employers across the globe.
  3. – Having certification and/or training from Cisco is a huge bonus, especially if you are working in Network Security or Data Security field. One of the pioneers in the field of security in Information Technology, Cisco is one of the best organizations to be associated with this sector.
  4. – Apart from your formal degree, there are plenty of other certification courses in Information Technology that would help you in competing with your peers to reach great heights in your career. The Classroom also offers several higher-level IT education programs.
  5. -Looking for a one-stop solution to find degrees, courses, certification, and other add-on courses that would suit you in building your IT Career? Look no further than this website. From top schools to rankings of such schools, this page has it all sorted for you.
  6. -To have a rewarding career in I.T, all you need is a unique, in-depth program that is designed to prepare you irrespective of if you are a beginner looking for your first career or a person looking to have a career change. So, no matter what your background is, you will be benefitted from courses and programs offered here.
  7. – Owing to the flourishing demand for technology in almost every industry, many are finding success in IT Career. IT-oLogy offers educational opportunities not only for young professionals but also for students in their high school and university so they can choose their career path efficiently.
  8. – The first step to start your career in IT, irrespective of your educational background is to have a fair knowledge in the Computer Science field. EDX’s Computer Science Courses are offered by Harvard University. This particular course is an introduction to the intellectual enterprises of computer science and the art of programming.
  9. – Programming is one of the core subjects when it comes to an IT Career, so if you are looking to equip yourselves with strong programming skills.
  10. -This is the course you need to be picking. Irrespective of your educational background, this course covers the vital Java programming language to a great extent.

IT Career Development Resources

IT is one sector that is in most demand, but we should also understand that IT isn’t just about technology. It also involves client coordination, communication, documentation, ideation, innovation, and a lot more. Not surprisingly, most of the tech start-ups and companies pay a lot to their tech team than anyone else. These days, Tech and Marketing are two eyes for any tech-based company.

There are a variety of IT career paths which many of you wouldn’t have even heard off if you are new or only a year old to this field, but there are humungous possibilities for growth and advancement in these lesser-known areas. And some of these career path lines include – augmented reality scientists, virtual reality experts, VR game developers, political campaign experts, digital business development and sales consultants, etc.

Information Technology is one of the bigger departments, which encompasses other sub-departments in it. IT Career Resources are something that you might find anywhere and everywhere. However, to ease this process for you, we have compiled a list for you in the forthcoming sections.

  1. – Over here you can find more than 50 professional development resources that are highly useful for IT professionals. From basic career development to analytical skills development, you can browse for all categories using this resource.
  2. – Whether you want to enhance your technology skills, or want to gain some basic knowledge relating to the specific domain of the IT field, you have got it all in this resource site. Numerous e-learning resources are listed here for your professional development.
  3. – Lifelong learning is crucial, mainly for the IT professionals, Pearson’s understand this requirement and have come up with this professional development resource site. Explore the wide range of products and services offered that can help you progress in your IT field.

Now that you have decided to pursue your career in the IT field or transition to the IT sector, the first step would be to find the right IT jobs that would suit your skillset. There are plenty of enterprises and organizations that offer a diverse range of jobs in the IT sector depending on your education and the level of experience you have. Therefore, depending on your academic background, qualifications, talents, and the requirements of the company., irrespective of if you are looking for an entry-level IT job or transitioning to a senior-level role, the job hunt will become tedious if you don’t know the right places to look for the job. Also, gone are the days where jobs are listed only in classifieds; nowadays there are a zillion other resources that would help you land in your dream role.

There are plenty of IT Professional recruiting agencies that connect the job seekers with top-notch IT companies easily. Since these agencies and recruitment portals have worked with major IT and Tech-based companies across the world, they have better exposure and would certainly help in matching the right job with the right person. This list of IT Career Resources would be quite helpful for both employers as well as job seekers; some of the benefits that an employer can benefit from using these job search portals include:

  • Connect you to the right talent
  • Help in quick placements
  • Build a good network of IT resources

The overall technology advancement has peaked tremendously that it has now become too hard for people to decide the best website or tool to use. With a plethora of applicants and a huge list of jobs to make job/employee search easier, all you need is a well-researched list.

Our professional team have compiled the following helpful websites to build your career in IT, which are great for targeting various IT job openings –


Associations and Organizations Resources for IT Career

To stay up-to-date with the IT trends and to enhance your computer science and IT skills, it is highly important to be associated with various associations and organizations. All these organizations that we have compiled below offer a lot of relevant data, prospects, and even allows you to explore a wide range of courses and certifications, which are not only easily accessible but also globally accredited. Many of these online courses are available for free of cost or a very minimal fee. To become noticed, recognized, and to come as a highly looked upon professional, you have to stay connected with relevant IT associations and organizations because such trends will look brilliant on a resume and would be cherished by recruiters.

When building your career, staying in a trend with IT resources is a good way to go. To land and to stay in this career, one has to plan the career and make the job search easy using as many resources as possible. If you are a student in the IT department, then you have got plenty of scopes to enter this field through campus interviews and placement. However, for those who are already in this field and is looking for a job change, or people in the different field looking for a transition, or people proceeding to move ahead to higher levels in their career, getting enrolled with the best IT organizations and associations will be the best way to proceed.

Our team of professionals have worked diligently on this and have come with the following list of best organizations, which provide you with all the IT Career Resources needed when it comes to relevant associations and organizations.

Here are some best IT associations you should explore to improve your reputation and credibility in the sector –

  1. – An organization that truly believes that computing helps to solve tomorrow’s problems. Join this organization, if you believe that you would want to use your knowledge and skills to advance in your profession and make a positive impact.
  2. – CompTIA is the pathway to a rewarding technology career. One of the best-known IT Career Resources, CompTIA is the place to be irrespective of if you are a student or a practicing technology professional. This association has something for everyone.
  3. -This professional trade association is created for software developers who create cutting edge apps and technologies. If you are someone looking to make it big in your IT field, you will benefit a lot from this association.
  4. -Found in Washington, this association is exclusive for women who are in the Information Technology and computing professions. Irrespective of you are a programmer, technical writer, trainer, or consultant, if you are a woman in IT Career, this association is for you.
  5. – This association is the best organization focused on fostering and developing diverse working professionals and future leaders of IT in the Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) and all digital technology fields.
  6. – This public interest alliance for computer scientists and other IT professionals is a place to be informed about the impact, technology changes, innovations, and updates in the field of computer technology on society and the welfare of people because of the same. If you are applying for a CSR role in an IT company, membership in this association will be a huge plus.
  7. – The computer sciences concern of the famous IEEE association, this association is for Computer Science and IT students, professionals, and leaders. From helping in publishing papers to understanding the latest trends, this association is the most recognized in the IT sector.
  8. – As an IT professional, something that’s very important is networking with other professionals. And, NPA provides you with this opportunity. Irrespective of you are looking for online or real-life networking, this place is the one you should look in.
  9. – Publishing papers are a key part of any Technology-based career. And, STC is one such association, which will help you in that process effortlessly.
  10. – If you are an IT leader or a Technology Manager, looking to expand your business opportunities, then SD Forum is the one for you.
  11. – Another association for women in the IT Career, WIT caters to women of any IT professional front. It helps them to face unique challenges that will eventually make them better in their career.
  12. – ICCP is the place that will help you in learning new skills and demonstrating competency in your IT career. This association offers a lot of certifications that your employers will cherish if possessed by you.
  13. – To keep in trend with the latest trends and technologies in cyberspace, ISSA is a great organization to be associated with. With general membership, you can read expert papers as well as attend select events.
  14. – IEEE needs no introduction whatsoever. It is one of the well-known organizations, whose membership is well-received and respected across STEM departments.
  15. – A global organization, NPA is for publications, career guidance, and events in the IT field. This association is like a close-knit community for Computer Professionals.
  16. – If you are a woman in the IT Career, there are plenty of opportunities for you to constantly improve, learn, and grow. WITI is a 30-year-old association, which is exclusively for women in computing careers.
  17. – If you are a student looking to get expert knowledge, guidance, and advice to choose your career path in IT, look no further than Career and Technical Student Organization in ACTE.

Digital  Resources

IT Career – News Resources

It would be considered a huge understatement if we say that the IT industry is advancing quite rapidly. With the world around us moving so rapidly and innovatively, it is surely easy to lag on the IT news that matters. It is quite a well-known fact most of us spend very limited time interacting face-to-face with people or watching the news or reading newspapers. Thanks to the spur in the usage of smartphones, there is a clear shift in how people gather news. However, when it comes to career-related news, one needs to verify the sources and gather information and trends only from credible news portals.

Our research team has gathered the following helpful websites to build your Career in IT. Right from breaking IT news headlines to deep subject matter analysis on the emerging trends and technologies, we have compiled and listed everything that can help you stay in touch with the ever-changing IT sector.

  1.– From news and tips about starting up a company to the latest updates, trends, and innovation, this website provides you with every news that’s needed for an IT professional.
  2. – Economic Times provides you with its very own news about IT Career Resources. One of the trustworthy, well-researched news portals out there.
  3. – Another news portal that updates people on everyday news about the IT field is the IT World. From the latest Chrome updates to CIA Triad, this covers it all.

IT Career – Books to Read

Most of the successful IT Professionals today have been able to reach great heights due to continuous learning. Almost all of the things that are learned today about IT comes from online sources such as – informative blogs, online study materials, expert opinions, resource books, and so on. However, resources books on IT add great value for money since no matter what, books are one of the age-old methods for readers to seek growth and become successful professionals in the IT field. From coding to designing to app development, the IT Career Useful Resources site for books and ebooks will help you in reaching new heights and know how to attract and engage clients, and also educate you on the dos and don’ts in this sector. You may have picked this field due to passion and interest for IT Career, however, more than passion, one needs to have certain skill sets and knowledge on the recent updates and innovation in the field to be successful and achieve further in this career path.

If you want to earn, then you have to learn. There are plenty of books that have withstood with time and deserve a place in your bookshelf.

Listed below are some best Book Resources that can help IT, professionals, a lot in their professional life:

  1. The IT Career Builder’s Toolkit
  2. Careers in Information Technology

IT Career – Video Resources

In today’s world, the contemporary IT professionals are expected to sharpen their skill sets regularly to be on par with their peers and competitors. While most careers need just an academic background in the relevant field as a precursor, qualifications and Resources for IT Career need more than just a formal degree. With the advent of modern technologies, especially with social media sites and video streaming platforms, there are so many opportunities and options to learn and grow. The internet is flooded with the latest updates, news about innovations, and plenty of How to make a career in IT Videos.

Hence it becomes pivotal for IT Professionals to tap all the available resources to stay updated with what is happening around the globe in the IT field. In the below-mentioned resources pages, you will be able to find the latest trends in IT using which you can upgrade your career and gain advanced technical skills.

  1. Types of IT Jobs
  2. I.T. Career Questions
  3. IT Career Paths
  4. 5 Tips On Growing your Software Engineering Career

IT Career – Social Media Resources

Irrespective of whether you are a newbie trying to learn about the IT field or a seasoned professional looking to advance in this career path, it is highly important to discover various IT Career Resources in the Social Media platforms, so that you can make your operations and learning processes more effective and efficient. There are plenty of tools ranging from blogs to career advice pages to social media posts, pages, and groups like that on Facebook and Twitter, which can help you to stay in touch with the current happenings in the IT field to help build IT, professionals, all over the world.

Even if you are familiar with all the stuff, you have to keep yourself updated with the latest trends, ideas, and news from the IT community. You can develop your skillset by reading blogs that are posted on these social media Resources for IT Career or just check them regularly to know about career development, advancements in the IT sector, interesting news, and the expertise and achievements of others. Some interesting blog to follow in this sector is Computer Weekly, Computer World, Tech Crunch, Mashable, Engadget, etc.

Listed below are some outstanding social media platform IT Career Links that can help you in this process –

How to Prepare your IT Resume?

Now that you have decided to pursue your IT job career, and want to write an ace resume for your job search? Whatever your needs may be, the first step you should do is to write a Professional Resume. A well-crafted Resume not only gives a strong first impression but also will bring a convincing sales pitch. The best IT Resume should showcase your talents, qualifications, education, and experience to woo the IT Recruiter.

For you, it may be a piece of paper, but for the hiring manager, this is the first proof of you and your talent.

You can excel in your IT Career, but how will you impress your potential hiring officer now?

Before you can apply for your IT job, you should concentrate on writing a Stellar Resume that contains all valuable information, because every day the hiring managers receive thousands and thousands of Resumes, and the only way you can fall into the eyes of the Employer is through an effective IT Resume.

How to write the best IT resume that will highlight your exceptional skills?
Don’t worry! This is simple as plugging and playing!

We have provided you with some useful list IT of Career Resources that can give you a complete picture of how to write a professional IT Resume.

Each of our IT Resume guides will provide you –

  • Great IT Resume templates that are 10 times better than any other resumes
  • Excellent It Resume tips, advice, and examples of how to include skills, and qualifications
  • How to write an IT Resume that can help you land more interviews
  • How to get an IT Resume for your no-experience background
  • How to portray your experience on the Resume and get the job you want
  • How to tailor your resume based on the Job description
  • Steps to update your Resume

Still, want to know what’s the use of making a Good Resume?

Great Resumes get you Interview!

In reality, hiring companies get thousands of job applications. Most of these resumes go directly into the hands of the hiring managers. A good resume necessarily may not get you the job but it gives a guarantee for an interview. And this is why building a great resume is very important in the first place.

Why Qwikresume!

There are innumerable sites that offer resume templates online, but it’s difficult to find the one which is up-to-date with the prevailing IT career Trends and which can help you search for the perfect job.

We have assembled in our page an excellent collection of carefully Curated Job Resume Samples to help job seekers meet the demands of this ever-evolving job market. Our professional team of Career advisors are constantly working on new samples and are coming up to tweak existing ones so that they can highlight the latest hiring trends, job responsibilities, and qualifications.

It is highly impossible to offer a Resume sample for every IT job title under the Earth, but we have done our best to provide that, and are even working on it more! While we keep working on developing our resume library, you can still be able to find a wide variety of resume samples for most major industries as well as a collection of newly designed IT Resume templates that can be downloaded for free and customized as needed.

Over here you can find professional resume samples tailored to suit every need of the IT job seekers –

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