Logistics Career Resources

Logistics Career Resources

A Career in Logistics is all about moving, storing, and supplying products, items, and things from one destination to the other. And when we say products or things, it means everything under the globe from people to animals to goods and services. It is imperative that without the logistics and transport sector, the whole business function will come to a standstill, we won’t be able to fly on holidays, nor can we buy or order anything sitting at our home or for that matter even communication systems stay halted. Not just the business industries, but almost everyone in this world is influenced and depend on the logistics and transport industry. This necessity and dependability have consequently paved the scope for many diverse career paths within the Logistics industry. There is always a job available for the job-seekers in this exciting, ever-changing, and fast-paced sector. People working in this field are constantly kept on their toes. Keeping that in view we have provided some of the Logistics Career Resources below.

Detailed Guide on Logistics Career Resources

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What is a Logistics Job like?

While many may be familiar with the Logistics terminology, they may not be aware of what the job is like? Or what can be the scopes within this highly rewarding sector. Logistics includes everything from product storage, merchandise delivery, inventory tracking to trucking, and product handling. Employees in this area majorly include –

While entry-level Workers in this industry take charge of assembling merchandise, labeling products, tracking inventory, filling orders, data entry, customer service, ticketing, and more, the top-level management disburses additional responsibilities such as training employees, ordering merchandise, enforcing safety standards, and maintaining inventories.

Career in Logistics

Things to know about Logistics Career

All of you would be aware of the fact that Logisticians take charge of the company’s supply chain and work for Supply Chain Management. Typical job tasks include – fostering relationships with suppliers, ensuring the transported materials; minimizing the costs of moving goods, and understanding the customer’s needs.

As per the Fortune.com article, there will be roughly 1.4 million logistics jobs during the forthcoming years, and hence it surely implies that Logistics aspirants will always be in demand. But, before you can proceed further here are some facts and insight you should hear from the experts before you can get started –

  • Logistics is a big business
  • Work locations can vary
  • As positions increase stress decreases
  • SCM understanding is challenging
  • Education is crucial
  • It’s dubbed as the “Best Business Job”

Why Choose a Career in Logistics?

Logistics is a very crucial career field in this world. Without proper planning and execution of the distribution process, the society will not only start lacking economic growth, but it will gradually affect the other career fields also. Every company needs the service of a Logistician to operate their supply chain management functions.
Listed below are some top reasons as to why one should consider a career in Logistics –

  • New opportunities keep arising in Logistics
  • Remuneration is more than ever
  • Jobs are available for all education levels
  • Advancement opportunities are abundant
  • Logistics training is provided by the Government
  • Logistics Career can be started anywhere
  • A career in logistics is never boring
  • Opportunities for women in logistics is expanding
  • Logistics is a stepping stone for entering into international business
  • Fostering fraternal relationships

Logistics Career Path

As said before, Logistics is a part and parcel of every industry, and a career path in this area is the one that is filled with plenty of opportunities for growth and advancement. Many of the logistics roles are the most-sought after ones in almost many countries. But the main problem is that some employers struggle to get ambitious and talented logistics professionals to fill many crucial roles. A Logistics Career entails working in purchasing, business strategy, transportation, warehouse management, or forecasting, to just name a few. Opportunities in Logistics are in abundance and will continue to grow in the coming decades as well. There is a common misconception that this industry is rather a difficult one to break in and requires advanced education. But the reality is that this career is made accessible to people coming from any levels of education. For instance, entry-level labor roles such as the warehousing and the transportation industry don’t even necessitate a degree. On the other hand, advanced roles such as Operations need a certain level of education and experience.

Well this being said, it is also possible to climb the success ladder in this industry without a degree.

Apart from this, various other reasons make studying Logistics as the smart and best choice among potential students. We have researched, compiled, and bulleted below the most pertinent reasons that can help you decide the right study or program for you!

Here are some best Logistics Career resource sites that can help the job seekers in achieving their dream job –

  1. Internationalstudent.com – The International Student site aims to recognize the talent of the students around the world and serve their needs. They provide world-class logistics career resources to students so that they can investigate and pick the most-appropriate international education. The site gives an idea of various possible careers that one can pursue in the logistics sector.
  2. Raise.me – The Platform gives an elaborate view of salary, career path, job outlook, education, and more for those who want to pursue a career in the logistics sector. The site partners with universities and offers scholarships to students for the achievements made by the student during their school or community college.
  3. Logisticsbureau.com – This is a valuable article for those who want to begin a fresh career in this field, and also for those who are making a mid-career move into the logistics field. The article gives a complete picture of various positions and career paths associated with them.
  4. Ajilon.com – This career guide will help in understanding the supply chain and logistics work culture and what the professionals do, what titles they possess, and what are the industries that accommodate logistics and transportation professionals. You can also learn the knack to break into this field and how to begin your career and stay tuned for the job search process.
  5. Forbes.com – Steve Banker gives a clear picture of the logistics sector and explains the various advantages associated with this career line. A very informative article for those who want to pursue a logistics career.
  6. Supplychaindigital.com – We all know that logistics is a very important career option that should be considered, and this platform is an attempt that puts more input on this career. Listed in the site are the top 10 reasons that make this sector. the best among others.
  7. Logisticsdegree.net – Those interested in the logistics career should start planning even before taking up the degree course. To make this process easy and simple, this website provides an elaborate list of various colleges and courses that can be useful for a career in logistics and supply chain management.
  8. Bestcolleges.com – Nothing can be conquered so easily, and similarly, it is not that easy to land into the logistics position as well, but with good guidance and career advice students can start their logistics job searches easy. The article gives a detailed list of various logistics degrees, industries, and salaries.

Education Resources for Logistics Professionals

Gone are the stereotypical days when one had to step out of the house and go miles to earn a degree or certification. With the advent of the internet and various online courses, educational goals, and learning has become convenient and flexible. Numerous educational institutions offer distance education or learning modules worldwide both on a part-time and full-time basis. Students can now very easily earn a degree, diploma, and certification through online education modules.

An online course in Logistics will train the students on diverse key aspects of logistics and supply chain management. Participants can learn the strategies for evaluating, implementing, and designing industrial applications. Logistics topics delve into models and techniques regarding product movement in complex systems. Some courses instruct on enhancing finance, performance, and customer satisfaction through well-coordinated supply chain management. Also, these courses equip students with knowledge of how the sector affects the customer’s satisfaction, product development, output, and cost-effectiveness. Similarly, graduates can gain knowledge on how to design the logistics process for the business. And upon successful completion of these logistics online courses, the person will be able to find plenty of career opportunities within the sector. There are even plenty of international opportunities for those who have a logistics degree. Students these days have more options than before with world-wide institutions offering distance-learning modules.

Listed here are some priceless online Logistics career resources that can help you in improving your logistics knowledge and skills

  1. Study.com – Are you interested in a career in Logistics? Study.com site gives you a detailed picture of the needed education and helps you to prepare to make a career in this line. Have a quick view at this site to learn the requirements, training, job duties, and certification that are needed to start a career in logistics and also find out if this career is for you.
  2. Coloradotech.edu – This education resource site offers flexible online course modules that help students to have their class schedules as per their needs. There are grants and scholarships made available to qualifying students. The best place to learn the best thing.
  3. Careerwise.minnstate.edu – If vehicles fascinate you and you are passionate to know about the movement of vehicles and things, then you should think of a career in logistics. The site outlines careers, industries, pathways, and, majors in this cluster.
  4. Flaminia.in – Want to begin a career in logistics or want to transit to this field? Either way, this education resource site is open to all graduates. This online education course is a two-year UGC recognized program that provides knowledge of supply chain management. The course imparts knowledge through teaching and learning strategies, lectures, seminars, and, workshops.
  5. Alu.army.mil – The ALU trains students, educates, and develops Army and joint leaders in the field of logistics, contracting, and research systems analysis. The site offers an exceptional logistics education even while building a multi-functional culture.
  6. Collegechoice.net – Searching for some affordable logistics courses? Then this site is the ideal one! You can very easily find an ideal degree course and get enrolled easily. The site also provides abundant information about this complex and ever-evolving career field.
  7. Scl.gatech.edu – The Georgia Tech Supply Chain and Logistics Institute provides leadership for education and research in the application of scientific principles into supply chain strategies, processes, infrastructure, and technology.
  8. Coursera.org – In this site, you will find plenty of education resource site for various logistics concepts from supply chain logistics to supply chain organization. Browse from the diverse categories and learn from the best colleges.
  9. Thebestschools.org – To qualify for the Supply Chain Management jobs, candidates need a relevant logistics degree and qualification. The best school site provides a list of some of the best schools wherein students can pursue and achieve their educational goals to make a career in logistics.
  10. Inboundlogistics.com – Inbound logistics gives a list of various supply chain and logistics education programs. The support tool will help in identifying the schools, coursework, continuing education, certification, and distance learning opportunities provided by the top-most logistics educational institutions across the globe.
  11. Alchemyrecruitment.com – Alchemy offers some of the best courses and certifications offered by various educational institutions around the country and the globe. Students can pick easily some of the best colleges and courses from the website and make a career in logistics and supply chain management.
  12. Collegegrad.com – The special platform of College Grad provides insight into logisticians’ career, salary, and education information. Listed are some top logistician jobs as well.
  13. Allaboutcareers.com – All about careers gives an elaborate detail of the logistics field and helps students in picking the right course. With such a vast array of logistics career opportunities, students can very easily pick an appropriate course and make a fortune out of that.
  14. Logisticsjobsweb.com – The site connects logistics employers with employees. Register on the site to get free job alerts, upload your resume, and get identified by top-notch employers.
  15. Qwikresume.com – Qwikresume site concentrates on helping job applicants in their resume writing process, and also lists the career prospects in the industry.

Logistics Career Organizations & Associations

A career in the Logistics and Supply Chain across the globe, now more than ever, is boundless and knows no limits. But with the right approach, knowledge, skills, and attitude, the Logistics professionals can excel as there is no career ceiling for this sector. However, the competition is stiff out there, and hiring employers expect professionalism. Most of the professionals within this industry are highly talented and experienced. This influx implies that the entry-level job seekers and those who want to progress in this sector have to think of better ways and come with innovative ideas to be on par with their peer members. And the best way to acquire this skill is to participate in on-going education, stay updated with the latest happenings, and build a relationship with professionals across the world.

Professional organizations and associations are a great way to tackle the competition and gain an upper hand. These organizations provide plenty of opportunities to learn new things, stay updated with the latest trends, and meet new people. Many of the organizations and associations encourage members to participate in their groups and come up with feedback and new ideas that can benefit both the members and participants of the Logistics and supply chain industry. All these organizations have a common goal and attribute – a commitment to on-going education, performance consistent with the agreed body of knowledge or rules, and compliance with a code of conduct.

The following logistics career resources list has been researched and compiled by us and can be considered as a key resource for those interested in enhancing professional development or to connect with like-minded logistics professionals. All these sites are a wealth of information, knowledge and will lead you to different types of professional Logistics associations, regulatory agencies, government agencies related to this field –

  1. Apics.org – If you want to transform the way your business is progressing with its logistics process, then you should enroll with the APICS. They are essential partners who can help in transforming the way business is done and reach global customers. They are united to improve global supply chain excellence and resilience.
  2. Ahrmm.org – AHRMM is a professional association that concentrates on effective supply chain management and logistics. The platform targets to advance health care with supply chain advancement through education, advocacy to professionals in health care, and related organizations.
  3. Cscmp.org – Join CSMP to get regular updates on supply chain and logistics and participate in various networking events and become a member of panels and discussions. And also, get an opportunity to explore various roundtable events.
  4. Iwla.com – Looking for warehouse solutions? Need racking, WMS, staffing, and more? Or want to find a partner? The IWLA is a complete all-in-one resource for all your warehousing solutions.
  5. Sole.org – The SOLE is a non-profit international logistics professional society that targets to educate members on the arts and science of logistics technology, management, and education.
  6. Instituteforsupplymanagement.org – Become a Member of the ISM and get an opportunity to stay engaged, connected, and current with everything that’s happening in supply chain management. This is also the best platform where you can obtain your certification in the most cost-affordable and efficient way.
  7. Naepnet.org – Connect with NAEP to get connected for your future in procurement. The specially designed education platform helps you to know everything about procurement, anytime, and anywhere.
  8. Ncmahq.org – The NCMA doesn’t just guarantee you a job or certification in logistics, but it goes beyond and promises to connect to create what’s next. Become a member and enhance your knowledge, connect with peers, and gain access to talk with experts.
  9. Iscea.org – ISCEA offers a package of services from education to the workshop to the latest news. Become an ISCEA member and be assured, as the company takes care of your lifelong supply chain education, certification and recognition needs.
  10. Werc.org – The WERC helps members to get connected with the dynamic industry of logistics across the country and the globe. A robust site that connects employers with employees and gives scope for members to participate in conferences and events.
    Tianet.org – Join Transport Intermediaries Association to advance your business. From education courses to events and meetings, logisticians can get everything under one umbrella.
  11. Tiaca.org –  TIACA trains air cargo professionals. The website represents aircraft manufacturers, all-cargo airlines, combination carriers, consultants; logistics companies, road carriers, and screening technology developers.
  12. Mhi.org – The MHI makes supply chain operations work. Join the association to get access to manufacturing and supply chain buyers and gain market intelligence.
  13. Intermodal.org – IANA is the connecting force behind intermodal freight. It brings together members of the intermodal freight community with available resources and information.
  14. Enotrans.org – ENO – center for transportation is an unbiased, expert source of information on critical and emerging concepts in transportation.

Women In Logistics

When we talk about logistics, the first thing that comes to mind is moving, lifting, loading, and unloading of goods and products. And the next thing that we finalize is that this career is not suitable for women as it’s not possible for women to handle moving and lifting of goods. But this is a common myth, Logistics has many more aspects and sectors within, that accommodates both the men and the women folks. As per the latest data from the logistics and supply chain sector indicate the sector is taking on a key role in enhancing economic growth. This is propelled, hugely by the boom in e-commerce and international trade happening over the internet. The parcel industry growth in internet commercial activity has grown by over by more than 20%. And this implies that women can manage logistics just as their counterparts can.

But still, even in many developed countries, women in logistics occupy only a meager of positions. According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics, the logistics industry is the second largest employer of women and the industry employs 11.063 million women, which is just 3.9% of the total figure. Well this being said, Women, these days are being educated to take up this career and there are many training sessions and organizations that impart the knowledge of logistics and make the logistics career opportunities open and wide to women. Embarking on such a transformation will not only bring a balance between men and women in the industry but will also contribute towards the overall economic growth and sustainability.

As a means to contribute towards this transformation, we have researched and compiled below a few logistics career resources site that can help women to make a career in Logistics –

  1. Logisticsmgmt.com – a Site that concentrates and defines the power of women in the logistics sector.
  2. Ciltinternational.org – women can take membership over here and get connected with like-minded women in the logistics industry.
  3. Cerasis.com – Nicole Lewis talks about embracing the idea of women in the ever-challenging Logistics and supply chain department. It guides and talks about how women can achieve top-level talent and reach high.
  4. Womeninlogistics.org – The mission of the organization is to help women by providing logistics career resources in the business, transportation, supply chain management, and technology.
  5. Theceomagazine.com – The website enlightens on why the future of logistics needs more women.

Digital Resources

News Resources for Logistics Career

News resources are not only common these days, but they have replaced completely the traditional media tools like magazines and newspapers. With the advent of internet technology and smartphones, it has become easier and simpler to get global journalism at fingertips. Most of the readers these days harness the potential of online news instead of waiting for the morning newspapers.

And logistics is one sector that needs consistent awareness of present happenings and to create an effective logistics strategy. Digital transformation has evolved and changed things to a great level. In fact, as per a recent survey conducted, it is seen that Google is the most important source of news and information; and news websites are more important and popular among the youth.

Keeping this in mind, our research team has gathered the following essential logistics career resources that give a complete list of the latest Logistics News. Right from breaking Logistics headlines to deep analysis of emerging trends, we have compiled and listed everything that can help you stay in touch with the ever-changing and challenging Logistics and Supply Chain world.

Here’s a quick list of Logistics career resources for news available on the web –

  1. Money.usnews.com – Know everything about logistics – right from education required to how to become a logistician to how to get a job in the logistics sector. The US news resource gives a complete logistician overview.
  2. Freightwaves.com – Keep your logistician career on track with the help of freight waves. From legal issues to trade and compliances to the latest news, logisticians can find the solution to every question over here.
  3. Wsj.com – WSJ provides today’s top supply chain and logistics news. From the latest news to emerging logistics technology, aspirants can get everything under this roof.

Book Resources for Logistics Career

Logistics is a very tricky business, but most of the best business minds are working out on it and have made the work easier and powerful by writing down their advice, lessons, tips, and tricks in the form of logistics books. There are so many concepts and facets under the supply chain management and logistics sector and it is naturally hard even for the highly experienced logistics professional to have a strong grasp over everything. To make the search process simple and easy for our readers, we have researched this and come up with some best logistics career resources site for books.

It can be overwhelming when it comes to choosing the appropriate book, so to help our readers we recommend the following Supply Chain Management and Logistics books. The below-stated logistics career resources site will help with both theoretical and ideal scenarios and also impart you with the needed knowledge to tackle and manage the real-world logistics situation that you may come across and find yourself in –

  1. Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics – This book is best for beginners who want to make a career in the field of logistics. The book introduces the readers to this career cluster and allows them to explore pathways, training, education needed, and current industry trends.
  2. Supply Chain Management – This book is for entry-level aspirants who are seeking to make a career in supply chain management and logistics. From education to job scopes, everything is explained in this book.
  3. Logistics & Supply Chain Management – This book is a must-have an all-in-one book designed mainly for the supply chain practitioners and managers. It depicts logistics, lean, and supply chain management in a readable form.
  4. Global Logistics & Supply Chain Management – This is a second edition that concentrates on logistics studies mainly for the SCM and logistics students. It encompasses both practical and strategic perspectives and talks about real-life situations.
  5. Operations and Supply Chain Management – The 13th edition of the book concentrates on supply chain management and service operations as well. The book covers solved examples, problems, and enough cases for MBA courses.
  6. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management – The book offers first-hand experience and relationships with practitioners and executives worldwide and presents complete coverage of today’s supply management process.

Video Resources for Logistics Career

Today’s modern Logisticians are expected to sharpen their skill sets constantly to be on par with their peer groups and among competitors. During the earlier days, it was considered enough if you had an academic background in the relevant field to break into this career, but this is not possible now. With the advent of modern technologies, the World Wide Web, social media, and then the mobile, things are being learned from every single available angle. The internet is flooded with the latest updates, new arrivals, and plenty of machine learning tools.

Hence it becomes pivotal for the logisticians to tap all the available resources to stay updated with what is happening around the globe in the SCM and Logistics sector. In the below-mentioned resources pages, you will be able to find the latest Supply Chain and Logistics and transportation trends, how to upgrade your career, and how to gain technical skills.

Social Media Resources for Logistics Career

Irrespective of whether you are an old hand or new to the Logistics field, it is highly important to discover various resources and social media logistics tools so that you can make your operations more effective and efficient. There are plenty of tools from blogs to career advice pages to social media tools like Facebook and Twitter that can help you to stay in touch with current happenings and logistics efforts of professionals from all over the world.

Even if you are familiar with all the stuff, you have to keep yourself updated with the latest trends, ideas, and news from your like-minded community. You can enhance your knowledge by reading blogs that are posted on social media resources or just check them regularly to know about career development and the experience of others. Various such blogs can include – Social Media Examiner, Social Fresh, Copy Blogger, Buffer blog, and so on.

Listed below are some outstanding social media platform links that can help you in this process –

Resumes Ahead of the Curve

A logistician must manage, coordinate, organize, and take responsibility for orderly transportation, delivery, and storage of products and goods. Similarly, if you want to land into this career field, your Logistics Resume should strongly organize and depict your skills, qualifications, and educational details to get the desired result. You are about to draft your best logistics resume, but the picture over here is –You have a strong logistics background with plenty of professional experience, but you may lack in writing a catchy Resume.

The hiring managers are sitting at their desks with piles of resumes who have applied for this supply chain and logistics position, and the employer looks for a well-drafted Logistics resume. And in all these situations, if your resume fails to catch the eyes of the employer, then the ultimate loss if for you and not for the employer, as the hiring manager will have an entire cargo manifest full of choices. But, with our help and support, you can be assured to get the best possible resume for your logistics job search. But again there are innumerable sites that offer resume examples online, but it’s difficult to find the one which is up-to-date with the prevailing trends and which can help you search for the perfect job.

Why Qwikresume!

We have assembled in our page an excellent collection of carefully Curated Job Resume Samples to help job seekers meet the demands of this ever-evolving job market. Our professional team of Career advisors are constantly working on new samples and are coming up to tweak existing ones so that they can highlight the latest hiring trends, job responsibilities, and qualifications. Each of the Sample Resumes or templates in our collection is a combined result of our hard-work, experience, and research that our professionals and Career advisors have made in the field. And as an added advantage, we would like to state that every resume over here is reviewed thoroughly and approved by our Certified in-house Professional Resume Writers.

Select any Resume Sample from our list and you can find the following –

  • A Well-drafted, professional, modern design resume template tailored for each of the Logistics and Supply Chain job Titles
  • A distinct section to highlight your experience, education, skills, and more
  • Text format information for easy copy-paste option

It is highly impossible to offer a Resume sample for every Logistics job title under the Earth, but we have done our best to provide that, and are even working on it more! While we keep working on developing our resume library, you can still be able to find a wide variety of resume samples for most major industries as well as a collection of newly designed Logistics Resume templates that can be downloaded for free and customized as needed. So, need help in perfecting your resume? Download our Professional Logistics Resume samples, or just check out our other related Logistics resumes and get started. To save time and make things move fast, you can use our resume builder as well

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