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If the world is moving today at a very fast phase, then the credit goes to the Transportation industry. Every day, goods and people move throughout the globe, and the workers of the transportation and warehousing sectors are the reason for this movement and transfer. The industry has helped customers to get at their door what they want, be it toothpaste from the nearby area or an electronic product from some other country.

For example, a Truck Driver job employment accounts for one among five jobs in the transportation industry, and all the more, this industry is the backbone for many other occupations too including ship captains, avionics technicians, and cargo agents. The article describes careers in this sector with an overview of the industry, education requirements and tips for starting a career in this field. Various Job titles included in the category are – air traffic controllers, truck drivers, bus drivers, delivery truck drivers, sales workers, commercial pilots, material moving machine operators, taxi drivers, transportation workers, railroad workers and many more.

The job summary for an Air Traffic Controller includes controlling the movement of aircraft and maintaining a safe distance; while the job description for a heavy tractor driver includes transporting goods and products from one place to another. The education and qualifications vary greatly based on the job title but commonly include possessing a valid driving school earned after learning the skill from a specialized driving institute.

The median salary may range anywhere from $27,720 to $1,15,670, and the employment in this occupation is projected to grow 6% by 2026 which may add to at least 634,300 more jobs in this sector. The industry also gives scope for clerical and management jobs due to the growing population which in fact creates growth in the transportation industry. Keep browsing our webpage to know more about job options, education requirements, career guide, cover letters, and sample resumes.

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