Construction Career Resources

Construction Career Resources

The Construction sector includes everything from the construction of residential buildings, commercial complexes, industrial buildings to various engineering projects such as bridges, utility systems, and roads. The construction project can be a new one and refurbishment and remodeling of old ones. When we mean a construction job, it merely doesn’t involve what we see on the building sites. There are diverse career choices within the industry. And that includes planning, designing, executing, project management, and also doing some hands-on practical work. And the job of a Construction professional is to ensure that these projects are safe, attractive, sustainable, and is completed within the stipulated budget and time frame. Here we have provided Construction Career Resources which can be of great use.

Detailed Guide on Construction Career Resources

Career in Construction Industry

Why a Career In The Construction Industry?

Construction jobs involve all the things from designing and building to giving it a great final appearance. It involves building and producing the “built environment” which we see around us everywhere – not just the schools, railways, piers, tunnels, energy generation plants, bridges, and houses, but also the skyscrapers, hospitals, coastal defenses, energy generation plants, and the football stadiums. No matter whether you reside in a large busy town or a small serene village, you are always never far from a construction site. Construction projects, be it small or large, are seen everywhere in our day-to-day lives. Due to this popularity and demand, there is a consistent boom for a career in the construction sector, not just in few countries, but almost across the Globe; and this has led to plenty of job opportunities.

It is not just the demand and popularity that drags many into this career field, but also the following top reasons that can’t be overseen –

  • There are versatile routes within the construction industry
  • Different varieties are the spice of life
  • Monetary and non-monetary benefits
  • Always in demand
  • The sky’s the limit
  • Amazing scope for traveling
  • No fear of job stagnation
  • Teamwork makes the dream work
  • Making a difference
  • Rewarding

Construction Career Path

The beauty of the construction industry is its diversity. The construction sector has many facets and roles to offer within its industry. The job roles are varied and vast and include entry-level worker jobs to management roles, and the opportunities are actually endless. There are different roles to suit all types of people coming from varying careers and educational backgrounds. People are often taken aback by the different kinds of roles offered by the construction industry. For those who are not aware of this versatility, here’s a quick look of what the sector has to offer within its industry –

For those seeking a career in Construction, this article will help in choosing the best area of expertise as we have mentioned some of the best Construction Career Resources. One can start as a general worker and still climb the success ladder and reach the top-level management roles, or you can as well distill the career aspects that suit you best – and become a technical advisor. With so many options available, it literally makes sense to break into this exciting, challenging, and versatile industry. It is actually an easy way to make a career in this industry if you plan your life, education, skills, knowledge around this field. The income and opportunity prospects are favorable in this domain for many more decades to come. To know more about how to make a career in the Construction industry, here are some valuable Construction Career Resources site that can help –

  1. – Careers pertaining to construction are largely extensive and wide. This platform gives deep insight into five major career paths that one can consider in construction management. The website also explains about these career paths in detail.
  2. – Interested in the construction industry? This dashboard will help you achieve it. Listen from the experts over here and also get an opportunity to view the latest videos posted by experts on how to break into this career field.
  3. – A career in construction is all about high technology and high-stakes, but the earning potential and opportunities are also plenty. With the right direction, and training you can be assured to explore the career. Visit the site to explore the various career options within the sector and also watch the provided videos to learn more about the field.
  4. – Visit the site to know about the work culture of the Construction Manager, the job outlook, salary career path, and the education needed to pursue a career in this sector.
  5. – allows users to search among a variety of job listings through keyword, location, and type of job. This is a useful browsing tab that enables job seekers to view groups of openings in the construction industry.
  6. – Interested in the construction route? Then click this site to read on to learn more about the field, get all the important information that can help you attain your goal. Know about job responsibilities, education requirements, salary expectations, and how to develop yourself if you are already in this career.
  7. – Entering into the construction career may be easy, but to be successful and sustain in this industry, one needs to think out of the box. Check this site to know how to strategically map out a career path in this field.
  8. – is a career advice website that can help job seekers in attaining their goals in a simpler and easier way. The expert’s advice on how to make a progressive career in the construction sector.
  9. – Just as the name depicts, this site is, in fact, a productive blog. Browse through this site to start a career in the fastest-growing construction jobs. Check 15 of the top careers available within this industry.
  10. – site helps you to navigate through the construction industry. Their career page offers pertinent, reliable information about numerous jobs available within the construction industry.
  11. – This career resource site helps you to get your next job. Explore plenty of roles offered on this site and get a chance to get unlimited opportunities. Search for corporate roles or search for internships, or join the Mortenson community to avail several benefits.

Education Resources For Construction Career

To be successful in the Construction sector, professionals have to possess a unique blend of trade skills, experience, and theoretical knowledge. There are many ways to acquire these skills and knowledge, but among all these acquiring construction trainings and gaining an education in the most appropriate way is what will help the person till the end. It is rather a confusing and complex process – as to where to start and what to study! In this article, we have outlined some education construction career resources site that will help you with your training and education process, so that you can break into the construction sector. Before you can begin your job search, you should know that there is a job out there for people coming from literally little education to an advanced level of qualification. Whether you are a school leaver and have no idea of joining a college and want to enter straight into this industry, or you want to learn about the skilled trades of the construction industry, or you are someone already in this career or trade but aim to get more skills and training in advanced construction concepts – We have listed below a variety of options for you using which you can get into an appropriate course and determine which construction career resources are best for you.

A quick Google search will display thousands of education and training options pertaining to this field, but strolling through all these and picking the correct one may be a cumbersome process. And, hence we have undertaken this responsibility and made this search simpler for you. While it is not literally possible to list every resource to you, we have researched and picked some of the best sites that give a broad overview of various types of education and training provided, among which you can pick the best depending on what driver your education is. These links below will take you directly to information about various federal programs, educational institute sites, and other online programs. You can also find out which University is veteran-friendly and which is good for novices as well –

  1. – CTC offers a two-year full-time construction trades program, wherein students can enhance their skills in various areas of the construction sector. Students can gain basic knowledge of tools, methods, methodologies, and technologies that are used in the sector.
  2. – Out of all the construction career resources available out there, the career explorer might be one of the most unique and distinguished. The site gives a step-by-step guide on how to become a construction worker.
  3. – Construction career pathway is an initiative that connects the construction industry with an appropriate education tool. From guidance documents to connection maps to best practice profiles, the platform brings everything under a single umbrella.
  4. – This toolkit aims at supporting professionals who are involved in promoting and informing construction and built environment career fields.
  5. – Want to become a construction contractor? Gain the double advantage of learning the trade even while sitting at home. The website concentrates on various construction careers and programs. From basics to advanced education, salary to growth prospects, aspirants can get a complete picture visiting this site.
  6. – Minnesota state is a career advice website that advises on construction routes and allows you to explore your careers. Plan your career, explore job careers, and find a job using this robust webpage.
  7. – The PACT program is one of the most dedicated and resourceful websites that has its roots in providing knowledge and learning through apprenticeship. The curriculum also emphasizes job training components and keeps the students in pace with the present industry development and requirements.
  8. – RI Builders Association offers construction career training programs. Real Jobs Rhode Island and Residential construction workforce partnership have partnered together to collaboratively recruit and train aspirants who desire to join the construction industry and they also aim at upskilling the current employees.
  9. – This website can be used as a reference page to get an idea of various top schools and colleges that provide construction management courses. The ranking list can be used to pick the best school based on the career needs of the student.
  10. – The construction industry needs continuous upgrading of skills and education. The Software advice website strives to provide readers with some of the best certification and diploma programs that one may consider to gain the needed skills required by the industry.
  11. – Idea2career website is an attempt to train students on various concepts from skilled trade to advanced engineering and everything in-between. On visiting the site, one can learn the diversity of career opportunities in the architecture and construction sector.
  12. – ACI claims that most of the craftsmen, technicians, inspectors, and other professionals have pursued the ACI certification. The organization offers more than 30 + certifications that are considered as the minimum qualification to enter the concrete construction industry.
  13. – Construct-Ed is a powerful online learning platform for those interested in the construction and skilled trades industry, using which one can watch and publish various online learning materials and courses.
  14. – South Suburban college offers “Highway Construction Careers Training programs”. This is a 12-week training program that will benefit those who want to get into advanced construction job roles.
  15. – Careers NOW Construction is an online platform that is specifically designed to help students and professionals who want to gain knowledge of the construction industry. This job training program trains students on a variety of trades and career paths within the industry.
  16. – Looking out for some best construction Resume templates, then the Qwik Resume Site has it. This website has a number of resumes templates for almost all job titles that fall under the construction sector.

Organizations And Associations For Construction Career

According to Forbes, the Construction sector is named as one of the happiest jobs in the United States of America, and the reason behind this is that the working professionals of this industry are not only happy but are constantly updated with the latest happenings, knowledge, and skills. But it is also a reality that these professionals need support, advice, and counseling constantly from like-minded communities in order to be successful and sustain in this highly competitive field. Through membership with the best organizations, these individuals are likely to find and get acquainted with various networking opportunities that can help them grow in this career.

There are plenty of professional organizations and associations that support the Construction Management professionals, and the main among them are –

  • Associated Builders and Contractors
  • Associated General Contractors of America
  • Design-Build Institute of America
  • Construction Management Association of America
  • American Institute of Constructors

And each of these professional organizations has its own identity, strengths, and work based on the sole purpose of supporting the professionals of the Construction industry. But overall, all these organizations connect the members and executives with appropriate resources, career enhancement opportunities, and provide marketing services for the construction industry. The following list of professional Associations and organizations classified from various construction career resources can be treated as a key resource by those who are seeking to pursue a career in the construction sector or by those who want professional development and by those who want to stay connected with like-minded professionals. A membership with the best Construction Associations and Organizations will add value to your CV and bolster your qualifications and credentials.

Feel free to scroll down and go through the following websites or click directly on the links to navigate the type of professional Association and Organization you are looking for –

  1. – American Builders and Contractors is an association that represents more than 25 thousand construction firms across the USA. With the help of its 79 chapters, the body represents every segment of the construction sector. The association was created to develop its members into professionals so that they can work as per the ethical standard.
  2. – The Construction Management Association of America was founded in 1982 with the motive of creating and implementing various training and educational programs for its 16000-member body. The association supports individuals, corporations, firm owners, and construction companies. With more than 30 regional chapters all over the country, the company is considered as the best organization that sets standards for management practices in the construction industry.
  3. – The American Institute of Constructors is a professional association that aims at imparting training and networking opportunities to all the segments within the construction industry in America. The body is dedicated to providing standards for both construction firms and individuals and being a member of this body clearly means a mark of professionalism. Members can get a certification, attend workshops, conferences, and stay connected with like-minded community members.
  4. – The Associated General Contractors Association is a dignified body comprising of members from almost all sectors of the construction industry. From federal construction to utility to buildings, the members work for all segments all over the country and bolster through a strong body that advocates on behalf of them. The organization provides training and networking opportunities and also provides high standards for its members.
  5. – The Design-Build Institute of America, also known as the DBIA is a professional construction management association wherein professionals from the sector are members. The institute basically targets on pairing designers with construction managers. The institute also helps professionals to communicate with others and foster long-lasting relationships. It offers certification, conferences, and a chance for continuing education opportunities.
  6. – The mission of the National Center for Construction Education and Research is to build a safe, sustainable, and productive workforce for craft professionals. Their vision is recognized by government and industry in the form of assessment, certification, career development standard, and training for construction craft professionals.
  7. – Ever since its foundation in 2009, Washington’s center of Excellence strives to serve the state-wide liaisons to industry, labor, business, and the educational systems with an aim to create a readily available and high-skilled workforce that is critical for the success of the construction industry.
  8. – Construction Career pathways design, trains and manages projects with educator’s welfare and workforce development leaders and professionals.
  9. – With more than 26000 members under its umbrella, the American General Contractors, provides a wide range of services and satisfy the needs, concerns, and requirements of its members; and also target to improve the construction quality and protect the public interest.
  10. – ACCD is an event initiated by the Arizona Construction career days during 2007. This popular event is conducted periodically wherein craftsmen from the industry come up with their exhibits and display their pieces of equipment. The association is an attempt to support the growing needs of students, teachers, and counselors who want to understand better the career opportunities available within the construction sector.
  11. – The National Institute of Home Builders promotes construction careers and provides training and education opportunities for people within the domain. Using this platform one can get connected with educators, industry members, and local home building associations, who can help you in building your career in this domain.
  12. – Want to pursue a career in the construction industry? Then CMBA can provide you with all the information and tools needed to achieve your dream job. Become a member and get a chance to be surrounded by skilled and talented people of your community and explore various options from job search, to trade shows to conferences.
  13. – The Nevada Contractors Association’s yearly construction career day displays various career opportunities available in the construction trade, engineering firms, architecture, and other related fields and educates middle and high school students on the innumerable opportunities available to them. Every year millions of students and participants benefit from this career day exhibition.
  14. – Housing and building association help you build business through networking with like-minded professionals. HBA members can gain access to infinite benefit programs.

Digital Resources

News Resources For Construction Professionals

The Construction industry is one sector that is always filled with drama, right from using manual labor skills to the advanced use of robotics and the latest technologies in construction software, things keep changing very rapidly. What’s in trend today, may be regarded as a conventional method in some countries, hence it becomes inevitable for construction professionals to stay tuned with all the things across the globe. And if you are not paying enough attention to these changes in the industry, then it means that you are missing out on something that is really important. With so many advancements and innovations happening so quickly, it becomes essential to stay current with the latest trends. And luckily the internet technology and SEO are flooded with so many resources sites that are purely dedicated to keeping viewers informed of the construction news, happenings, and updates.

The following sources are picked by us as we feel that they represent an extensive range of mediums, from broad construction industry news to niche blogs. These pages will help you in navigating through some of the best resourceful sites that deliver high quality, latest and informative news, and stories about the Construction sector that happens across the world.

  1. – Run by a one-man army, this blog is a great source of tool for business owners who want to look up at their game with strategic insights.
  2. – From construction jobs to make a career in the field, the US news site is a perfect platform to gain a wealth of information.
  3. -This resource page and website offers a wide range of job placements, career management tools, and educational construction career resources that can be used as a step-by-step guide towards the path that you consider as best within the construction industry.
  4. – Construction Career path has been a staple for providing news and events information pertaining to the construction sector. Offering the latest news to everyone in the industry from foreman to engineers, this is one site that you can’t afford to forgo.
  5. – Learn about the top construction trends in the form of infographics on visiting this site. From growth to forecasts to career trends everything is discussed and displayed on this platform.
  6. – Just as the name suggests, this news site gives a deep dive into the construction industry and the journalist’s over here speak of trends and topics that are ruling the construction sector as of now.
  7. – This is a marketing blog that is different from the others. They conduct surveys on a regular basis and share the results with the readers.
  8. – The website breaks down the latest research in a simple way so that even a layman will be able to understand and gain knowledge of what’s happening in the sector. This blog will be useful for anyone who wants to know about the latest trends that shape the Commercial Construction industry.

Book References For Construction Career

Fortunately, or unfortunately, the construction concept is a very vast subject, and we can’t name any particular book as a reference guide. And again, there are no substitutes for an exhaustive construction book that encompasses very specific topics. Hence it becomes necessary for the Construction professionals, job seekers, and students to refer a number of websites and reference libraries. Construction Management is a constantly evolving complicated field. To be the best and stand ahead of the competitors, the professionals of this industry have to stay one step ahead of the others and gain an in-depth understanding of everything from fundamentals to project management, to inspection and leadership. They should also be thorough with the local laws and building codes and regulations. They should be diligent and organized at every step and stay updated with both the prevailing and new construction management strategies.

We understand this critical situation and also understand how important it is for you to have a leg up on the competition and stay at the top of the game. And for this purpose, we have researched and come up with some best book reference sites that you may be looking for. From technical books to complicated drawings we have compiled this data in an easily accessible website form to make your search simpler and easier –

  1. Managing the Profitable Construction Business – Control your construction business and manage the lows and highs of the industry in the market. Gain deep knowledge of the construction market by going through this book.
  2. Construction Field Guide – This book can be used as a ready-reference book as it puts all concepts of the construction domain at your fingertips. This book is updated with current matters and can be considered as encyclopedic.
  3. Careers in Construction – The NCCER’s careers in construction highlight the construction world and available career options for those who want to pursue a career in the construction career. There are a variety of pictures and illustrations in this book that can make the viewer understand the concepts easily.
  4. Building Construction – Learn trade tips and become one among those who are aware of building construction and architectural practice.
  5. Construction Project Management – This is a practical guide to field construction management. The fifth edition comes with a range of improvements and discusses the principles and fundamentals of CPM with practical examples and techniques.
  6. Construction Management JumpStart– This book can be regarded as a one-of-the-kind by those who want to make it big in the construction industry. This second edition concentrates on each stage of the Construction Management Process.

Video References For Construction Career

When we talk about a career in construction, the first thing that strikes is that it is time-consuming, tedious, and complicated. But nowadays, Construction inventions simplify a wide range of activities and processes. And the best part is that these things are done using sophisticated technologies and modern tools with greater speed and accuracy. There are many engineering concepts from fundamentals to 3D drawings that are depicted in a pictorial and video format for all age groups. It is proven scientifically that eyes catch more information than the ears can, and keeping this in mind, many experts, consultants, and professionals have come up with a variety of video construction career resources that benefit the viewers.

Listed here are some resourceful video reference sites that can be used to learn all vital aspects of the construction industry –

Social Media Resources For Construction Career

Using Social Media platforms may be a trend or vogue for many industries but for the Construction industry, the reasons are far beyond this. Building a social media network or strategy is both effective and challenging. These days, every company should have strong social media visibility – mainly when they are in the construction business. Social media presence is needed immaterial of whether the company is a start-up one or an already well-established one. This platform builds trust and makes your brand accessible. Professional Construction marketing associations are of the opinion that social media can boost awareness, improve search rankings, increase web traffic, and more.

As social media advances, you are also bound to stay on top of the latest social trends and practices followed by the Construction industry in order to stay competitive. Without further ado, take a look at the below-mentioned best social media toolkit for your references.

  1. Construction Jobs
  2. MUST Construction Careers
  3. Construction Placements
  4. Construction Civil Engineering

Resumes Ahead Of The Curve

The Construction sector is a broad career field that comprises several jobs, including careers in floor and carpet installation, welding, roofing, painting, drywall, carpentry, and many such more. While some jobs are entry-level positions like construction helpers, many other job roles include management-level positions such as the construction manager and construction supervisor jobs. But no matter what, when you are drafting a Resume for any role within the construction sector, your resume should be powerful and robust to fall in the limelight. While creating a resume for any construction job, you should be able to tailor the resume so that it fits into the specific job title. Writing a generic resume for all the titles will not be impressive. Check out the following tips provided by us to write an impressive resume. Also, go through, some of our samples that can help in drafting your own job material.

Tips For Writing a Construction Resume

  • In the “Work History” section, include relevant work experience, training experience, and apprenticeships.
  • In the “Education” section, include all your certifications, degrees, or licenses
  • When you don’t have much experience, emphasize your skills, and include phrases that define your work abilities. These strong words can offset your lack of work experience.
  • Taking some classes at the local trade school, or volunteering at some construction projects can also be helpful while you are on a job hunt.
  • While you are creating a job resume for construction jobs, you must match your experience and skills with that of the job listing requirements, as this can help in targeting the specific job title. And one way to do this is to use the necessary “Keywords” from the given listing in your resume.
  • Keywords are very crucial, as hiring employers these days use automated Application Tracking Systems that are programmed to pick specific keywords pertaining to the job title or job role.
  • A great way to impress the hiring employer is to list numbers to show your values. For example, if you have managed or supervised a group of people, list specifically how many people you managed. Suppose you have managed the budget, indicate the percentage of money saved.
  • Consider and decide on your resume structure. There are different structures of resume writing such as – traditional chronological resume, functional resume, combination resume which is a mix of both the functional and chronological one.
  • Read plenty of resume samples to get a sense of how to organize things in a resume.
  • Check out Resume Templates to know about formatting.
  • Avoid spelling mistakes and grammatical errors, as this makes you look sloppy.
  • Last, but not least, Proofread your resume.

Bottom Line – Great Resumes get you an Interview!

In reality, hiring companies get thousands of job applications. Most of these resumes go directly into the hands of the hiring managers. A good resume necessarily may not get you the job but it gives a guarantee for an interview. And this is why building a great resume is very important in the first place.

Why Choose Qwikresume!

There are innumerable sites that offer resume templates online, but it’s difficult to find the one which is up-to-date with the prevailing construction sector trends and which can actually help you search for the perfect job. We have assembled on our page an excellent collection of carefully Curated Job Resume Samples to help job seekers meet the demands of this ever-evolving job market. Our professional team of Career advisors are constantly working on new samples and are coming up to tweak existing ones so that they can highlight the latest hiring trends, job responsibilities, and qualifications.

While it is highly impossible to offer a Resume sample for every construction job title under the Earth, still we have done our best to provide that, and are even working on it more! While we keep working on developing our resume library, you can still be able to find a wide variety of resume samples for most major industries as well as a collection of newly designed Construction Resume templates that can be downloaded for free and customized as needed. Over here you can find professional resume samples tailored to suit every need of the Construction career job seekers.

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