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Fashion and Beauty is a global industry that offers plenty of opportunities to all those professionals who want to make it big in this field. Personal appearance commonly is important for many, and the Fashion and beauty sector assists them to care for it in a way that makes them feel natural and stylish, whether that calls for a tattoo artist or a hairdresser or a beautician. Making a career in this line means making connections abroad and gaining job skills and experience. Career trends keep fluctuating and are volatile for this specialized occupation.

Job seekers obsessed with style can consider a career in fashion and beauty, no matter what the strengths or interests are, there is always a wide range of opportunities and plenty of paths one can take – from buying merchandise to providing beauty services. This industry encompasses a range of careers in various fields such as art, sales, media, communication, personal care, and services. Some of the beauty and fashion professionals focus on helping clients improve their overall appearance, while many others are involved in creating new styles and products; and others are involved in selling products and promoting designs and beauty products.

The average median salary for a model may start from $22,870 while the same for a makeup artist may fetch anywhere around $60,970. The education requirements vary based on the category, while a model may not require any specific academic qualification; a Fashion designer requires a degree in fashion technology. Our career page offers a wide and interesting range of career opportunities, career trends, job descriptions, and salary information. For more information regarding various job titles under this category, browse our website and gain detailed information on job options, education requirements, resume samples and salaries.

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