Fitness Resume Samples


Fitness is the best career for those who have a passion for health and fitness. To them, perfect health attracts and motivates a lot of positive energy. People who love this career believe that there is nothing more crazy and beautiful than making use of their passion to build a career as a personal trainer or fitness trainer or athletic trainer. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people consider making a future in fitness and health.

There are numerous lists of job titles that fall in this category such as Dietitian, Recreational Therapist, Personal Trainer, Gym In-charge, Occupational Therapist, Coach, Physical therapist and massage therapist and so on.  While an Occupational Therapist helps people in recovering from injuries and illness, a coach will take charge of guiding and teaching youth in educational institutions like schools and colleges; and a Massage therapist will assist the injured people by treating their muscle tissues.

Working in the fitness sector isn’t synonymous with being only a trainer; there are tons of other job titles that make the fitness world move along and keep the bills paid. The median income for the fitness instructor can be anywhere above $31000, while a professor can make it easily above $63000. Fitness is an exciting career option that surrounds all jobs including being a coach to being a CEO of a gym.

More people mainly the youth these days are opting to recognize the value of a healthy lifestyle and fitness throughout their lives, and hence jobs in this area are consistently on the rise. Click on any of the job titles below to know about the education requirements, general skills and salary required for making a career in this field. Also scroll through our webpage to gather valuable information about the job description, cover letters, sample resume and more.

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