Instructor Resume Samples


An Instructor career relates to instructing students mainly in practical career skills in middle, pre-secondary, post-secondary and private educational institutions. The teaching course may also include – allied health, welding, technology, auto repair, agricultural education, business education, computer technology, welding, cosmetology, and many others. The classes are focused on specific career paths and develop the students’ general skills and prepare them for the world of work. The below-mentioned web page provides information on what instructors do, career trends, how to become an instructor, and salary and outlook.

Due to the nature of education these days, a high level of skills and academic qualifications are required. The ability to communicate well with all age groups of students is also very essential. Young students need supervisory skilled teachers, while older students need teachers only for counseling and mentoring. Depending on the grade or level, teachers and instructors impart an increasingly detailed grade of knowledge. The goal of this career is to equip students with the tools and specific skills needed to enter into a particular job title or occupation.

Making a career in this line involves earning a degree in a teachable career field, followed by getting a state licensing or certification. On average, the instructors and teachers may earn $56,310, while a postsecondary teacher may get around $50,000. The job growth for a career in this line is expected to increase by 7%. Many states promote technical education state-wide and offer better employment opportunities. The website provides information about career clusters, advocacy and policies, resources, job description, cover letters, resume samples and more.

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