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The dynamic world of Art, Creative and Design offers a plethora of career opportunities from creating movie sets to designing floral arrangements. The wide range of job titles under this category provides an excellent chance of career growth for every creative person. Careers such as interior designing, graphic designing, and 3D creativity coalesce creativity with practical skills, while a fashion designing career concentrates more on creativity.

Every industry and company that hires for this category search for professionals with art and design knowledge, skills and academic qualifications for rewarding niche roles. These professionals use their creative skills and expertise to communicate the client’s message in the right way. Even though jobs into these occupations are quite competitive, it can be rewarding too.

Common industries for Art professionals include employment in fields such as – Publishing, Public Relations, Movie production, and Advertising; while for Creative professionals the fields include Fashion Designing, clothing, footwear and accessories and so on. The education requirements vary based on the employer’s preference and category of work, while an art director typically requires a degree in Fine Arts; a designer may require a specialization in Designing.

Career trends and employment growth are expected to rise by 6% in the future years which is expected to give more openings for these professionals. On average, the median pay during was around $49,160.

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