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How to write a Designer Resume

Being a designer, your expertise in styling and formatting can help you create an impressive resume that outsmarts the other candidates easily. When hiring managers to scan through designer resumes, they look for outstanding experience and skills to fill the esteemed job offered. You must assess multiple resume samples to understand popular designing resume trends to draft an enticing CV on your own.

Designing is a broad term that applies to a wide variety of industries today. Spanning from graphics to logo, animation and website designing, there are diverse designing courses that establish your experience for the job. Designer Resume sample formats will highlight innovative ways for including your educational qualification and professional experiences in a resume. It will also demonstrate how to include the right information as well as avoid petty mistakes in a professional resume.

Designing resume models will teach you popular formatting styles and technical vocabulary used in design resumes for writing a winning resume. Creating a CV that leverages your professional worth is effortless with our instructional guidance on the core eight sections of a resume.

Designer Resume Headline Examples

The title or header in a professional resume is used to refer to a brief-phrase that outlines the important technical skills that make you perfect for the job. An ideal designer resume title highlights your exceptional values that outpace the other candidates.

Resume headline must be placed on top of the resume, underneath your name and contact information. Candidates with extensive industrial experience must use resume headers to condense multiple technical skills to inflate the headline.

  • Versatile Graphic Designer with 5+ Years Experience in Animation, Illustration, Design
  • Innovative Photo Designer with Extensive Experience in Digital and Traditional Photography
  • Multitalented Graphic Designer With Expertise in Graphics Arts Technology and Multimedia
  • Energetic Fashion Designer with Dual degrees in Textile and Management
  • Motivated Art Designer with Honorary Degree in Fine Arts
  • Army Veteran with 4+ Years Experience in Designing Artillery for National Army
  • Bi-Lingual Floral Designer with 12+ Years Experience as Beautician and Floral Blogging
  • Goal-Driven Design Specialist with 11+ Years Experience in Digital Media and Advertising
  • Agile Senior Interior Designer with Award-Winning Papers and a column in The Hindu
  • Experienced Industrial Designer with 7 Years of Expertise in Offshore Gas Construction Firm

Designer Resume Career Objective Examples

Considered the most important section in a designer resume, career objective consists of a short phrase that concisely outlines your achievements in past designing jobs that make your specifically good for the job offered.

Career objective in a professional resume is customized thoroughly to fit the job description. From using 50% keywords of the job description to unique technical vocabulary that correlates to the responsibilities sought by the employer, your objective must not be generic.  It is a gist of past designing experiences as well as a forecast of where you expect to see yourself in the near future.

    • Multi-faceted Fashion Designer with Experience with Embroidery, Pottery and Glass Décor aspiring to join Pottery Yarn as the Chief Fashion Designer to apply my practical experience
    • To leverage my experience of Floral Designing for Weddings for the position of
    • Enthusiastic Art Designing Graduate with meritorious academic excellence in Fine Arts and Honorary Mention from Sotheby’s aspiring to join ArtZilla United
    • Dedicated Interior Designer with Innovative Experience in Victorian and Contemporary designing for Residential and Commercial Buildings aspiring to join Dyna LLC as the Chief Interior Designer
    • To obtain the position of Industrial Designer at Japan Pipe Corporation for applying my experience in designing and successfully installing deep-sea pipelines in the Middle East

Designer Resume Summary Statement Examples

A brief statement that summarizes your technical qualifications furnished ahead in the resume, the summary statement must be bold to captivate the reader instantly. Moreover, the aim of a profile statement is to lure the hiring manager into investigating the rest of your resume without any delay.

Sample designer resume statements will teach you ways to add specific technical achievements to establish your value for any job by matching what the recruiter wants to see. As a bonus tip, Applicant Tracking Software disqualifies resumes with 90% matching keywords from the job description.

    • Highly Accomplished Graphic Designer Adept in Visual Advertising, Digital Marketing and Animation with a proven record of Viral Designs for E-Commerce
    • Senior Interior Design Specialist with Three Years of Expertise in CAD and InDesign looking for opportunities to design residential buildings with style
    • Adept and Agile Graphic Designer Experienced in Adobe Acrobat suite and Digital Advertising aspiring to improve the advertising standards of local firms
    • Merit-Roll Textile Designer with Influential Social Presence and Proven Record of Designing Costumes for Bollywood and Kollywood Movies. Looking for opportunities in Digital Advertising Agencies as Costume Designer
    • Accomplished Floral Designer with Popular YouTube Channel looking for local floral advertising opportunities for Viral Market Reach

How to write Experience Section in Designer Resume

Regardless of whether you’re an experienced designer or a fresher, your experience section is the centripetal force of attraction for the employer. This is the section where you furnish your past job experiences, duties and responsibilities to validate your claim as the perfect fit for the post. Experts recommend using bulleted points to condense your key experiences respective to the offer akin to designer resume models.

The ideal way to draft an experience section is by adding your past jobs with the nature of the business, financial worth and timescale. Referring to your past employments can be tough if you have gap years in your job history. In such cases, it is best to skip the timescale in your designer resume. Yet another important tip is to skip the jobs completed prior to a decade. As technological and scientific advances are drastic in the designing industry when compared to a decade ago, hiring managers to consider such job experiences negligible. If you must elaborate on a crucial job experience prior to a decade, condense and customize it to fit the position.

Another important focus of the experience section is how the candidate describes creative decisions and planning during past work experiences. Hiring managers want to see professionals with a proven record of cost-efficient performance in the past. If you had cut the ad budget costs of your past Textile Client by using your Superior Animation Skills, mention it in this section to outsmart the other candidates within a wink! Your ability to provide elaborate analysis and market reach on popular designs is also an added bonus to the designer resume experience section.

Action Verbs to use in Designer Resume

Power verbs used to emphasize your technical efficiency in the designing sector constitutes the action verbs. The following verbs are prominently seen in designer resume models and are impactful to validate your proficiency-

  1. Create
  2. Develop
  3. Collaborate
  4. Incorporate
  5. Influence
  6. Lead
  7. Supervise
  8. Manage
  9. Reshape
  10. Oversee
  11. Establish
  12. Earned
  13. Revamp
  14. Demonstrate
  15. Coordinated
  16. Format
  17. Validate
  18. Convert
  19. Prove
  20. Restructure

How to present the Skills Section in Designer Resume

Your core technical skills that prove you above average when compared to most designers are the pivotal skills you must list in this section. Technical skills prominently seen in sample designer resumes include expertise in popular computer applications and machines relevant to the job offered.

Your superlative skills to create attractive Pamphlets, Presentations, Brochures, Infographics, and Logos are important designer skills that will prove your efficiency. If you’re experienced in sketching or illustration, add the same here. In addition, computer expertise in software such as Adobe Creative Suite must be broken into points listing individual applications such as Photoshop, Flash, Indesign, and Illustrator.

A few other computer applications widely seen in designing resumes today are SEGD, MS Office, HTML5, CSS, WordPress, QuarkXpress, MS Project, CoralDraw, Rhinoceros 3D and Autodesk 3Ds.

Designer Resume Achievements Examples

The highlight of your resume as a competent candidate comprises of the highlights in your achievements section. Hiring managers and automatic tracking software assess the achievement section to find candidates with a specific history of skills needed by the employer. Achievements that prove your personal dedication to the field of designing are quintessential to your designer resume achievements section.

As hiring managers find it easy to review references as a separate section, you must include nothing but professional and personal achievements in this section.

How to write Education Section in Designer Resume

It is natural for companies to rummage for brainy candidates. A definite way to prove your technical efficiency in the designer’s resume is by furnishing your meritorious academic records in designing.

The ideal way to add educational qualifications in a resume is by adding your institution or college name besides the timestamp, GPA as well as majors or minors that you specialized in.

If you attained honorable mentions or awards relevant to designing during your university education, mention it at the beginning of your education section. On the contrary, if you dropped out of your designer course, it is best, to be honest in the resume by skipping the timescale in any of the bullet points.

Designer Resume Writing Tips

Best tips to upgrade your ordinary designing resume into one that wins the job is not easy. We have compiled the best tips to polish your resume after assessing numerous designer resume template samples available online and offline.

Designer Career Prospects in the Industry

Designers are responsible for planning and creating viable models of graphics for industrial needs as per the requirements of the company. If you’re a graduate with an amateur designer resume, the future holds many opportunities for promotions to attractive remuneration raises.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, designer occupations differ based on the industry and the core industries are interior, floral, graphics and fashion designers. BLS claims different forecast of growth rates until 2024 depending on the specific designing industry such as

  • Fashion Designing: % growth rate with an annual wage of $65,000+
  • Industrial Designing: 2% growth rate with an annual wage of $70,000+
  • Floral Designing: -3% growth rate with an annual wage of $25,000+
  • Interior Designing: 4% growth rate with an annual wage of $45,000+
  • Graphic Designing: 1% growth rate with an annual wage of $50,000+


Writing a winning designer resume is definitely not easy, but with practice and quality assessment of diverse resume samples, drafting a commanding resume on your own, is effortless. The first thing to decide is your format to use throughout the profile. It is necessary to keep a consistent format and two options for 2017 designer resumes are Chronological and Functional.

Chronological format refers to the arrangement of skills and experiences based on the timescale with your recent job as the first one. Functional format refers to the arrangement of your experiences sans the timestamp with a focus on your personal achievements than professional feats.

For those with gap years in the resume, functional resume fares well while candidates with extensive experience must use the chronological format.

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