Career Resources for Human Resource Management

Career Resources for Human Resource Management

Human Resources is all about dealing with People and issues pertaining to them such as recruitment, hiring, compensation and benefits; performance management, training, organization development, culture, and onboarding employees. Being an HR personnel calls for sheer accountability and responsibility as the Human Resources department is tasked with the duty of taking care of the treasured human capital that runs the core of any business. The job of any HR professional starts from the day an employee is recruited till the phase the person stays in the organization, which includes various responsibilities such as training, wellness program, appraisal, promotions, salary terms, and grievances. An HR manager oversees the day-to-day operations of the company and also drafts policies and plans that aim at retaining employees in the long-run. That’s not to say that Human Resources isn’t such a complex domain. Due to consistent changes, the workforce is more people-centric than it was ever before, and Organizations be it large or small are now being tasked with more people management. That being said, to work effectively, the HR professionals will need sound support and hopefully, our resources will be able to help with that. Listed below are some HR Career Resources, either veteran or just starting out. We provide all the needed resources from scratch to maintaining certification, real-life job situations, the latest in research, and even more.

Detailed Guide on HR Resources

Career In Human Resources

Human Resource Career Path

Are you good with People? Are you passionate about unbiassed, and equal working conditions, or do you tend to advocate for others? If your answer is “Yes” to the above questions, then you should consider a career in Human Resources. Even though there are many other roles, the HR profession is the ultimate one that has the power to shape the organization’s culture and set policies in the company. And, the Human Resources Professionals play a major part in dictating how an organization runs, how the company can retain employees and shape all the things right from company culture to achieving long-term goals through employee satisfaction, support, and power.

For anyone considering a career in Human Resources, this article will help in choosing the best areas of expertise. One can start as a Generalist and still climb the career ladder and reach the management role, or you can as well distill the aspects of this career which suits you best – technical aspects, negotiating, teaching people, etc- and become a niche specialist.

It is actually an easy way to break into a Human Resources career if you plan your education, life, and work experience around this field. The opportunity prospects and income are favorable in this field for the next few decades. To know more about how to make a career in the Human Resources, stroll through the following sites –

  1. – This is the most robust site wherein, students can gain complete knowledge of available colleges, Universities and about all information associated with HR.
  2. – Using this page, you can gain access to exclusive information and discounts on Human Resource careers. All business schools. Com site helps you to understand better the various HR career options and how to chart your HR career path in the right direction.
  3. – This page is a fantastic place for anyone who is studying HR and wants to get an HR MBA, and for those who are perplexed in picking their best HR specialization. The page offers around ten best careers of Human Resources professionals from HR Consultant to HR Entrepreneur.
  4. – Check out this page for gaining complete information and guidance if you are considering a rewarding HR career. Over here, you can witness several job titles, job prospects, and earnings and many such more.
  5. – This is one place to go if you have decided to make a career in the Human Resources domain. Use this website to find resources, information, tuition, and aid and about various available online degrees and admission procedures.

Education And Career Resources For HR Professionals

Human Resources is the core of any business, what initially began as only personnel and payroll have evolved over the years into many specialty domains, such as compensation and benefits, talent development, metrics, immigration, labor relations, recruitment and retention, human resources information services and so on. To be considered for hiring and promotion, you have to build your own expertise within the specialist or climb the career ladder by developing your credentials and standing out as an HR professional in three primary ways – Human Resources Certificate Programs, Human Resources Degree Program, and Human Resources Certification.

Whether you are just beginning your career in HR or you are looking forward to enhancing your career prospects, we have given below some of the comprehensive set of resources that can set you up for success. Most of the hiring companies look for qualified HR professionals who possess the latest certification and skills and here you can find all relevant information that can help keep your cert current. And, our unique Education guidance resource provides the necessary guidance on which educational path to consider in order to succeed.

Education is an ocean and more people choose to pursue higher education irrespective of their age or work experience. It is hence imperative for one to understand the benefits that are made available online to ease the learning search processes. These links below will take you directly to information about various federal programs, educational institute sites, and other online programs. You can also find out which University is veteran-friendly and which is good for novices as well –

  1. – This is a complete guide using which both veterans and novices can take the next step in their career. It delivers various program guide based on certain inputs such as areas of study and the highest level of education.
  2.–The site aids those who want to pursue higher education in the field of Human Resources. Learn more about various HR specializations, placement, Payroll packages, and recruitment partners over here.
  3. – A purely dedicated online resource using which beginners can earn an Administrative HR education. One can learn to explore the HR from administrative and compliance to strategy and business growth and know about the duties and role of Human Resources.
  4. – Use this site to get connected with the best business schools or Business programs. Gain more knowledge about Human Resources degrees over here and how they can help you to enhance your career in this line.
  5. – Learn more about the HR Programs, chat online for getting direct assistance. Cornell offers special advantages and savings exclusively for military-affiliated students. The site is the best platform for those who are in the transitioning process to a new career and to those who want to skill up to re-enter the workforce after returning from duty.
  6. – Online Course Report was established to ease the process of searching online various course providers. Even though there are much cheaper and many flexible online courses, this site is regarded as a thoroughly researched voice for landing the best online HR courses.
  7. – Coursera offers universal access to some of the best education in the World, partnering with leading and top-most organizations and Universities to offer HR courses online.
  8. – One can register here to earn the best online certificate in Human Resource Management. The webpage is mainly advantageous for those who are looking for an entry-level job in the HR field or for the ones who want to enhance their skills – there is an HR certification for everyone that can deliver the training one needs.
  9. – Career Cast HR and Recruitment Network is yet another brilliant site that offers some of the best HR jobs. Create your job seeker profile and resume and get discovered by employers instantly.

HR Membership Associations And Organizations

Are you starting your Human Resources Career, or looking for a network with other professionals or seeking a professional certification, or merely need some outside source to stay connected with industry trends, then joining established HR associations and organization is the best way to expand your exposure into this field! Here are some local, and international chapters to consider –

  1. – Gain access to HR professional trusted team for building and optimizing talent. There is a comprehensive resource for companies of any size. Use the platform to Hire, Develop and Retain Professionals and also gain access to various services such as classroom training, computer training, Training e-Planner and many more.
  2. – This is a robust site that provides opportunities for social interaction among individuals with scholarly and professional interests in HRD from various disciplines and from across the globe.
  3. – Cupa-HR is an association for the HR professionals in higher ed, the platform delivers leadership on higher ed workplace issue, learning opportunities and is an active community of higher ed HR peers.
  4. – Register here to gain access to trusted HR Advice, tools, and Training. This is a wonderful online source for those who want to stay updated with the latest HR events, happenings, and training.
  5. – The best resource for Employers to get free access to insights and strategies. Employ this site to make your people work better. The platform provides in-person, online and on-site courses for HR teams, talent management leaders, and business executives around the world.
  6. – Human Resources Research Organization is a great platform that can help users to access various services such as Hiring and promotion, Human capital Management and analysis; Education and Research and various other services.
  7. – To know what’s happening around the world, and about upcoming affiliate events in HR, this website proves to be resourceful.
  8. – Register here to stay tuned and to attend the upcoming HR events, happening and Conferences around the world.
  9. – This dynamic site will let you not only get involved but also to stay connected with other like-minded HR professionals. Find Career services, resource directories, and more.
  10. – One of the best online sites for participating in free webinars and to utilize many other services. On Registration one can even access and enjoy discounted rates for attending events and online certification programs.
  11. – Even if you have missed out on some latest useful events and seminars or conferences; you can watch it over here and discuss it with highly talented HR professionals.
  12. – This webpage is best for those who want to make a big career move. Learn from the experts and become a member of the Sacramento HR association.
  13. – Explore the benefits of PIHRA, strengthen your network, and brightness of your professional future by becoming a PIHRA member.

Human Resources Career For Women

71 percent of HR Professionals are Women, “yes” you heard it right. According to the recently conducted survey, The HR Career Report provides the insight that the HR Career has an overwhelming majority of women workers. As Gender equality got standardized in the workplace, instead of being an exception, a wide variety of career options became open for women, even though most of the women opted for – Medicine, Law and Teaching, there is a high surge for women in the Human Resources. This welcoming change is universally accepted even though the exact reason for female dominance in this field may not have a single cause. To understand better, how women can shape their careers in this line and raise to higher levels, the following article and resources can be highly productive.

Explore the links of this section to know about Career Resources for Women, so that they can make it big and shine in the HR domain at the workplace. Get help from experts, know how to write a CV, things to avoid in drafting a CV, and also browse for some specific job listing. Women can even gain access to some workshops, and free assessment services, and also stay tuned with the latest happenings and events around the world.

  1. – A special and dedicated career guide mainly for Women. The site provides a rankings list of various top HR programs and also gives a list of some resourceful articles and Infographics. Listed here are some cheapest and best top MBA colleges and programs.
  2. – A job board specially designed to give women an edge on advancing in the workforce, and for putting more women in the upper management.
  3. – Fairy God boss is a worldwide initiative which allows women to navigate through various job listings, job description, job placement, finding jobs and to stay connected with other women to share and gain more advice and skills.

Digital Resources

News For Human Resources

Managing Human Resources can be a complicated and time-consuming process, mainly for small businesses, if you are a small owner or an HR or Finance manager, then it is highly advisable to go through plenty of HR Resources website and News resource site to stay updated with what’s happening across the Globe. The website is chock-full of HR templates, helpful resources, and plenty of actionable posts for everyone from a small business Owner to the Vice President of Finance, there are valuable information and plenty of resource guides from experts and specialists who can guide you in this process.

If People matter, then Human Resources News should also matter. These pages help you navigate through some of the best and resourceful sites that deliver high quality, latest and informative news and stories about Human Resources that happen across the Globe, learn everything staying remote.

  1. – Sign in and join with other HR professionals; and stay aware of the latest HR News, and partner with other like-minded professionals and companies for financial wellness.
  2.– HR Morning is a dedicated domain that provides the latest HR news. Register to get HR news into your inbox, and you can be assured to not miss any critical stories, on labor laws, retention or onboarding strategies.

Human Resources Learning And Development

Change is the only constant element in today’s technological world, and it is highly necessary for human beings to adapt to such changes. Darwin Theory states “Survival of the fittest”, and this is very imperative for the Human Resources field. It is true that in this corporate world, only those professionals who keep adapting to the changing environment, not only survive but also succeed. And this change is possible only if you stayed current by reading plenty of books, references, and articles. There’s no such thing as finding the best time to read, and when you are blessed with the Internet technology and plenty of sites to read and buy online books, then it shouldn’t matter at all.
It is true, not everyone is a bibliophile, but at least you can find plenty of answers and gain knowledge from books of Wonderful authors.

More and more people are choosing to read more and more books, in spite of technological advancements. Like any other industry, the Human Resources folks also make it a point to educate themselves on the latest trends and best practices. There are versatile topics covered right from artificial intelligence, to the workforce of the future and many other important HR topics that are covered in the HR reference books. A list of best HR books to read for the year ahead are compiled here –

  1. Human-Resource-Professionals-Career-Guide – Buy some best HR 1st edition books through this Amazon site.
  2. Careers-Human-Resources-Personnel-Management – Get career guidance and paperback copies of some best books here.
  3. HR-Outside-Competencies-Future-Resources – To deal with the various emerging competencies for the future of HR buy the Hardcover copy of HR from the Outside In book here.
  4. Employees-Don’t-They’re-Supposed-About – The book gives an insight based on the true experiences of 25k managers. Buy your copy here.
  5. Aligning-Resources-Business-Strategy-Second – This is a new edition, wherein Linda Holbece answers to questions and provides the tools and insight that help HR managers and directors.
  6. Hiring-Attitude-Revolutionary-Recruiting-Tremendous – The book gives an insight on how to hire the right people and build a company culture.

Human Resources Career Videos

Human Resources department deals with the process of recruitment, screening, interviewing, and placing workers. They handle employee relations, payroll, and benefits. They as well oversee specialists in their duties and link the company’s management with its employees. Watch these HR video lessons and learn about various vital aspects of business and understand the management concepts –

  1. Careers in MBA Human Resource – Go through this video to know more about career opportunities of MBA Human Resource, Govt jobs, and employment news channels. Subscribe and get the latest info on MBA career opportunities.
  2. The State of Human Resources – Career Insights – watch here for HR Career Insights here and know the state of Human Resources from the experts.

Salaries For HR Professionals

Salaries for the HR professionals vary and differ based on many factors – the type of specialization, the size of the organization, geographic location, and profitability and economic activity. However, salary is a basic factor that holds the potential to make a career option look either dull or bright. Salary prospects are quite bright and one can expect a decent salary as you move up the career ladder. Salary statistics provided by is depicted here –

Years of Experience Salary Expectations (INR in Lakhs)
Entry Level Rs 176,839 – Rs 965,999
Mid-career Rs 347,645 – Rs 1,306,762
Experienced Rs 456,653 – Rs 1,790,997
Late-career Rs 295,655 – Rs 2,387,960


Job Opportunities In HRM

Job titles actually define your level in the organization’s hierarchy, hence for a fresher or for those transiting into this field, the job title should be a matter of concern. Some of the popular job titles commonly seen on the HR Management include –

Resumes Ahead Of The Curve

Being informed about the Human Resources field helps the job seekers to make their HR resumes more compelling and relevant as possible. The HR industry is accountable for the overall development and administration of the Employees. The HR Department of an organization handles the hiring and training of new hires, development of benefit and compensation plans and various other aspects of Staff Management. The aim of the department is to enhance the efficiency of the company through the promotion of employer-employee relationships.

Typically, most of the HR positions require a Bachelor’s degree, while entry-level HR roles may need only an Associate Degree. However, for most of the HR job roles, a bachelor’s degree or higher is considered the best. Apart from formal education, professionals in this industry are expected to possess a variety of skill sets, prior work experience and have a thorough knowledge of various software packages such as ADP Workforce Now and so on. They say a journey of thousand miles starts with the first step and this is very much applicable for a job search, and the first step in this process begins with an effective resume writing.
To get these jobs, your resume needs to stand out amid the outstanding.

There are innumerable sites that offer resume examples online, but it’s difficult to find the one which is up-to-date with the prevailing HR Trends and which can actually help you search for the perfect job. We have assembled in our page an excellent collection of carefully Curated Job Resume Samples to help job seekers meet the demands of this ever-evolving job market. Our professional team of Career advisors are constantly working on new samples and are coming up to tweak existing ones so that they can highlight the latest hiring trends, job responsibilities, and qualifications. Each of the Sample Resumes or templates in our collection is a combined result of our hard-work, experience, and research that our HR professionals and Career advisors have made in the field. And as an added advantage, we would like to state that every resume over here is reviewed thoroughly and approved by our Certified in-house Professional Resume Writers.

Select any Resume Sample from our list and you can find the following –

  • A Well-drafted, professional, modern design resume template tailored for each of the HR job Titles
  • A distinct section to highlight your experience, education, skills and more
  • Text format information for easy copy-paste option

It is highly impossible to offer a Resume sample for every HR job title under the Earth, but we have done our best to provide that, and are even working on it more! While we keep working on developing our resume library, you can still be able to find a wide variety of resume samples for most major industries as well as a collection of newly designed HR Resume templates that can be downloaded for free and customized as needed.

Over here you can find professional resume samples tailored to suit every need of the job seekers –

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