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How to write a Developer Resume

According to the US News, the best-rated job in the world right now is Software Developer. If you want to steer your career as a developer in this competitive age, you must make an impressive resume and cover letter that establishes your talents. To do so, the best place to start is by studying developer resume samples that apply to your stream of work to draft a unique resume on your own.

Reviewing Sample resume models of developers shows how to include your personal and professional details in a resume. Popular developer-based resumes can be used to understand formatting, style, tone and focus used in resumes in 2017. Moreover, more than 70% of companies use automatic applicant tracking software such as ATS or Application Tracking system today. It is wise to follow standard resume writing guidelines to be qualified by the tracking software.

Sample resumes also teach you how to avoid committing petty errors in a resume by teaching you how to include sensitive information in a resume. An ideal resume must speak directly to the manager, establish your technical proficiency and outpace the other candidates. In order to make that a reality, your resume must be tailored to fit the needs of the job you’re applying to. Our instructional guidance and research based on hundreds of resume samples will equip you to write a winning developer resume on your own.

Developer Resume Headline Examples

The title or header in a resume refers to a concisely drafted phrase that accurately and specifically mentions your relevance to the position offered. Candidates with versatile experience in the must condense multiple achievements to fit a short resume headline.

Located on top of your resume and underneath the contact and name of the candidate, resume title is aesthetically placed to captivate the attention of the hiring manager. Moreover, a good developer resume headline must be customized to enclose the job role sought by the recruiter.

  • Multitalented Web Developer with 7+ Years Experience of Database Extraction
  • Versatile Android App Developer Trained in Android SDK, Eclipse and Android Studio
  • Remarkable Software Developer with Extensive Knowledge in Multi-Thread Programming and Java
  • Proactive Business Developer with Experience in Designing and Strategizing Multi-Million Dollar Businesses
  • Energetic Assistant E-Learning Developer with Familiarity in Graphics and Animation
  • Merit Roll Salesforce Developer with Bachelors in Computer Science and Practice in API Integrations
  • Bi-Lingual Website Developer with a Masters in Software Engineering and 4+ Years Experience in Security Software
  • Innovative and Dynamic IT Developer E-Commerce with Expertise in B2B Integrations and SOA
  • Detail-Oriented Curriculum Developer with 2 Years Proficiency in the National Educational Curriculum Board
  • Deadline-Driven Competent Content Developer with experience working with National Dailies and International Ad Agencies

Developer Resume Career Objective Examples

The objective statement in a resume is a career graph of the skills acquired by the candidate that makes him or her perfect for the job offered. Developer Resume Objective must be a bold statement that positions your technical expertise for the position as well as future goals to improve the company.

It is recommended that candidates customize the career objective to apply specifically to the job roles and responsibilities sought by the recruiter. In short, your career objective must not be a generic plea to hire you, but a proof of your technical and professional prowess as a developer that compels the hiring manager to interview you.

    • Meticulous Security Software Developer with 11 years experience in Web Security Applications and  Oracle aspiring to join SECWeb as the Software Developer
    • Experienced Software Developer with 14+ Years Experience in Platform and Network Processes seeking to obtain the position of Software Chief at Amazonian Inc
    • To leverage my Proficiency as an Android Developer by applying knowledge in SQL Database Structures and Android APIs for Unity as the Game Developer
    • Adept Drupal Developer with superlative experience in J2EE and C-Level Drupal Development aspiring to join Marigold Tech
    • Multitalented Web Developer with 9 years experience creating and improving websites, e-commerce shops and user interfaces seeking an opportunity with DIAMONDS International as the Chief Web Developer

Developer Resume Summary Statement Examples

Often called the Profile Statement, Summary Statement of a Developer Resume is the gist of your professional certifications and personal accolades listed on the resume. Simply put, the profile statement is a sentence that summarizes your factual documents in the resume to captivate the manager to assess your resume right away.

It is ideal to specify numerical achievements or exceptional job responsibilities of past work experience to portray you as the best candidate. Resume summary sentence must be groomed to fit the needs of the employer and sell you, by behaving as a hook to your resume.

    • Adept and Multitalented Software Developer with Proficiency in Java, C++, Python, and Migrations. To enhance government software development by applying CodeWarrior and UNIX Shell
    • Senior IT Developer Proficient in SOA, SDLC and Application Development seeking opportunities with local firms to apply enterprise implementations and B2B Integrations
    • Deadline-drive Mobile App Developer with a Track record of Developing Viral Utility Apps and Fast-Paced Development Cycles seeking opportunities with local business apps for integrating Android APIs
    • Multitalented Website Developer with Expertise in Java and XML in addition to creating interfaces for E-Commerce and Government Organizations. Seeking opportunities to expand and apply management and organizational skills
    • Goal-Driven Game Developer with a Record of Making two viral Time-Management Games independently seeking Internship position in International Game Developing Agencies

How to write Experience Section in Developer Resume

Your work experience is the backbone of your profile. Depending on whether you’re a seasoned developer or a student with a software developer degree, the experience section of the developer resume must be placed above or below the educational qualifications, respectively.

In order to make it resounding and effective in the eyes of the manager, you must start with specific jobs in your past employment that is relevant to the recruiter’s line of work. When listing your past employers, you must include the net worth to nature of the business as well as your role and duration you worked as well. It is best to avoid the timescale if there are gaps in your job history. List 4-5 bulleted points underneath each job history to highlight your core responsibilities and proficiency relevant to the job offer. Yet another important thing to avoid listing in the work experience section of a developer resume is the old jobs. As technology and science have changed drastically in the past decades, for developer jobs, history before ten years matters very little. It is best to avoid irrelevant old jobs, but if you must mention important job experiences for a specific job, ensure to condense the same to fit the right length.

Hiring managers also recommend candidates to elaborate on creative works in the past jobs that profited or benefited the previous employers. Your superlative ability to use HTML or JAVA or de-bugging websites within seconds catches the eye of the reader!

Action Verbs to use in Developer Resume

Verbs used to emphasize the expertise and skills in a developer resume are listed below for using as the beginning word of your experience and skills section in the resume.

  1. Create
  2. Design
  3. Strategize
  4. Train
  5. Monitor
  6. Renovate
  7. Configure
  8. Resolve
  9. Collaborate
  10. Introduce
  11. Troubleshoot
  12. Coordinate
  13. Demonstrate
  14. Program
  15. Organize

How to present Skills Section in Developer Resume

Core technical skills that are mandatory for a developer in your specialized line of work, distinguish you from the contenders. This is where your exceptional developer traits and qualities must be highlighted. As there are varieties of professional skills that apply to developers, it is best to start with relevant skills quoted from the job description.

Programming efficiency in languages, as well as database design, comprises of the pivotal skills for a developer, in addition to soft skills such as teamwork and aptitude. When mentioning your computer agility, mention software or programs individually. After scanning popular developer resume models, software and applications such as JAVA, CLP, SQL, C++, Javascript, ADO, Tomcat, Oracle, Python and Rational Rose were seen prominently.

Developer Resume Achievements Examples

Highlights of your achievements section must consist of personal achievements relevant to the job role, sought by the recruiter. In fact, hiring managers review endless job applications in a day to find precise skills and keywords relating to it. Moreover, with ATS software scanning candidate resumes, it is best to use relevant achievements useful to the employer in this section.

You must include specific technical accolades that establish your superior dedication as a developer. According to developer resume templates, it is best to leave referrals and certifications to another page.

How to write Education Section in Developer Resume

Beginning with your most recent education course, diploma or degree, you must begin your education section with merits that underline your technical background as a developer.

Developer jobs mandatorily require a Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent expertise for entry-level positions. It is best to list your college or university qualifications along with the GPA and specialization to validate your sound technical background. Developer resume models also include recent education or developer-specific skills acquired to emphasize the profile.

Listing your developer skills during academics including hobbies or awards also sparkles the education section in an official resume. In case your education stopped mid-way, it is best to omit it. The layout to write the education section is by listing your college details and contact information with the specializations or GPA score. It is best to restrict certificates and magna cum laude referrals to a separate page.

Developer Resume Writing Tips

Guidelines to improve your resume using tips from experts and developer resume sample formats 2017 will help you draft a flawless resume that gets noticed.

Developer Career Prospects in the Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Developer jobs are expected a steep increase in job growth of up to 22%, considered the fastest in the world. If you’re an entry-level developer, honing your skills and revamping your developer resume can make you a star developer within a few years.

BLS claims that software developers are the best-paid professionals at present. In addition, developer jobs are paid up to $300,000 per year, depending on versatility and responsibilities entailed.

BLS vouches for the two most important job sectors amongst developers- software and the web, with the latter expanding at a rate of 27% employment increase. As E-Commerce expands, developer jobs will increase and are expected to increase even more in the digital future.


The most important part of drafting a resume that catches the eye of the employer is proof of your professionalism. One way to do so is by choosing a definite format to maintain throughout your developer’s resume.

As a developer, you have two formatting options for your resume- chronological and functional. The chronological resume refers to listing skills and job experiences in a resume based on the timeline while functional resume lists the same based on personal achievements and relevancy to the job.  Experts recommend chronological resumes for candidates with extensive experience and functional resume for candidates with a lack of experience or gap years in job history.

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