Operator Resume Samples


An Operator career is worth considering for those who are passionate about what they do. A career in this line means facing new challenges every day, personal satisfaction, job security, career growth and satisfaction of contributing towards the protection of human health and the environment. A variety of industries mainly the manufacturing sectors hire the services of an operator to take charge of handling specific equipment.

Employees in this industry or area of work keep the wheels of the industry, business, building, and establishment running and working at all times. Occupations in the field require specific skills like machine operating skills, knowledge of machine operations and the ability to follow directions. The position also needs a lot of physical labor and endurance. To learn more about drafting an attractive and robust resume for all job titles pertaining to this sector, look into our cover letter samples, job description, and job outlook details.

While a manufacturing operator takes responsibility for handling specific equipment, a production operator is accountable for handling the production line activities; and a machine operator will inspect machine parts and keep the machinery in running condition.

The level of education needed varies based on the employer’s choice and area of specialization, while a machine operator needs a diploma; advanced roles need an engineering degree. Salaries for this occupation, on average can range anywhere from $9.07 to $16.77 per hour. The fast-growing, technologically driven Operators field has plenty of scope for qualified and experienced candidates making it possible to have better job prospects and growth. Find more information about various job titles from our page, and gather reliable information about education requirements, salary details, employment outlook, resume samples and cover letters.

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