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How to Write a Teacher Resume

Teachers are the candles of the world, molding tomorrow’s future with their own lives as the sacrifice. However, it takes exceptional skills in tutoring, modern assessment methods, and teaching aids to prove your competency for a teaching job. If you’re a teacher who wants to rise up in your teaching career, an upgraded resume that highlights your professional worth is mandatory to outwit your counterparts during completive age such as now.

As a teacher, the necessity of writing a flawless resume is mandatory, yet effortless, provided you follow our instructional guidance closely. It is important to start with multiple teacher resume samples to learn ways of furnishing your personal and professional achievements in an official CV. The latest resume samples will also save you from committing common resume writing errors and teach you styling to formatting and toning of your official resume.

The key motive of a resume is to impress the manager, outsmart the other candidates and prove how your skills and expertise in teaching can prove indispensable to the employer. Remember that you must customize your resume to make it technically sound and fit the needs of the employer.

Teacher Resume Headline Examples

The title or header of a professional resume must consist of a clear-cut phrase that underscores your technical skills and experiences that make you the perfect fit for the job. It must be bold to impress the hiring manager as it is the first interaction you will have with the interviewing committee. Headlines are ideal for candidates with extensive experience as it lets you condense multiple skills into one phrase.

Ideally, the Resume headline must be placed underneath the name and contact info of the candidate on top of the resume. To craft an instantly impressive resume header that surpasses other candidates, you must study the latest teacher resume sample headline formats such as the below-

  • Honor-Roll Secondary Teacher with Dual Masters in Science and Mathematics
  • Dedicated Science Teacher with a Proven Record of 40% Progress Rate in Middle School
  • Teaching Assistant with Meritorious Achievement in Caribbean Literature and Doctorate in World Literature
  • Versatile Senior Teacher with 10+ Years of Experience as the Headmaster for Junior High Schools
  • Adept and Amicable Social Science Teacher with 6+ Years Tutoring Experience in Politics, History, Physics and Biology
  • Bi-Lingual Football Coach with Meritorious Academics and Honorary Award for Captaincy in National Football Championships
  • Innovative and Famous Zumba Dance Teacher with 14+ Years Experience of Teaching at the Global Zumba Centre, Belgium
  • Agile Mathematics Teacher with 7+ Years Teaching Algebra, Trigonometry, and Differentiation to Secondary School Students
  • Multi-Faceted Science Teacher with Honorable Mention of Best Teacher Award and 5+ Years Experience in Teaching High School Students
  • Motivated Preschool Teacher with 5+ Years of Experience Teaching Behavioral and Communication skills

Teacher Resume Career Objective Examples

The objective statement in an official resume consists of a brief sentence that outlays your career goals with respect to the professional responsibilities sought by the employer. According to Teacher Resume samples, your resume objective must be well-tailored to fit the needs of the recruiter.

The profile statement must be strong to captivate the manager to examine your complete resume right away.  In short, an objective in a CV must not be a request to pick you, but proof of how committed you are to teaching as a profession and where you plan to go ahead with it.

    • Multi-faceted Science Teacher with a Record of Winning Three Consecutive National Science Exhibitions and 15+ Years of Meritorious Professional Record of Teaching Physics and Chemistry to High School Students seeking Science Teaching Post at St. Claire High School
    • Adept History Professor with a Doctorate in History seeking a position with EFLU University to apply my exceptional knowledge in World History
    • Motivated Mathematics Teacher with 11+ Years of Teaching and Training Secondary Students to join National Mathematics Board
    • Versatile Kindergarten Teacher Masters in Communication and Behavioral Skills aspiring to join Sunshine Kindergarten as the Headmistress
    • To leverage my exceptional experience as a Linguist and Psychologist in the position of Guidance Counselor for Junior High School Students

Teacher Resume Summary Statement Examples

A profile statement in a professional teaching resume refers to a short sentence that compresses your personal and professional accomplishments as a teacher. Sample Teacher Resumes show that the profile statement is a gist of what the manager will read ahead in your resume. An ideal summary statement in a resume must magnetize the manager and make him see specific technical ways you can benefit the company by working at the position offered.

If you draft a bold profile statement, the recruiter will be impressed and even curious to read through your complete profile instantly.

    • Language Teacher with a Degree in Literature and 2+ Years Experience as a Kindergarten Teacher aspiring to join Local Kindergarten Schools as the Headmaster
    • Senior Science teacher with 21+ Years of Teaching Experience in High School with 2 Best Teacher Awards seeking opportunities to apply my extensive experience and wisdom for the National Teachers Council
    • Biology Teacher with a Proven Record of 100% Pass Percentage for 5 Years in 6+ Years of Teaching Career and Meritorious Academic Record seeking the position of Biology Department Head at Biology Junior College
    • Bi-Lingual Linguistic Specialist with 6+ Years of Teaching Literature to Postsecondary students to apply my vast experience for Teachers Column Magazine
    • Journalism Teacher with 4+ Years of On-Field Experience and 15+ Years of University Tutoring Experience in Journalism and Communication Skills seeking the job of Journalism H.O.D at Wilson’s University

How to write Experience Section in Teacher Resume

Regardless of your extensive or negligible experience, this experience section is considered the backbone of a professional resume. The motive of the experience section in your Teacher Resume is to prove your professional skills in positioning you as an exceptional or innovative teacher in your past jobs. Past duties and accomplishments must be arranged in bulleted points without lengthy descriptions to ease the work of the hiring manager. The style of condensing content in a resume impresses most recruiters as it lets them scan through the resume easily, without missing vital points.

When it comes to jobs completed prior to ten years, it is wise to skip the same due to the herculean technological gaps and changes in teaching since then, and now. If you must list an important tutoring experience prior to a decade, condense it to make bite-size points that the recruiter can interview you later with.

In addition to being organized and technically sound, you must also prove your creativity at what you do. If you’re adept in computer skills, teacher resume samples advocate that you list past experiences of introducing your students to Mega Computer Competition and Winning International Recognition for the School you worked previously and similar anecdotes. Your ability to conduct in-depth assessments and innovative projects will also impress and establish your professional value as a Teacher.

Action Verbs to use in Teacher Resume

  1. Demonstrate
  2. Plan
  3. Collaborate
  4. Introduce
  5. Design
  6. Manage
  7. Monitor
  8. Assess
  9. Improve
  10. Facilitate
  11. Organize
  12. Supervise
  13. Assign
  14. Conduct
  15. Arrange
  16. Develop
  17. Interact
  18. Deliver
  19. Serve
  20. Optimize

How to present Skills Section in Teacher Resume

Core skills that define your competency as a teacher will outsmart the other candidates and captivate the manager in your teacher’s resume. Your technical expertise in hosting three Cluster-Level Science Exhibitions as a Science Teacher for your previous school will prove your professional prowess to the recruiter right away. From the certification of Child Development Associate to Child CPR, there are many technical tweaks to highlight your profile.

In this modern age, computer skills and modern teaching aids are the best technical terminologies to use in your teaching resume skill section. Teaching software and applications or websites such as Encyclopedia, Think, Oracle, WikiHow, DrGeo GeoGebra, Moodle, Google Classroom, JoomlaLMS, Yacapaca, and Evernote will demonstrate your deep technical background in teaching.

Teacher Resume Achievements Examples

Recruiters scan through numerous teacher resumes before finalizing on the candidates to call for an interview. Most recommend candidates to include specific achievements applicable to the job, in order to verify whether you fit the recruiter’s needs.

If you have a vast experience as a teacher, list the achievements section prior to education while fresh teaching graduates must list the academic merits above achievements. As a general rule, the reference section is restricted to a different page of the resume.

How to write Education Section in Teacher Resume

Employers are searching for innovative and accomplished teachers with a meritorious list of academic excellence. Moreover, being a teacher, you must emphasize your colossal achievements during education in the field you specialize as a tutor today.

It is recommended to list your university or college alongside the GPA and SAT scores to prove your technical efficiency in the subject in your teacher’s resume. If you were a magna cum laude in your academics, list it as the first point, to begin with, a positive introduction. It is wise to list your certifications to a different page.

Teacher Resume Writing Tips

It is necessary to compare your rough draft of the professional resume with multiple teacher resume samples to assess and learn the right way to draft an official resume. The following resume writing guidelines will help you avoid the common errors of profile writing too.

Teaching Career Prospects

To be a teacher, you must first rejoice in learning and then exhilarate in sharing that knowledge. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, up to 1.9 million occupations in teaching will be available within the next decade. BLS also advocates an increase of up to 13% in teaching jobs until 2024.

BLS claims the annual wages of different teacher resume claims the following-

Teaching is a job that never stops, regardless of the time. Depending on your area of expertise, there are zillions of tutoring jobs available all over the world. With the advancement of technology and science, today you can become a teacher in any category with dedication and hard work. Moreover, with seniority, you can even become the principal and educational board member if you steer your career in the right direction.


Writing a good teacher resume is not a divine right but the result of your aptitude, comprehension, and choices. To start with, choose the format best applicable to your resume and its accolades.

The two important format samples to choose from are Chronological and Functional. The former type of formatting lists your experience history with a timescale according to the chronological order. The latter type focuses on your personal accomplishments relevant to teaching than professional feats. It is better to opt for the functional format if you have gaps in your resume, while chronological format fits teachers with seniority or experience.


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