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How to write a Manager Resume

A manager in any organization is an employee who has the responsibility of leading various functionalities and operations of employees belonging to his department. In today’s business organizations, a manager is generally assigned a definite level in an organizational hierarchy and is bestowed the responsibilities pertaining to that level. Therefore, when it comes to preparing a good resume for the managers, a lot of factors are to be taken into consideration.

To be an able manager, the incumbent needs to have a thorough knowledge of the responsibilities. Besides, the person needs to have the presence of mind as well as proficiency, backed by man-management skills to not only meet tough deadlines, but also bring the best out of the employees under him, and make sure that the operations are carried out in a seamless and timely manner. Naturally, the best resume of a manager needs to reflect that ability to the fullest extent, along with years of relevant experience with a true leadership quality. It is better to avoid using a standard template and instead, include a sample real-life incident in short that underlines the managerial ability of the incumbent.

It is imperative that the very latest resume is submitted to the employers so that they can understand that the incumbent is in tune with the latest managerial techniques, which tend to change quite regularly, depending upon the business needs vis-a-vis ever-changing market dynamics.

Manager Resume Headline Examples

When it comes to writing managers’ resume headlines, you need to keep it concise, yet self-explanatory. It is important to maintain a standard format. The headline needs to have a singular brief-phrase and there is no hard and fast rule that the title has to be a complete sentence. The words need to be capitalized so that the entire stuff appears like a header of the resume. Here are some headline examples for the perusal of the future managers.

  • Goal-Oriented Senior Manager with 16 years of Managerial Experience.
  • Successful with Experience in Online Marketing Campaigns.
  • Manager with Extensive Corporate Experience.
  • Operations Manager with Training and Development Experience.
  • Experienced Financial Manager with Expertise in Strategic Financial Planning.
  • Dedicated Operations Manager with Expertise in Cost Reduction and Containment.
  • Automotive Store Manager with proven Business Development Skills.
  • Manager with 15+ years of experience in Revenue Generation and Customer Service.
  • Goal-Oriented R&D Manager Responsible for Conceptualizing and Developing Products.
  • Human Resource Manager with Extensive Coaching and Mentoring Experience.

The entire idea is to come up with captions that will clearly describe the competence of the incumbent.  This will help employers to conveniently scrutinize the resume.

Manager Resume Career Objective Examples

Frankly speaking, writing a career objective for a resume is one of the trickiest aspects. The first and foremost thing that one needs to keep in mind is that making up some nice-sounding words just for the sake of describing one’s self is a strict NO-NO! One will have to be dead sure that the traits or qualities that are claimed actually reflect in every nook and cranny of the resume.

Before writing down the objective statements, one should assess the personality traits and strengths and make sure that only these are exhibited in the resume. Even the activities that have been mentioned all through since the school days have to truly reflect the claims. Also, it is better to provide supporting documents along with the career objective examples mentioned in the resume.

    • Goal-oriented general manager with 8 years of experience in revenue generation and cost-cutting looking forward to leading a dynamic team and leverage inventory management and strategic planning skills towards organization development.
    • To obtain a senior level managerial position with ABC Organization where I can put into practice my fine management and problem-solving skills to maximize profit with optimum resource utilization.
    • To leverage my 15+ years of experience in sales and advertising in the consumer goods industry and work in a managerial role, to contribute to your organizational growth.
    • To pursue a rewarding career as an Operations Manager in Organization CDE, where I can utilize by administrative and strategic planning skills to the fullest extent.
    • To apply my 12+ years of experience as an Accounts Manager in the healthcare industry along with above par leadership and client relations skills and work in a competitive organization, ensuring business growth.

Manager Resume Summary Statement Examples

The resume summary statement helps to quickly grab the attention of the employers by summarizing the vital information about the candidate who is applying.

One must remember that the employers go through dozens of resumes, if not hundreds, to employ the most fitting candidate. Hence, including a summary statement always helps to highlight the profile of the candidate in an effective way.

Here are some examples of resume summary statements:

    • A skilled team leader with good communication skills, with the ability to establish a good rapport with members of the team and promote team bonding and teamwork.
    • Highly organized and confident and able to work in close coordination with others to accomplish the targets in time.
    • A detail-oriented professional, with great prioritizing and strategizing skills for accomplishing tasks, and staying cool under pressure.
    • Flexible as well as analytical with an eye for details, an expert in editing information to achieve goals.
    • An effective leader, skilled in providing equal support to all team members in aligning with projects as well as organizational objectives.

How to write Experience Section in Manager Resume

Whether you have the 1-year experience, 2 years experience or more, your work experience will serve as the main course when you are writing a manager resume. In fact, the work experience that you mention in your resume reveals to your potential employer how efficient an employee you will be in the organization to which you are applying. If you are a new graduate with no experience looking for a managerial position, it would be best to highlight your team management skills in your internship jobs.

To highlight your experience in a more effective manner, you can play up with job titles, explaining your achievements in bullet points. Always make sure to include relevant experiences, be it in a senior-level managerial position or an internship experience or a temporary position. Those who have work experience for many years should design the resume experience section in such a manner that helps the employer to clearly understand how you can add value to the organization with minimal training.

Manager Resume Responsibilities

The most important aspect of applying for a managerial job is that the person is applying for a job that he already has. Hence, here is a scope for the individual to pen down the roles and responsibilities and duties that he or she is already carrying out. This is the section where the applicant can go into details about the job.

The very objective of this section is to highlight and promote the fact that the responsibilities are not vague or general. So it is imperative to be absolutely specific about the particular relevant duties that the person carries out. One has to think about job roles and achievements and pen them down accordingly. However, the achievements MUST match the responsibilities.  Here are some responsibilities that the managers today have to carry out:

Action Words to use in Manager Resume

In order to make sure that the resume looks more promising and authentic, it is imperative to use a few wording for creating the resume. It is not that without these words, which are called Action Verbs, the resume will be discarded, but the presence of these words makes the resume all the more promising and stronger. There are definite words to use in an applicant’s resume depending upon the type of job. Likewise, there is a definite set of wording for a manager’s resume. Here are the action verbs for a manager’s resume:


  • Led
  • Handled
  • Managed
  • Responsible for
  • Chaired
  • Controlled
  • Coordinated
  • Executed
  • Headed
  • Operated
  • Orchestrated
  • Organized
  • Oversaw
  • Planned
  • Produced
  • Programmed
  • Planned
  • Managed

How to present Skills Section in Manager Resume

One of the most significant sections of a manager’s resume is the skills section. Hence, special emphasis MUST be given while preparing this section. This will effectively determine whether the applicant in question is fit for the job.

Firstly, it should have a catchy title, which will draw the employer’s attention. Some preferred titles for this section are Keyskills and strengths, Core key-skills in managing team and competencies, Technical Skills for Management and Qualities or Skills and Abilities. These are some of the effective keywords for defining the skills and managerial abilities that need to be used while preparing this section.

This section needs to immediately follow the Work Experience section, though there are some who put this before the Experience section. In this section one needs to mention the combination of skills and expertize that is required, in order to succeed and effectively carry out the responsibilities that will be bestowed upon the applicant.

How to write Manager Resume Achievement Section

The achievement section needs to encompass the elementary job responsibility, though that should not include the daily routine. Things that are needed to be included are the achievements in the role of a manager, the accomplishments that were based on the core competencies and roles that the applicant has played under various circumstances.

The content must include the key achievements and the highlights thereof, though in a concise format, of the accomplishments that left a positive impact on the productivity and end results. Emphasis must be put on the unique accomplishments and out of the box ideas that were adopted en route to accomplishments of the objectives.

  • Took cost reduction initiatives in Organization ABC in 2013-14 that led to 9% cost-cutting at the production level.
  • Enhanced customer support quality which led to 15% increase in client retention.
  • Developed a specialized troubleshooting procedure for ABC company that led to a considerable reduction in customer complaints.
  • Took supply chain management initiatives for enhanced customer service and support.
  • Implemented new training methods which led to 12% increase in staff productivity.

Manager Resume Writing Tips

Finally, coming to how to write a manager’s resume and how to make it attractive and how to invoke an employer’s interest, it is after all not at all rocket science. It is about maintaining a technique of highlighting your achievements in the professional fields and promoting yourself in the best possible way that makes all the difference. Here are certain tips for making a resume that will really make the prospective employers interested.

Keywords to include in Manager Resume

While preparing a Manager Resume, the applicant must use certain keywords that will increase the visibility of the resume once uploaded on job portals.

Employers filter for suitable resumes from amongst many resumes by using certain buzzwords. Thus, only effective use of these words will help the resume to reach the top of the job portals and grab the eyeballs of the employers before it is late. Hence, to expect a quick call for an interview, usage of these keywords is an absolute necessity.

Here is the list of a few of them to be used in a Manager’s resume:

Manager’s Career Prospects in the Industry

The role and responsibilities of managers differ depending upon the discipline and job profile. For example, the role and responsibility of an Information Systems Manager will surely differ from those of a Travel Agency Manager. However, irrespective of the job profile, Managers always are of utmost importance in business and thanks to the modern way of doing business by diversification and decentralization of business activities, these professionals always play pivotal roles in business growth.

Naturally, it is perhaps apt to mention at this juncture that the career prospects of an aspiring manager is already on a high and it is even more lucrative in case of the ones with years of managerial experience under their belt.


As you start composing your manager resume, it is important to indulge in a brainstorming session in order to identify your achievements and your contributions, which have been of great significance in the organizations you have worked for. If you are a fresher without any full-time job experience, you need to highlight the managerial skills that were showcased during your internship jobs. On the whole, your resume must highlight how you can create value at the managerial level, be it at a senior or a junior position.

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