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How to write a Business Development Resume

If you want to steer your career as a business development executive, you need to learn from top-level business development resume samples.

To draft a developer resume that impresses the recruiter and outwits the rest of the candidates, you need to assess the writing style, tone and format of diverse resumes samples. Diverse resumes will teach you how to project your skills and achievements in the best format without committing any amateur mistakes. The latest examples of business resumes will also teach you ways to appropriately furnish your educational and professional qualifications without degrading the professional value.

A good resume speaks to the soul of the manager. It is indispensable to the success of any business developer who plans to grow professionally today. To do so, your resume must be unique and customized to match the needs of the employer. Our instructional guidance on each section of the resume will teach the latest ways to draft a stunning and unique developer resume!

Business Development Resume Headline Examples

The header or title or a professional resume is popularly called the resume headline. An attractive way to write a business developer resume headline is by condensing your exceptional skills and experiences as an answer to the employer’s needs.

A bold headline phrase pulls the recruiter into your resume until the very end. If you’re an experienced business development executive, resume headline can help you condense multiple skills into one phrase. Assess varieties of development resume examples before finalizing on your CV title.

  • Versatile Business Developer with 10+ Years Developing E-Commerce Websites and Virtual Interfaces
  • Agile Business Development Professional with 5+ Years Experience in Client Service and Competitor Management for IBM International
  • Confident and Energetic Business Graduate with Meritorious Academic Excellence
  • Bi-Lingual Business Development Specialist with a Keen Eye for Improving Net Profits and Sales using Innovative Marketing Tactics
  • Dedicated Business Development Strategist with 3+ Years of Experience Working as Google Russia Manager
  • Adept Weapons Business Developer with Dual Degrees in Artillery and 15+ Years of Military Service in U.S Army
  • Renowned Business Development Executive with a Proven Record of Success, experience in an International Jewelry and a Degree in Gemology
  • Deadline-driven business development executive with 8+ Years of Extensive Experience in Strategic Planning, Revenue Improvement, Resource Allocation, and Territory Management
  • Motivated Business Development Chief with a Flawless Record of Operational Excellence, Customer Relations and Relationship Building within 3+ Years of Experience
  • Enthusiastic Business Developer with National Award for Smartest Business Developer and Proven Record of Efficiency

Business Development Resume Career Objective Examples

The title or header of a business development resume sample in 2017 must consist of a concise statement that sketches your career skills and experience befitting the job offered. Career objective is a custom-made statement that answers directly to the recruiter, as you can note in latest business resume examples.

In short, the objective statement in a professional resume must not be a petition to employ you, but a highlight of your professional values as a strong contender for the position offered. A good resume objective in a business development resume template outlines how far you’ve come in your career as a business analyst as well as where you plan to go ahead.

    • To obtain an executive post in Business Development to apply my meritorious academic excellence and practical experience in risk management, project analysis, and Staff Relations
    • Multi-Faceted Business Development Expert seeking opportunities with Dyna LLC to leverage the expertise of Marketing Strategies and Project Relations
    • To successfully apply 5 years of academic excellence and modern business development tools in digital marketing, prospective and bettering corporate client relations for E-Commerce Websites
    • Experienced Business Developer with a passion for Finance and Insurance seeking the post of Business Relations Chief at XYZ to improve the internal and corporate relations
    • Motivated Business Development Professional with Proven Leadership and Management Skills seeking to exercise my skills as the Business Head at ABC Group of Companies

Business Development Resume Summary Statement Examples

In a professional business development resume, the summary statement refers to the gist of your certifications and successful career goals applicable to the growth of the company. Profile statement in a resume must captivate the reader and project a career layout where the technical skills and achievements answer the needs of the employer. In short, the summary statement in business resume must be tailored to fit the job role offered.

The summary statement is the key hook that pulls the manager into reading the rest of your stunning CV. Simply put, a good summary statement in a business development resume refers to the lucid synopsis of your career achievements and professional values.

    • Detail-Oriented Business Development Leader offering 15+ Years of extensive experience in revenue collection, sales, marketing, profitability and risk assessment for banking businesses aspiring to grow small banks
    • Confident and Amicable Business Developer with Superior Organizational Skills, Project Planning, Analysis, and Marketing. Versatile in business development and Territory Management of Transport Businesses
    • Multi-faceted Business Development Executive agile in all aspects of business planning, execution, monitoring, analysis and growth aspiring to contribute technical skills to grow small local businesses
    • Accomplished Business Development Writer with Daily Column in Business Today Journal and 4+ Years Experience of contributing to Page 5 in three National Dailies
    • Motivated Business Development Specialist with 10+ Years of experience in Consumer Management and Customer Relations seeking the role of Customer Service Chief in E-Commerce firms.

How to write Experience Section in Business Development Resume

The spine of your developer’s resume is the experience section. Chronicling your individual and personal achievements to outsmart the ordinary is the motive of this section. Well-written experience sections in business development resumes portray bulleted points that emphatically establishes your technical standards to the recruiter.

Yet another key point is that recruiters acknowledge resumes with organized content. When mentioning your previous employers, list the nature, financial worth and credibility of the business of the company as well. This eases the recruiter when doing the background checks.

If you have jobs prior to a decade in the experience section, it is best to avoid listing it here. As drastic technological changes have dawned in the recent ages, older job references in business development are futile to the employment opportunities of today. However, exceptional experiences before ten years must be condensed into bullet points to emphasize your expertise as a business development executive.

The next pivotal focus of your recruiter is the rate of creativity you’ve shown under high pressure in your past jobs as a business development expert. The best way to impress your manager is by listing brief anecdotes of how your smart decisions saved money, energy or time to your past employers. Business development resume examples also suggest mentioning your keen eye for progress in business architecture planning too.

Action Verbs to use in Business Development Resume

Here is a list of the prominently used action verbs in the present tense, as used in latest business resume samples-

  1. Plan
  2. Execute
  3. Build
  4. Manage
  5. Generate
  6. Examine
  7. Monitor
  8. Regulate
  9. Conduct
  10. Audit
  11. Liaison
  12. Formulate
  13. Identify
  14. Maintain
  15. Negotiate

How to present the Skills Section in Business Development Resume

Technical skills separate you from the other candidates. Depending on your expertise in business development strategies and innovative solutions in the past, the hiring manager analyzes your technical skills. Core skills in a business development resume refer to the business software, computer skills and development processes you’re acquainted with.

If you check the professional business resumes, you will notice that you need to be clear in the skills section. Hence, when listing the software you’re familiar with; ensure that you list it independently than in groups.

A quick peek on important business development software that can boost your resume credits are Basecamp, ISIS Papyrus, Quickbooks, SideKick, Crystal Knows,, Streak, Datanyze and Microsoft Office are just a few to start you with. For example, when the hiring manager sees Crystal Knows, he will understand how technically sound you are in prospecting client relations indispensable to every business around the globe.

Business Development Resume Achievements Examples

Hiring managers filter candidates with their technical skills relevant to business development to check the candidates with the potential to fit the needs of the company. An ideal business development resume achievement section focuses on your transferable skills best applicable to the position offered. When listing achievements, it is excellent to specifically mention the digits or technical goals attained in past targets to quantify your technical achievements.

If you are a versatile business developer, you must place the achievements section above your educational merits.

How to write the Education Section in Business Development Resume

The education section can turn tricky regardless of the maximum or minimum academic credits you have mentioned. Hiring managers seek business development executives who are smart and brainy.

For those with meritorious academic records, mentioning GPA beside the college or university will establish your depth of knowledge to the recruiter. In case you have not graduated, mentioning your college with specialized subjects and marks until the stop can make a positive impact. According to business development resume samples, it is best to list certifications to a separate page.

Business Development Resume Writing Tips

Career Prospects in the Industry

Bureau of Labor Statistics claims that jobs in the field of business development is growing at a rate of +7% and is expected to continue the same until 2024. One of the c-level industries promised high remuneration to incentives, business development executives also belong to the higher-salary tier.

BL claims that the annual wages range from $65,000 to $105,000 per annum for a business development resume with a bachelor’s degree for entry-level jobs. The important responsibilities of business developers include the training and execution of innovative business models for improving the main business.

As technological innovations are expected to pike in the coming decades, business development is an attractive occupation to work in. The best industry for business developers according to the bureau of business development is insurance and finance.


Business development is the perfect choice for a strategic developer with in-depth knowledge of business and administration. If you are ready to begin drafting you’re the professional resume, begin with a choice of formatting first.

Two choices of formatting in professional business development resumes are chronological and functional. While a chronological resume lists date alongside work experience, the functional format of resume lists personal skills achieved in the past sans the timeline.

If you are an experienced business developer, it is best to use a chronological format for effectively listing your accolades. However, a functional resume will be best for developers with gap years in the resume as you can note from resume samples of business developers.

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