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How to write a Legal Resume

Want to steer your legal career ahead? You need a well-crafted and updated professional resume that speaks to the vision of the hiring manager to make a positive impact. Unlike most jobs, legal jobs mandatorily require accuracy to concrete evidence for the facts furnished in your resume. The same is why your first step to training how to write a good legal resume is to collect sample legal resumes.

By assessing multiple and diverse law-based resumes pertaining to your profession, you learn the right way to present your education to professional accolades. This not only helps the recruiter cite your facts quickly, but it also saves you from committing amateur mistakes in your professional resume. Another important benefit of scanning example resumes before drafting your own, is getting acquainted with the tone, manner, format, and focus of the latest professional resumes.

Above all, your technical and professional skills are the real anchors in the success of your resume. Moreover, your goal is to captivate the recruiter and prove the exceptional potential that makes you perfect for the job offer. The key way to impress your manager is by drafting a unique, alluring and

Legal Resume Headline Examples

Header, title or headline of a resume refers to the contracted phrase that underscores your professional value as a candidate. An ideal Resume Headline must be placed on top of the resume, underneath your contact information, name and designation. Most sample legal resumes advocate condensing your multiple skills and experience in this section to represent the position offered.

Headlines in law-associated resumes are useful for legal experts with extensive experience. Use technical words and adjectives to woo the manager right away by referring to the headlines from the resume samples below

  • Senior Legal Counselor with 6+ Years of Experience as the State Appointed Advocate for Minority Sections
  • Merit-Roll Lawyer with Dual Degrees in Real Estate and Criminal Law
  • Versatile Lawyer with 3+ Experience advocating United Nations Cases in Uganda
  • Bi-Lingual Legal Advisor with 11+ Years of Experience Counseling Airline Businesses including Qatar Airways
  • Army Veteran with a Proven Track Record of Mediating in 5+ Years of Federal Cases
  • Real Estate Lawyer with Practical Experience of 10+ Years as a Property Advocate
  • Enthusiastic and Amiable Attorney experienced in Insurance and Finance Cases since 4+ Years
  • Deft Legal Assistant with meritorious Academic Record and Doctorate in Law
  • Motivated Criminal Lawyer with a Keen Eye for Detail and 11+ Years as Legal Advisor for Camel Cigarette Company
  • High Court Judge with a Record of Diplomatic Handling of Controversial Criminal and Property cases

Legal Resume Career Objective Examples

The objective in law resume incorporates a targeted sentence that outlays your career orientation as a candidate. An ideal professional resume must be striking and bold enough to outwit other candidates and establish your professional worth as a perfect fit for the recruiter.

In short, a good career objective is not a request to hire you, but a proven record of your journey as a legal expert as well as your future goals as the role offered. By analyzing varieties of legal resume examples, it is easy to note that a law resume objective must be unique.

    • Multi-faceted Legal Advisor Adept in Property and Equity Law aspiring to lead Maggie Malone Real Estate Company as the legal head
    • To obtain the position of Legal Head where I can apply my 3+ Years of Property Law Practice and dual degrees in Criminal and Property Law
    • Agile Legal Advisor with expertise in Export-Import Liabilities and Federal Law aspiring to exercise my skills of superlative analysis for California Sunshine Imports
    • Motivated and confident Pro-Bono Advocate seeking an opportunity to work with Rehabilitation NGO to improve the Social Conditions
    • Hard-working Legal \ with proven Analysis and Investigation Skills in honor-roll academics seeking to apply my assessment skills for the position of Legal Advisor.

Legal Resume Summary Statement Examples

To pen down a flawless law-related resume summary statement is tough and the key to succeed is by appealing to the recruiter as a professional. List your technical skills relevant to the company and the job to prove your exceptional knowledge in the field after assessing sample legal resumes.

A good summary statement is a synoptic glimpse of the certifications and other facts furnished forth in your resume. It must be confident and evidence of your superlative skills as a Law Specialist such that the hiring manager is pulled to read your complete resume. Compare your resume profile statement with the following

    • Energetic Paralegal with a sharp eye for Details, Drafting Briefs and Assessment of Estate Tax, Equity and Insurance domains in Law seeking a position with Mac & Sons
    • Versatile Legal Accountant with experience in working as a Senior Accountant aspiring to leverage my expertise in Construction and retail with the role of Accountant for Thick & sons
    • Senior high Court Judge with a History of Reviewing Cases involving Social, Economic and National importance. Extensive Experience in examination of Economic Liabilities to join the board of National Economic Board
    • Strong Pubic speaker and motivated Legal Strategist with an excellent experience of Litigation and Contract Law seeking opportunities to expand local businesses
    • Accomplished Corporate Legal Counsel with a Winning Record of Courtroom Proceedings seeking collaboration with XYV to apply Industry Experience in Insurance, Finance, Healthcare and Hospitality

How to write Experience Section in Legal Resume

A good professional resume does not need cum laude degrees but a quench for uniqueness. The cornerstone of your resume is the experience section. If you have extensive experience in your field, you should condense your skills into well-arranged bullet points of accomplishments as the sample legal resumes advocate. The motive of the experience section is to establish your professional and personal career goals in Law to the recruiter.

When mentioning your previous employers in the resume, remember that recruiters prefer finding information quickly and directly. Mention the financial worth, credits, and time stamp when listing your work experiences. If you have visible gaps in your job history, avoid mentioning the time stamp on any job as you can see in the latest legal resume samples. Work experiences prior to a decade are futile, considering the herculean changes witnessed in the Legal field during the same. However, if you have important case reminiscences from ten years and before, it is important to contract your narrative into technical terminology and skills relevant to the job.

Another pivotal addition to the experience section must be proof of your creativity in the workspace. Your sharp eye to find loopholes even in the toughest cases under any deadline is an exceptional skill that will sparkle your manager’s eye. Adding numbers to your accomplishments or quoting the winning verdict in a law resume will definitely impress the manager.

Action Verbs to use in Legal Resume

Important action verbs such as the below are collected from legal resume samples and you must use the same in the past tense, to assert the authenticity of your past employment records in the Law CV Templates.

  1. Retaliate
  2. Litigate
  3. Negotiate
  4. Investigate
  5. Monitor
  6. Administer
  7. Evaluate
  8. Defend
  9. Develop
  10. Analyze
  11. Redact
  12. Correspond
  13. Realign
  14. Sort
  15. Record
  16. Coordinate
  17. Examine
  18. Supervise
  19. Perform
  20. Maintain

How to present Skills Section in Legal Resume

Your technical skills as a Legal advocate such as Analysis, Assessment, Observation, and Negotiation form the core skills sought by employers in your resume. If you want to outscore the other legal candidates, you need to present the unique skills that make you the best fit for the job as seen in legal resume samples.

From key computer skills to anecdotes of quick thinking and smart negotiation while on the job, there are many tweaks to impress the manager right away. When listing specific law software and apps you’re familiar with, avoid cluttering multiple programs under one tab. It is better to number the software and arrange in bullet points as seen in trending examples of law resumes.

After scanning through diverse resume samples trending at present, we’ve found the important computer skills for law-related resumes are MyCase, The Long 9, Kleos, LEAP, LIBRA, Clio, Jurisnet, Lawcus, and HoudiniESQ.

Legal Resume Achievements Examples

The pivotal section of Senior and executive-level legal resume samples, Achievements section in a resume highlights your career goals parallel to professional accomplishments. Your core achievements relevant to the job filled with technical references form the requirements of a good resume.

Keep in mind that hiring managers scan through multiple resumes to find befitting candidates. In this case, ease of reading your resume plays a vital role in citing the exceptional accomplishments swiftly by the recruiter. Restrict the references to a separate page from the experience section.

How to write Education Section in Legal Resume

Provided you’re a newbie or fresh graduate of Law, your academic excellence speaks louder more than your professional excellence. Hence, list the educational section above the achievements section to give proper weight to your resume to follow the latest Having prospects of increasing jobs by the passing hour, finance is a field that promises endless opportunities and remunerations for new and experienced finance professionals.

In fact, recruiters are seeking brainy legal experts who can negotiate smartly with innovative planning in a professional resume. Your academic records are indispensable to the hiring process. Hence, provide your GPA along with the specialization degree and name of the college in addition to the year for clarity. If you dropped out or have a low GPA, it is better to list your specialization and college without the time stamp according to Legal resume sample formats.

For people with extensive experience under the sleeve, bulleted points with or without your GPA and institution name fares best. For those with meritorious awards, honor-roll academics, and legal popularity, the education section can prove the strength of your technical background in Law to the manager.

Legal Resume Writing Tips

The most important guideline to create an enticing and professional resume is to avoid the common mistakes noticed in most legal resume samples such as-

Career Prospects in the Legal Sector

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the law based occupations are expected a growth rate of up to 5% until 2024. Counted as the average growth rate when compared to other professions, legal job seekers must expect a salary in the range of $55,000 to $150,000 per annum according to recent legal resume samples.

BLS claims that the legal industry offers five important jobs

  • Lawyers: $150,000+ pa
  • Judges and Hearing Officer: $110,000+
  • Paralegals and Legal Advisors: $105,000+
  • Arbitrators and Conciliators: $55,000+

If you’re educated in the legal formalities of industries such as real estate, film, insurance, finance and business with an entry-level bachelor’s degree in law, the future will be promising as claimed by examples of legal resume.


If you assess the latest legal resume samples, you will learn many tweaks to highlight your professional prowess in law effectively. It is necessary to follow a definite format throughout your resume to keep it in an official format.

Two important choices of formats in a professional resume in 2017 are Chronological and Functional. The former refers to the work experience and skills section listed with points that describe the time of working. For those with missing months or years will find this format negative and function suits the best in this case. A functional resume requires you to list your personal achievements ahead of professional excellence.

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