Manufacturing Resume Samples


The Manufacturing sector is a major driver of employment and GDP in most of the countries across the globe. Manufacturing workers convert components and materials into finished items. Some of the companies that majorly hire the manufacturers include – General Motors, Hitachi, DuPont, Car companies and Hitachi. The manufacturing sector is the largest in this category, followed by the food industry and the petroleum industry. Examples of careers in this sector include jobs as – aircraft general mechanics, production managers, assembly production workers, and manufacturing quality specialists.

All manufacturing and production jobs need to be meticulously planned and organized to meet the demands in an efficient and timely manner. And this is where the Production management, planning, purchasing, and distribution careers are majorly important. Most of the positions don’t require any postsecondary education, while some require some sort of vocational training or academic qualifications. For example, an aircraft mechanic needs a post-secondary diploma and military training and or civil aviation licensing. Likewise, a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering or general engineering is required for industrial mechanics.

The salaries depend on the education level, experience, and sector of employment, on an average the annual wage may range anywhere from $72000 to $ 92890. Employment opportunities and career trends are expected to grow by 10% by 2026, which is considered faster than any other occupation. This sector of the job is versatile both in the nature of work and in the industries in which the expertise can be put into use.

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