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How to write a Real Estate Resume

A professional resume must captivate the reader and prove the core competencies that make you the best candidate for the job. To do so, you must practice intensively with sample real estate resumes for drafting a unique resume on your own. With our expert analysis and instructional guidance on expert resume writing practices, you will easily win your dream real estate job.

As this is a competitive and opportunistic time for real estate professionals to advance in their careers, it is recommended to upgrade your resume with the latest resume writing trends. Scanning through sample Real Estate Resumes will teach you the right way to furnish professional and personal credentials in a resume. Apart from teaching you how to avoid amateur errors, sample resume models will also teach you tricks to impress your hiring manager right away.

Your resume is the first chance of conversation you will have with your reader.  From creativity to technical terminologies, there are many tweaks to transform your profile into a Pro Resume! It must impress the reader enough to outwit the other candidates and simultaneously position you as the best fit for the job offered. If you’ve been wanting to upgrade your generic real estate resume, this is the best opportunity to do so!

Real Estate Resume Headline Examples

The title of a resume consists of a short phrase that lists your most relevant experience as proof of your candidacy.  An ideal real estate resume header must highlight your technical proficiencies that outsmart the other candidates.

Located below the contact information, name and designation of the candidate, Resume Header is the first chance to impress the hiring manager as well. Resume titles are best for people with extensive work experience as it lets the candidate condense multiple skills under one title!

  • Multi-faceted Real Estate Agent with 22+ Years of Experience in Residential Analysis and Sales
  • Versatile Real Estate Broker with 11+ Years of Expertise in Mortgage and Attorney
  • Agile and Accomplished Licensed Real Estate Agent with 12 years in Residential Workforce
  • Experienced Realtor with Innovative Marketing Designs and Experience of Raising Market Value of Houses up to $2.5 Million
  • Bi-Lingual Real Estate Consultant with Extensive Experience in Sales, OManagementpen-Houses, and Disclosures
  • Merit-Roll Real Estate Sale Agent with a Dual-Degrees and Marketing and Business
  • Real Estate Appraiser with a Sharp Eye for Details and 15+ Years Experience and Private Realtor
  • Army Veteran and Real Estate Assessor with 5+ Experience of Increasing Market Value of Commercial Complexes
  • Dedicated Real Estate Broker with a Proven Record of Securing Best Listings
  • Energetic Real Estate Assistant Agent with 2+ Years Internship Experience in Homeowner Relocation and Open-House Hosting

Real Estate Resume Career Objective Examples

The aim of the career objective statement in a resume is to outline your career graph and with respect to the job description. A good real estate resume objective must be bold, confident and lucid when responding to the qualifications sought by the employer.

Simply put, your resume objective must not be a plea or request for hiring, but an emphatic proof of how well you fit for the position offered. A good resume objective must showcase your achievements in real estate as well as how you plan to grow with the current job offer.

    • Motivated Real Estate Agent with the ability to Track, Maintain and Personalize cost-efficient Marketing Plans seeking opportunities with Mahnua Real Estates as the Manager
    • Multitalented Real Estate Broker with a Proven Record of 50 Sales in One week and dual degrees in Architecture and Management to join Yamaha Realtors & Co to apply my extensive experience in Residential Real Estates
    • To Obtain the post of Real Estate Appraiser for applying my mastery in Residential Property Evaluation and Renovation Cost Assessment skills for Margo Constructions
    • Charming and Confident Realtor with Merit-Roll Academics in Management and Mastery Over Business Administration seeking the position of Real Estate Head at Thomson & Jennie Realtors
    • To leverage my experience as an independent contractor for buying and selling Residential Buildings by promoting the Sales and Market Reach of Hemanth Real Estates

Real Estate Resume Summary Statement Examples

Profile statement is the summary of your career accomplishments and certifications that the reader will find in full-detail, ahead in the resume. A good summary statement must captivate the hiring manager with relevant yet striking accomplishments from your job history.

A summary statement must be well-crafted with technical terminologies that prove your expertise as a real estate professional. In brief, an ideal summary statement must be customized to suit the needs of the employer.  Profile statement is the main hook of your real estate resume that must position you ahead of your counterparts.

    • Experienced and Accomplished Real Estate Agent with a proven record of securing $2.5 Million in One-Month of Property Deals seeking opportunities to Rebrand and Improve the Profit Quotient of Small Real Estate Businesses
    • Detail-Oriented Real Estate Assessor with a knack for innovative risk-efficient renovations, in-depth analysis, and Market Value expansion. Seeking opportunities as a tutor at Business Management Institutions in Real Estate and Property Law
    • To obtain the position of Real Estate Appraiser for Johnson & Me Realtors for applying my doctorate in Architecture and Business Management as well as ten years of industrial experience as Freelance Real Estate Agent
    • Renowned Licensed Realtor with an excellent knack for team management and market expansion looking for opportunities with local real estate businesses to increase market reach
    • To leverage the internal and external output of International Real Estate Firms with my Merit-Roll Academics in Architecture and Management as the Real Estate Broker

How to write Experience Section in Real Estate Resume

Your professional experience as a real estate professional proves your superlative technical skills as the best candidate too. In short, the real estate resume experience section is the spine of your professional resume. The best way to perfect your work experience section is by using clear and lucid bulleted points to list relevant, strategic and technical accomplishments in the past jobs as a real estate professional.  Full paragraphs in a resume lead to the reader missing on important points and hence, condensing job history is highly appreciated.

The next systematic way to add to your experience section in the resume is by listing each of your employers with the net worth, job role and nature of the business alongside the duration you worked. In case you have visible gaps in your employment history, it is better to skip the timestamp on any jobs to avoid derogatory conclusions by the reader. Yet another commonly neglected point is listing older jobs. Work experiences prior to ten years are futile in a real estate resume unless it was highly relevant or important to the current offer. Due to herculean changes in technology and architecture in the past 10-15 years, hiring managers consider jobs older than ten years as clutter in a resume.

An important point often skipped by amateur real estate resume writers is the section of professional creativity. Recruiters want to see the creativity of the candidate in past real estate and housing jobs to assess the precise traits that qualify you for the current position. Including anecdotes of superior experience in Lender Relations or Mortgage Evaluations from past jobs that added profit to your previous employers will impress the manager right away. Don’t forget to add your superlative experience in Escrow Management and Real Estate Sales to emphasize on your technical commitment as a real estate executive.

Action Verbs to use in Real Estate Resume

Key power verbs that emphasize your superlative experience as a real estate professional can be found in popular real estate resume samples on the web. We have compiled the best to help you prove the candidacy in the official resume.

  1. Confer
  2. Design
  3. Negotiate
  4. Review
  5. Analyze
  6. Evaluate
  7. Arrange
  8. Coordinate
  9. Accompany
  10. Generate
  11. Compare
  12. Delegate
  13. Demonstrate
  14. Propel
  15. Advise
  16. Organize
  17. Conduct
  18. Maintain
  19. Track
  20. Secure

How to present Skills Section in Real Estate Resume

Your core technical skills that distinguish you from other candidates are the best skills to list in a professional real estate resume. As a realtor, skills such as Organization, Analysis, Negotiation, and Open House Hosting Experiences appeal positively to the hiring committee.

Recruiters focus on the skills section in resumes to find precise skills that apply to the job role offered. You must list exceptional skills to your expertise in computer applications in this section. The best-acclaimed way to do so is by listing specific software or computer applications you are acquainted with, in bulleted points. Prominent computer applications seen on real estate resumes include Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Powerpoint, Prezi, Adobe Photoshop, Infusionsoft, Chime, Base, Salesforce and HubSpot CRM.  To elaborate, your experience in diverse CRM software will emphasize your technical expertise as a real estate professional to the hiring manager.

Real Estate Resume Achievements Examples

Core accomplishments as a real estate agent in the past must be listed in concise points strategically arranged with technically relevant vocabulary that applies to your job application. Hiring Managers scan through hundreds of resumes for every job before finalizing candidates for interviews. In order to impress the hiring manager with a striking experience section, you must assess popular real estate resume samples to narrow the important keywords.

It is best to avoid listing your reference letters in this section to avoid clutter.

How to write Education Section in Real Estate Resume

Considered an important section that proves the technical foundation of the candidate, the education section in a real estate resume must list the name of the institution, GPA and year of graduation in addition to the specialization degree of the candidate. Expert resume writers advise listing your highest educational degree as the introductory point of this section. In case you have missing educational records, it is best to mention the name of the academic institution sans the timestamp and GPA.

Adding advanced courses and education in Real Estate will prove how technically sound you are, to the manager. In case you are a fresher, it is best to list your education section above the achievements and vice-versa for candidates with extensive experience in the field. As a rule of thumb, it is best to avoid your certifications from the resume education section.

Real Estate Resume Writing Tips

Additional guidelines based on popular real estate resume models to groom and perfect your professional resume to captivate the hiring manager right away are mentioned below.

Career Prospects in the Industry

The scope of real estate professionals is evermore on the rise as humanity is continuously transforming into an urbanized lifestyle at present. With the innovative and cost-efficient building as well as marketing techniques introduced sporadically to the market, real estate agents and brokers have a safe future.

From self-employment to contract work experience, real estate agents and brokers have a variety of opportunities to establish themselves in the industry. Bureau of Labor statistics claims candidates with real estate resumes earn up to $80,000 per year currently. BLS advocates candidates to upgrade their resumes as the job increase rate is a mere 3% until 2024.


Beginning with the choice of official formats- Chronological and Functional, you must stick to a consistent format, style and tone in your resume according to real estate resume samples.

For candidates with extensive work experience and no visible gaps in the resume, chronological resume fares excellently as it organizes job history based on the timescale. Candidates with missing years or months in the resume must choose the functional format that lists your personal accomplishments ahead of professional achievements.

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