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How to write a Clerk Resume

If you’re searching for ways to create an enchanting resume that actually proves your mastery as a clerk, you need to pack up your arsenal with sample clerk resumes first. It is true that a Clerk must be experienced in multiple disciplines. Provided resume writing is not one of them, compare your previous resume with diverse clerks resume samples to learn ways to write the resume on your own.

To write a captivating resume, you must know how and what to include credentials that get noticed. In addition, resume models will teach you ways to avoid committing amateur mistakes. Ideal clerical resumes are ones that outsmart the other candidates with official formatting that wins the hiring manager.

Spanning from your creative decision-making skills to expert communication skills and versatile experience of management, there are many technical tweaks to prove your values in a clerk resume. In order to highlight your core skills without getting rejected by automatic tracking software or extensive scanning from recruiters, follow the instructional guidance below on how to customize your resume for clerical jobs.

Clerk Resume Headline Examples

Header or title of a resume refers to a concise sentence that captivates the hiring manager’s attention and simultaneously proves your professional credits as a candidate. A good clerical resume header must also outsmart the other candidates by condensing your technical skills relevant to the job offered.

According to sample Clerk Resume Models, the heading of a resume must be placed on top of the resume underneath your name and contact information. It is the first interaction you will have with the manager and you must make it bold and captivating to outsmart your contenders. Candidates with extensive experiences are recommended to make the most out of headers by referring to the following resume title samples.

  • Senior Clerk with 13+ Years Experience in Rural Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics
  • Junior Clerk with Experience of Serving in Public and Private Construction Offices
  • Enthusiastic General Office Clerk with 4+ Years in Workforce and Bachelors Degree in Communicative Literature
  • Agile Financial Clerk with Dual Degrees in Insurance and Finance
  • Amiable School Clerk with 6+ Years Experience in Kendriya Vidyalayas and Degree in Hospitality Management
  • Detail-Oriented Payroll Clerk with Experience of Documenting Healthcare Payrolls for Private Laboratories and Clinics
  • Motivated Material Recording Clerk with Degree in Accountancy and 2+ Years Internship Experience in Accounting Division of Transport Industry
  • Adept Information Clerk with Merit-roll Academic Excellence in Social Services and Experience as Teacher for TFI
  • General Clerk Versatile in Documentation and Timekeeping with 3+ Years Experience in University Administrative Department
  • Office Clerk with Degree in Mass communication and Experience in Processing Orders and Deliveries

Clerk Resume Career Objective Examples

The objective of an official clerical resume must consist of a clear-cut target sentence that outlays the graph of your career until now along with specific goals for the future.

Use must 50% keywords in your Clerk Resume from the job description to prove you are a perfect fit for the job. In short, an ideal career objective must not be an ordinary statement, but a unique and bold sentence that answers the responsibilities sought by the recruiter.

    • Multitalented General Office clerk with 9+ Years of Industrial Experience in Textile Training aspiring to apply my experience in Export-Import of Kanchipuram Sarees for Chennai Silks
    • To apply my honor-roll experience in Documentation and Data Entry as Senior Clerk for improving the sales of Salala Imports
    • Motivated and Energetic Linguistics Graduate applying for the position of Junior Clerk in SBI to apply my superior Communication and Team Management Skills in according to Computer Data Entry
    • To leverage my experience in Healthcare Industry such as Resourcefulness and Administrative Skills for the benefit for Gina Hospitals as the Senior Clerk
    • Versatile Financial Clerk with Five Years Experience as in Managing and Processing International Mutual Funds aspiring to join Madina Chit Funds

Clerk Resume Summary Statement Examples

The profile statement of a clerical resume comprises of one targeted statement that summarizes your certifications and qualifications furnished ahead in the resume. As hiring managers scan hundreds of resumes every day, summarizing your applicable clerical skills will captivate the reader to read the rest of your resume right away.

The aim of the profile statement is to establish your professional worth as a candidate by specifying your past achievements that apply to the offered job. Going through popular summary statement samples of clerical resumes from below will help you make a flawless one on your own-

    • To improve the internal relations of educational institutions by applying m superlative experience of ten years as Clerk in National University
    • Dedicated Senior clerk with Proven Record of Saving 12% in Annual Budget by Troubleshooting Documentation Errors. Seeking opportunity with Local Transport Businesses to apply technical proficiency in Business Transaction and Payroll Management
    • To obtain the position of Head Clerk in State Bank of Dido to apply meritorious academic excellence in Banking and Internship Experience as Assistant Clerk
    • Multi-faceted Management Clerk with Extensive Experience as Junior clerk in Local Engineering Colleges hoping to join Local Educational Institutions as
    • Dedicated General Office Clerk with Five Years Experience in Managing Client Negotiations, Auditing and Documentation of Fast Food Franchise aspiring to join local restaurant chains

How to write Experience Section in Clerk Resume

The best clerk resume experience section is considered the core of your resume that supports and establishes your technical proficiencies for the job. The universal format to elaborate the experience section is by clearly listing your past employment history alongside the duration, key responsibilities, nature of the business and financial of the business.

As a rule of thumb, it is recommended that candidates avoid listing jobs completed prior to ten years due to the technological differences between now and a decade ago. Moreover, hiring managers skip older jobs due to its irrelevancy. If you must list an important work experience prior to ten years, condense and tailor it to apply to the position offered.

The next most important step to write an effective clerk resume is by referring to your creative accomplishments in past clerical experiences. From problem solving to smart decision making experiences, there are many technical clerical job terms that can prove your efficiency as a candidate in the CV. Time management that you learned while working as a clerk for a Supermarket Chain is an example of relevant experiences that gets you the interview call!

Action Verbs to use in Clerk Resume

Also called Power Verbs for Clerk Resume, action verbs are the core impactful words used to begin every experience of skill set in your resume-

  1. Organized
  2. Communicated
  3. Managed
  4. Calculated
  5. Classify
  6. Sort
  7. Arrange
  8. Help
  9. Document
  10. Register
  11. Permit
  12. Advice
  13. Demonstrate
  14. Divide
  15. Collect

How to present Skills Section in Clerk Resume

Your core clerical skills that add technical weight to your resume are the same ones that place your resume higher than your contenders at the hiring desk. The best way to furnish your core competencies in the skills section according to popular clerk resume sample formats is by referring to exceptional clerical skills from your career graph.

Skills section cites your precise skills that make you perfect for the job. This can involve computer skills to advanced clerical degrees or techniques you acquired during your previous jobs. In addition to soft skills such as time-management, documentation and organization, computer awareness in Evernote, GovPilot, InventoryBase and TaxMaster is seen as a bonus to clerk resumes.

Clerk Resume Achievements Examples

Highlights of your clerical career comprises of personal achievements you gathered in the past clerical jobs. To ease the work of hiring managers who scan through hundreds of resumes to find candidates for screening, you must organize your achievements with a focus on personal achievements relevant to the job than professional glories.

The Clerk Resume achievements section is a gist of your precise qualities makes you a better candidate than your contenders, with respect to the job description. Resume writing coaches advocate candidates to restrict references to another section than under the achievements section.

How to write Education Section in Clerk Resume

If you have a meritorious academic record such as a magna cum laude degree, be sure to mention it as the opening clause of your educational section. When listing your education, mention the name of the college or university alongside your specialization subject as well as the GPA you earned. On the contrary, if your education is incomplete, mentioning the college name with specialization will mark you as a qualifying candidate in most cases.

Beginning your education section with recent achievements is considered ideal. In addition, freshers and graduates must mention the education section ahead of achievements while versatile clerks must mention education after achievements. It is best to assess multiple resume formats to find one that fits your educational qualifications prior to finalizing on one. Additionally, clerk resume examples suggest candidates restrict certifications to another page.

Clerk Resume Writing Tips

Guidelines to write perfect clerk resumes are plenty. Below you will find five cardinal tips to help you create a winning resume.

Clerk Career Prospects in the Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Clerical industry is growing at an average rate of 6% until 2024. If you have a good clerk resume, BLS advocates this as the best time to upgrade it as the future is promising for clerical jobs.

Depending upon your specialization as a clerk, career prospects also differ. BLS divides clerical jobs into main categories such as

  • Financial Clerks: With a 6% growth rate, financial clerks receive up to $40,000 pa in wages;
  • Information Clerks: About 2% growth rate advocates annual wages of up to $42,000;
  • Auditing Clerks: With a decline of -8%, auditing clerks receive salaries up to $48,000 pa;
  • Brokerage Clerks: Estimated up to 2.3% growth rate and annual wages of $52,000 pa;
  • Payroll and Timekeeping Clerks: Meager 0.8% growth rate with $45,000+ Annual Wages;
  • Material Recording Clerks: About 3% growth rate with up to $30,000 salary per annum;
  • General Clerks: the Slower growth rate of 3% with a salary of $35,000 per annum;

Most clerical jobs require no more than a bachelor’s degree while the hierarchy depends on the expertise in the field you specialize in.


If you’re ready to prepare clerk resume on your own, the last tool you need is a definite format that complements your profile and its industrial history. To do so, you must choose one from the two popular formats- chronological and functional.

Chronological type of format refers to resumes that arrange job experiences based on the timestamp in a descending order. Functional format on the other hand refers to resumes that list personal achievements ahead of professional targets without the timescale. Naturally, for candidates with missing months or years in the resume, functional format fits best while seasoned clerical professional must use chronological formatting.

Our instructional guidance when combined with your technical expertise and intensive will make it elementary to draft an impressive clerical resume that gets you the job!

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