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There is a comprehensive list of career options that are not listed in any of the career categories and those are listed on the “Other” category head and can be considered as a career option too. Such a career list is organized into occupational clusters. Readers and job seekers can browse these clusters and see which job title catches their attention.

Those interested in harnessing the power of nature can take up an occupation in the agricultural and natural resources field, the job offers plenty of post including agriculture food specialists, conservation scientists, farmers, ranchers, fisher, forester, and many such more.

Employment opportunities are also bright in the field of construction, maintenance and architectural sector of work, the job titles under this head include – drafter, highway maintenance worker, rigger, roofer, and so on.

Those having a mind for business can consider jobs in various executive posts, analysts, clerks, secretaries, statistician, and proofreaders. And those having an inclination for education have lots of interesting posts in various educational institutes. Similarly, there are plenty of scopes for freelancers, and for those who want to work on a part-time basis.

Education and salaries for this category vary a lot based on the type of occupation and type of employer. When making decisions regarding future occupation, many people may get confused as to what to pick and what not to, but our article and webpage gives a detailed list of employment outlook, job prospects, salary details, and other valuable resources to enhance the knowledge of job seekers. Also, browse our webpage and get to know about job titles, education requirements, cover letters, and resume samples.

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