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A career as a Specialist is a highly rewarding and valued occupation, as these professionals are skilled, qualified and experienced in a particular or specific area of job title. The job description entails knowing a lot about a particular subject or area of work. Hundreds and hundreds of job titles are featured in this article that relates to specialization in some area or the other.

The Specialists may come from a variety of educational backgrounds, and normally have a Degree or Masters in the particular area of specialization. The job titles may include various disciplines such as – training and development, Information Technology, computer support, job analysis, account, product, marketing, customer support, materials, Program, operations, technical product, product sales, IT support, medical product, department, media, communication, sales, software, Human resource, finance, graphics specialists and many such more.

Due to the current advancement and promise for exemplary customer service, almost all the organizations and sectors of employment hire a specialist to undertake the task of performing specialized and skillful tasks.

Job outlook and career trends are always on consistent demand as employment in this sector is expected to cross more than 8% in the forthcoming years. The median pay basically varies based on the category of specialization, for example, the annual salary for training and development specialist can be around $59020 annually, while a computer support specialist can make it to $62,770 and job analysis specialists can earn $63,000 per year.

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