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How to write an Administrative Resume

An administrator is the key component of success for any active office or business. For those of you who want to upgrade your administrator skills and professional values, and up-to-date administrative resume will help you achieve the goal.

The administrator’s job is an omnipotent role as it tactfully and professionally steers the growth of companies. When you begin drafting a fair administrative resume, it is clever to refer to diverse administrative resume samples to keep up with the latest resume trends. From formatting your resume to using enticing technical vocabulary in the CV and for maintaining a professional tone throughout the resume, resume samples can help.

Scanning through different categories of professional resumes will also teach you what to avoid and include when writing a striking professional resume. An ideal administrator resume must highlight your professional contributions as well as individual achievements relevant to the job. Different resume samples also give you a chance to analyze the common mistakes to avoid in a professional resume.

An administrator overlooks all the important operations in a business or team. Moreover, your specialization in administration must be described concerning the job role sought by the employer. Your administrative CV must speak confidently to the eyes of the manager, and just as your job requires.

Administrative Resume Headline Examples

Also popular as the Resume title, the headline of a resume is a short and concise phrase that lists your best skills relevant to the job. A good resume title captures the recruiter and outsmarts the other candidates.

A well-condensed headline is the first impression you will have on your recruiter. According to Administrative resume samples, the header or title of the resume must be placed beneath your name, designation and contact information.

If you’re a professional with wide experience, resume samples can help you cite multiple top skills effectively.

  • Dedicated and focused Administrator with 6+ Years of Experience in Finance and Insurance
  • Deadline-Driven Administrator with 5+ Years of Government Work Experience
  • Award-Winning Administrator with Meritorious Academic Record in Healthcare and Social Service and 7+ Years of On-Site Experience
  • Exceptional Administrator with a Sharp Eye for Growth and 12+ Years of Administrative Experience in International School
  • Bi-Lingual Honor-Roll Student with Dual Masters in Finance and Law
  • Army Veteran with 20+ Years Experience as Project Administrator for Armed Forces
  • Motivated Administrator with 6+ Years of Administrative Assistance Experience in Finance and Real Estate
  • Administrative Graduate with Dual Publications in International Journal of Management
  • Detail-Oriented Administrative Head with 10+ Years of working with Educational Institutes
  • Successful Administrated seasoned in Managing, Improving and Developing Off-Shore Projects in Natural Resources since 15+ Years

Administrative Resume Career Objective Examples

An administrator resume objective consists of an outlay of your technical skills that make you the best man for the post offered. According to administrative resume samples, it must outwit the other administrator resumes. The best way to write a career objective in a resume that captivates the recruiter is by referring to your technical skills, best used to the job you’re applying for.

In short, the objective of a resume is not a plea, but a cleverly researched statement that projects your best skills. By going through resume samples, it is clear that a good career objective must summarize your personal and professional achievements

    • Versatile Administrative Professional well versed in Presentation, Documentation, Goal-Planning and Facility Reports for Healthcare Industry looking to leverage the practical experience
    • Adept Administrative Specialist with a Proven Record of Delivery Goals before Deadline in Finance and Law aspiring to join XYZ Firms as the Administrative Head
    • To exercise my meritorious academic excellence in IT for new startups by using Website and Content Management Skills parallel to assess
    • Administrative professional with expertise in office management, problem-solving, and computer skills who thrives in high-pressure is aiming to improve the internal relations of XYZ Group of Companies
    • Agile Administrative Expert with flexible working hours and leadership skills who thrives under high-pressure, seeking opportunities to leverage my administrator skills

Administrative Resume Summary Examples

To coin a perfect summary statement that appeals directly to your hiring manager, you must list your specific skills that can add value to the company in unique ways. An ideal summary statement in a resume must explain how you add to the professional value of the company, in addition to engrossing the recruiter in your factual accomplishments.

A bold summary statement magnetizes the recruiter to scan through your complete profile instantly, while a generic summary statement only leads your resume into the rejection pile. Go through the following administrative resume samples to create a perfect profile statement that startles the recruiter

    • Accomplished Administrator with Expertise in Handling Media and Public Relations of Advertising Agencies since Eight Years aspiring to contribute administrative inputs using meritorious Office Management, Presentation and Risk Management skills
    • Multi-faceted Administrator with exceptional communication skills, team management, risk assessment and flawless presentations aspiring to grow local firms
    • Able to assess multiple risk management plans quickly with Quality Control and Project Planning. With a proven track record of delivering goals before the deadline, looking to join as the Administrative Head for local Franchises
    • Results-Oriented IT Administrative Professional with extensive experience of Launching 5 Successful Precious Jewelry Websites aspiring to manage the online presence of new jewelry websites
    • Adept Administrative Chief with Expertise in Growing Leading International Hospitals looking to grow small hospitals using innovative marketing solutions and 10+ Years of Professional Experience  in Healthcare

How to write Experience Section in Administrative Resume

When adding work history to your resume, you must prove your professional values beneficial to the employer by listing your responsibilities in the past work-experience. Using bullet points to list the technical responsibilities and innovative ideas contributed to your previous employers will impress the manager. Avoid adding lengthy paragraphs in the resume.

From having no experience to a few years of professional experience in administrative roles, work history is hardly steady on any resume. You can impress the manager and cut half his work by listing the professional worth of your past employers clearly. Important aspects to include about your previous employers are the nature of the firm, financial worth, and credits. Even if you’re a new graduate or administrator without any experience, avoid visible gaps in your experience section by switching to a fitting format in administrative resume examples.

Yet another important pivot of the administrative jobs is the diversity of experience you have gained. Jobs completed prior to 10 to 15 years are futile to the hiring committee as the field of administration has undergone a wide variety of technological advances during the same timeframe. If you must mention jobs completed before a decade, shrink them into bulleted points sans any elaborate details.

The core quality of an administrator that sets him apart from others is creativity. Recruiters are searching for agile administrators who can solve operational bugs and problems with innovation and smart decisions. To make the recruiter know you’re a super-creative-administrator, list your credits of saving the past employers in your administrative resume. You can mention saving $10000 in costs using a unique IT security tool made by you for the previous employer. You will also want to add your ability of Event, Record and Report management skills to outsmart the other candidates.

Action Verbs to use in Administrative Resume

  1. Manage
  2. Coordinate
  3. Establish
  4. Improve
  5. Develop
  6. Execute
  7. Distribute
  8. Maintain
  9. Communicate
  10. Handle
  11. Provide
  12. Design
  13. Manage
  14. Schedule
  15. Obtain

How to present Skills Section in Administrative Resume

Key skills that judge your professional value as an administrator comprise of the technical skills you have acquired as seen on administrator resume samples. To surpass other candidates, you should include useful software and advanced technical skills beneficial to the responsibilities of an administrator.

From creating PowerPoint or Prezi presentations in a jiffy, many public relations skills, and conference management, there are many technical skills that can captivate the recruiter quickly. Team management and de-bugging are two important administrative skills sought by recruiters in the latest administrative resumes.

After analyzing multiple administrator resume samples, pick the software relevant to the duties of an administrator with respect to the job in question. Some important software skills to make the manager focus are Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint, Google Drive, Basecamp, Adobe, Oracle, Quickbooks, MS Publisher, MS Outlook, MS Excel and FileMaker Pro.

Administrative Resume Achievements Examples

Every day, hiring managers rummage endless resume piles to find competent candidates with core administrative achievements useful to the company. Your achievements in implementing modern administerial solutions in past jobs will prove as your efficiency to the manager according to administrative resume samples.

The highlight of your resume is the series of professional and career goals you have achieved to reach where you are. Sift through multiple resume samples to find a format that fits the company’s needs as well as your resume.

Avoid congesting the Qualification Section by adding references and certifications if you want to impress your interview committee.

How to write Education Section in Administrative Resume

It is imperative that employers are looking for smart, adept and intelligent administrators who can make smart decisions and strategic plans to grow the company. According to administrative resume samples, an administrator is ahead of the company, always overseeing and de-bugging mistakes in management or operation. The same is why listing your academic scores as well as meritorious achievements during education can impact the manager hugely too.

Mention your GPA, Marksheet from College to extracurricular achievements that prove your professional competence as an administrator. Ensure that you assess a wide variety of resume formats before finalizing one format for writing the educational qualifications in your resume.

Also, mention your CFM (Certified Facility Manager) and FMP (Facilities Management Professional) certifications in addition to other special completion records.

Administrative Resume Writing Tips

Administrative Career Prospects in the Industry

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the annual wage of administrators ranges from $83,000 to $101,000. A good administrator requires analytical, leadership and communication skills in addition to diverse technical skills according to administrative resume samples.

The payscale of administrator occupations are divided as

  • Insurance or Finance: $160,000+
  • Healthcare and Social Service: $83,000+
  • State and Federal Government: $92,000+
  • Educational Services: $86,000+
  • Scientific and Technical Services: $107,000+

Bureau of Labor Statistics also claims an increase the rate of administrator jobs of up to 8% until 2024.

As an administrator is mandatory for most projects, the job offers for administrators are booming currently.  With the drastic changes in technology, skills required as an administrator also varies as seen in resume samples. The highest expected growth is expected in the field of Contract and Finance administrators in the coming days.


Administrators analyze, develop and improve the business operations of a company or team. According to the latest administrative resume samples, the specific roles and duties of an administrator change with every company. Depending on the organization you’re administering, the educational qualifications required for the post also varies.

When you create a flawless professional resume, remember to pick your format, tone, and style before beginning. Two important options of professional resume formats to choose from are chronological and functional. While chronological list your data in a timely order, functional format lists the career achievements prior to professional accolades.

A chronological resume is ideal for senior administrators while the functional format of the resume will boost the effect of a new administrator graduate looking for opportunities!

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